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The Trailer Park: Transporter 2

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I remember back when The Transporter first came out, I thought that I would like it, but for some reason I foolishly listened to the poor reviews and skipped it. Then I discovered the English language debut of Corey Yuen on DVD, and found that I really enjoyed it! Granted it was not terribly original, but a fun, fast paced action yarn.

Now we are faced with the sequel. This time Corey Yuen tackles the martial arts choreography and Louis Leterrier slips into the director’s chair. He most recently brought us the excellent Unleashed, so I think it is in good hands. But then again, Luc Besson is behind the scenes pulling the strings on all of these fun films.

The trailer for the new film starts like The Pacifier, but that doesn’t last long, the majority of the trailer is high action edited to a MTV styled pace. It is not the most original looking trailer, but what it does look to provide is a fun sampler of what can be expected in the film.

Fast cars, gun fights, kung fu, a chick with guns, a hero with snappy one liners, what more do you need? As generic as the trailer is put together, the film still looks like a lot of fun. Jason Statham returns as our hero, and I really like him in this role, he brings an air of believability to the role, more Matt Damon than Vin Diesel. I hope we get Jason in some more leading roles.

You can see the trailer here.

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  • I heard some bad things about the first Transporter, which is why I never watched it. But this sequel looks promising, so now I need to watch the first before I watch the second. Ack.

  • The first Transporter was actually not bad. It’s a formula film, but very well executed and Stratham is a very strong central figure in any film he’s in and deserves more exposure. He’s got the machismo of Vin Diesel with a bit of vulnerability and a lot more acting talent. Reminds me quite a bit of a young Steve McQueen.


  • the first Transporter was an excellent action film…the english sensibility was much smarter and hipper than much of the same fare from american studios

    watch the first one if you like action flicks

    i’ll look forward to the second one

    nuff said?


  • Would it have been better if Luc Besson had directed it instead of producing. I’ve been wondering why he hasn’t been directing as much lately. He’s been producing and writing a bunch (Unleashed).

  • I dunno, I like Corey Yuen’s work, this was his first English language film. He has worked many times with Jet Li, I think the combination of his martial arts background and Besson’s action autuer production they made a fine action film that I wish I saw ont he big screen. THe new one looks good with Yuen handling the choreography and Louis Leterrier, who recently directed another Besson production, Unleashed, setting up in the director’s chair.

    I like how Besson seems to champion these up and coming director’s, combining their style with his own action vision.

    Not to say I wouldn’t like to see Luc direct again….Quick check of IMDB shows him directing his first film since 99s The Messenger, it is called Arthur and the Minimoys.

  • Ted Lee

    Do you know what the music at the end of the traler is?? Very Cathchy


  • Ted Lee

    Nevermind I found it.

    It’s Slam by tobyMac

  • Cedric

    Thanks for the title of the song man. I’ve been looking for it since I first saw the trailer. Can’t wait to see the movie.