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The Trailer Park: Murderball

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Here is something rather unique, at least in my experience. This is a documentary about quadraplegic rugby, nicknamed “murderball.” After watching this trailer words really escape me.

The film looks to give a great look at it’s participants, focusing on the American and Canadian teams. Filled with footage of these guys going full bore in their game of choice, putting their bodies and chairs in harms way. We also get a look at their day to day lives, shopping, dating, training, joking around.

Don’t go feeling sorry or pity for these guys, I don’t think they want it. They have accepted what has happened, and they are living life to the fullest, probably more so than many of us not in the situation.

Hopefully I will get a chance to see this documentary. I also must say that that is one of the greatest titles I have ever heard.

The trailer can be seen HERE.

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    “Don’t go feeling sorry or pity for these guys, I don’t think they want it”
    You are probably right. film, but it looks good.