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The Trailer Park: Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor)

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This first came to my attention months ago, but recently I saw it run theatrically. It is a horror film from Russia which seems to be getting widely mixed notices from those who have already seen it, but judging solely what I see in the trailer I find very intriguing.

This is the first in what is being billed as an epic horror trilogy. I am not sure of the production schedule for the others, but this looks interesting. The main thrust of the story appears to be an impending unbalancing of the light and dark forces. A treaty was struck a thousand years ago, a treaty which has been guarded by these forces of the Night Watch.

The trailer is mostly eye candy. There is no dialogue given away, and I can only hope that the release is subtitled and not dubbed. Lots of special effects are on display, a horde of crows, a flipping truck, amongst others. The trailer looks great, it promises some sort of epic of the night. One can only hope that it can stand up to the promise.

You can view the trailer HERE.

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  • This movie looks really good, and the idea of a trilogy sounds good too, as long as the first one delivers the goods.

  • Exactly. If the first one tanks, there is no need for any future films. It can be dangerous to call yourself the first of a trilogy, what if it nevergets beyond 1?

    The trailer looks excellent, but I read somewhwere that it wasn’t well received in it’s country of origin.

    Here’s Hoping.

  • Yikes. That’s not good.

  • i been lookin forward to this one too, Chris. it’s got a mad ammount of buzz goin around it. i thought it did well in Russia though? maybe i picked that up wrong someplace. wouldn’t be the first time.

  • Anybody remember Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins? I actually wish they’d made more of those…

  • Madox

    It’s not true the movie was more then well recieved in its original country.


    Whatch this. The movie was done on a shoe string budget like starwars in its time and it delivered a great captivating story. The movie outsold more tickets then spiderman and Lord of the rings and troy in russia. I’ve sceen the movie and I loved it. Then again I’m russian and the movie depicts russian coulture through hollywood movie making techniques. The movie has alot of fast pased graphics. In otherewords the directore concentrates on the story through graphics and not uses graphics as the main attraction of the movie. But the comercials that you see do the opposite.
    One of the othere reasons that people went to watch the movie is because it is base on a very popular book “night watch”. The book and the movie have little in comon. But ironically both the movie and the book sell millions of copies. I guess you can compare the succes of this endavor to Harry Potter.(first you get a book that starts to sell hundreds of millions and then why not make a movie thats almost based on the book). Actually the book is a lot like Harry Potter in principal. I mean there is tons of magick, sorcery betrayel the main charackter is also a lonly indevidual with a few good friends that help him understan the new world that normal people cant see. and the book was written at about the same time. Over all the movie and the book are great. Go see it.

  • Thanks for that Madox. I remember reading where there was considerable disappointment surrounding it, but I don’t remember where it was…..

    Whatever the case is, I am looking forward to seeing this!

  • Tim

    Try getting the book anywhere in the United States is impossible. The author, Sergei Luk’ianenko, isn’t even spelled correctly in most of the Amazon and Books-A-Millon searches. Any help here woul dbe greatly appreciated, for I would really enjoy reading the text before seeing the movie. The books of Harry Potter, to which Maddox compared Nochnoi Dozor (The Night Watch), are ten times better than the movie; aren’t they always?

  • Madox

    Unfortunatly the book hasnt been translated into English yet. I was browsing the net for it. There is just no translation out there.
    Usually most off the time the book is better then the movie but in this case the movie and the book have only comon names and places but the main plote is completely different therefore you cannot compere this movie with the book. they come sepret. Its as if I would reaname “Starwars” into “Harry Potter”, “Jedies” are “Wisards” , “Ioda” is “Damblodor”. And then ask me to compere the two. Thing is simple the book is great and the movie is great. And they have very little to do with one anothere.
    And if you really can’t wait till the books come out in english, then learn russian. Its the easiest language in the world to read. Because how you see it is how you read it. Russian “c” will alwayes be read as “c” and not “k”. And we have no combenations of off letters such as “ch” “th” “ph”. With only a few exceptions letteres are alwayes read as they are written.
    Its a good begining. Where there is a will there is a way. I learned english because of “The Simpsons” I just love that show. Pluce I read Harry Potter in English and Russian and the English is way better because 99.9% of the time the trunslation just isn’t the same.
    If I’ll find the English book I’ll post it.

  • dude

    if you want to buy the movie now on dvd you can go to http://www.sundevildvd.com for only $10.00. I bought the movie because I was just interested in it I thought it wasn’t going to be good but it actually is. for a $4 million dollar budget its a good movie. and for the people who don’t want it dubbed your in luck because the dvd has english subtitles.

  • dude

    This is dude again. I found a website where you can buy the books if you want them the website is http://www.russianfoods.com you can buy night watch (nochnoi dozor) for $7.50 or the whole ‘watch’ trilogy for $21.28 hope I was a help to you guys looking for the books. 🙂

  • dude

    one more thing you might have a hard time finding the book so go to their search engine and type in nochnoi dozor.

  • Thanks for the info, Dude. How is the quality of the disk? And is the site reputable?

  • dude

    The disk is excellent and the site has a good reputation, but they occasionally sell on ebay I saw they were selling the night watch dvd for $4.oo (thats where I got the movie)one time. So you should search them on ebay just in case they sell but either way your getting the movie cheap because other websites live http://www.redsundvd.com sell night watch for about $16.00 others sell for about $25.00.Hope I was a help.:)

  • dude

    dude again. If anyone is sort of having second thoughts on the website I posted here you can also go to http://www.animecrack.com and buy night watch for $9.95.
    P.S. Use their search engine and type in Night Watch

  • Thanks, I just want to be sure that I am not supporting the pirate and bootleg industry. I am happy that my entire collection is legit.

  • ach

    If anybody wants to know:
    first 10 entries are the publishers who purchased the
    rights for the “watches”. In USA it’s “Miramax Books”. No
    info on the publication dates, however.

    downloadable preview
    chapters, links to purchase the rest in electronic form.
    Everything’s legal, it’s the author’s homepage. Russian only,
    no translations available, sorry.

    first chapters
    of the “Night Watch”. More importantly, the movie is based on
    this part of the novel. However, in the movie they added a few
    plot twists that completely change the plot. If you try to
    read it, you’ll need some program that can work with codepage
    866, e.g a web browser.