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The Trailer Park: Special Edition – The Shining, Titanic, West Side Story

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Welcome to a special edition of the one, the only, The Trailer Park. As always, with your affable host, me! You are probably wondering why I called this meeting, or maybe not. You were probably clued in by the three titles in the headline. It is true that this contains information and links related to The Shining, Titanic, and West Side Story. Now, you may be thinking something like, “These aren’t new releases, why should I care about them?” Well, something old is new again. While perusing the Home Theater Forum I came across a thread about a The Shining: Redux trailer, my curiosity was piqued, so I checked it. Below is a record of the events that followed.

The first link I came across was for The Shining. It isn’t a new trailer for the film, why would we need that? What it is, is a cleverly inspired reworking of the film’s footage to make it appear to be a feel good, family comedy. Perhaps even a Cameron Crowe type film, as had been suggested in the thread. It focuses on the happier points of the film, and misdirection of others through music and voice over. There is no way for me to really do it justice, so please see it for yourself. The very idea of this classic as a family movie is funny. Jack as a writer trying to finish his book, a son in search of a father, classic. You can download it HERE.

Next up is Titanic. What if, it was a horror film? No, I mean a real horror film. This trailer reworks the movie from the tragic love story, into a fight for survival amidst the horror of the encroaching water. It is put together well and funny in an odd sort of way. You can see it HERE.

Finally there is West Side Story. Imagine if the tale took place in the same world as that of 28 Days Later. The battle will takes on a whole new dimension. A gang of zombies are roaming the streets, the uninfected are just trying to survive amidst the carnage and the songs. Also very good. You can see this HERE.

Not all of them are entirely successful, but they are all entertaining in their own way. I am not sure if there are any more trailers like this out there, but I am definitely interested in seeing more.

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