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The Trouble With Sarah Palin: Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

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Things are looking up, for a change.

In the past week alone, President Barack Obama has seen his approval rating drop to its lowest level yet as more and more Americans wake up to the realization that — shockingly — government truly cannot solve all of their problems. Also, the Republican Party has managed to retake its lead on the generic congressional ballot, meaning that the Grand Old Party is poised to make some serious gains in both houses of Congress this November.

However, I am seeing dark storm clouds beginning to form on the horizon.

Interestingly enough, the clouds in question are hovering just over the head of former Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Since being designated by pundits across the political spectrum as a kingmaker of sorts in this year's midterm Republican primaries, it seems as if Palin's fanatically devoted fans — many of which practically worship the ground she walks on — are once again encouraging her to seek the presidency.

Of course, in the event that Palin were to take their advice, our current Commander-in-Chief would be virtually guaranteed a second term. According to a recent opinion poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports, a paltry 26% of likely voters feel that she has the qualifications necessary to be the chief executive officer of the conglomerate known as the federal government. Other prospective candidates for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination — including former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Newt Gingrich — run far ahead of her in terms of credibility.

So, what does this all mean for our country's political future?

It means that the Grand Old Party has a grand new shot at taking back Capitol Hill within the next two election cycles. This good fortune could easily be thwarted, though, if Palin were to win its presidential nomination. If that were to happen, then Obama and his pack of battle weary Democrats would be given the gift of their dreams — a 1964-style landslide victory come election night.

That would be the undisputed end of America as we know it.

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  • Doug Hunter

    I don’t have a very favorable opinion of Palin and agree that she would be a disaster as a candidate or president (not going to happen).

    America’s not going anywhere, the Republicans just need to make enough gains to put the government back in gridlock where it belongs.

  • John Wilson

    If those republicans who so vigorously supported GWBs financial extravagances during his reign should oppose the federal expenditures now necessary to rebuild our economy then we would know that they are always putting party before country.

  • Let’s hope that Sarah Palin never becomes president.
    I don’t think, that’s ever going to happen, like Doug Hunter said.

    But aside from that, to evaluate her qualities as kingmaker, we’ll have to wait until November. It is quite possible, that she will do more harm than good to the candidates she endorsed.

  • “Palin for President” should NOT be on the ticket. She should run for Senator or something else.

  • “She should run for Senator or something else.”

    As long as voters don’t mind her not finishing the term

  • Eric

    Ok, so what do we do? She’s not ready to be President yet, but she’s a much better choice than the current White House occupant.

  • As bad as Obama is, he is making serious errors in his decision-making based on bad information from devious advisors. Sarah Palin never met an advisor she would listen to, so everything she does wrong is all her own doing. Point Obama.

  • Um

    Um, Realist, who PICKED those advisors?

    It’s double-edged sword. Either one speaks to the level of woeful unpreparedness and inexperience of “the Messiah”. Point Obama nothing.

    What’s with all these leftist conservatives? Wait, I know, you guys gave us Jeb and Crist, it’s a running tradition.

  • Baronius

    There’s a very good chance that experience will be one of the underlying themes of the 2012 election. But it could cut both ways: the moderates may be looking for a steady hand, but the tea partiers may be looking for new blood. That could help a Mike Huckabee or Tim Pawlenty, with their non-Washington experience. It could also work well for Mitt Romney, who has non-governmental experience as well as a term as Governor.

    The Republicans could scare away tea partiers or moderates with a bad choice.

  • Polite politics

    I hope she runs for congress or senate. The campaign might give her some humility, which she desperately needs, and if she actually, by some fluke, won, (doubtful, unless it’s not Alaska she intends to represent) she might gain some experience. But I suspect she’s pretty content right where she is – awesome media coverage, lots of money, and zero responsibility or accountability in celebrityville.

  • So………………

    “awesome media coverage, lots of money, and zero responsibility or accountability in celebrityville”

    So essentially she’s already Obama?

  • cjohnthan

    so people, which is wishing polite politics, really don’t know what is going on in the white house, and they simply don’t care.