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The Trailer Park: Joshua

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In July, Fox Searchlight is set to release Joshua, a creepy psychological horror film from director George Ratliff. When I first saw the trailer, two things crept through my brain: first, I was completely creeped out, and second, I could not help but be reminded of The Omen, and the creepy son of the devil in that creepy tale. I suspect that the similarities are only on the surface, as this does not look like it will delve into the supernatural side of things, but still, the similarities are there.

The story centers on a Manhattan couple (Sam Rockwell and Vera Farmiga) who are celebrating the birth of their second child, Lily. However, it looks like their first born, the child prodigy Joshua, is not all that keen on this new interloper in his home. Joshua begins to use his advanced-beyond-his-years intellect to wage a creepy, and deadly, psychological battle with his parents. Frankly, I think I am going to enjoy this ride.

The cast is good. Sam Rockwell is always solid, and looks good here, while Vera Farmiga’s star is definitely on the rise, following her turns in Running Scared, and Oscar winner The Departed. Remember I mentioned The Omen comparison? Try not to compare Jacob Kogan, as Joshua, to Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, Damien from last year’s remake of The Omen. I think you will find Jacob to be much more disturbing in this trailer than Seamus in the entire film. Sure, that first trailer for the remake was pretty darn effective, but man if Jacob doesn’t just get under your skin with his interactions with Rockwell. It makes my skin crawl.

Whether or not it is any good will be another story, but judging by this trailer, I am officially amped. So, take a look at the trailer and judge for yourself. Also, be sure to check out the film’s official website.

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