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The Trailer Park: Hollywoodland

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If there was one movie that sort of snuck up on me, this may be it. I remember reading about the prospect of Ben Affleck playing Superman, which turned into Affleck playing George Reeve. Those rumors turned into the making of Hollywoodland.

Having recently been introduced to the pure entertainment of Adventures of Superman, I am looking forward to this film, although I am sure the tone will be much, much different. Being so recently introduced to the Reeve incarnation of Big Blue, I also just learned of the mystery surrounding his death.

In 1959, Reeve was found dead, an apparent suicide, this coming on the heels of the news that he would once again be able to don the superhero suit for more adventures. Despite the quick closure of the case, his mother was not so convinced. There were details about his death suggesting that it was actually murder. She hired a detective to look into the matter.

The trailer looks very good, the cast looks good, and the mystery seems perfect for the big screen. The stars include Ben Affleck (say what you will about him, but get him the right material and he will deliver — this may be it), Adrien Brody as the detective, Diane Lane, Robin Tunney, and Bob Hoskins.

Hollywoodland was directed by Allen Coulter, making his first big screen feature. The trailer looks like Coulter has done a good job bringing the material to the screen. He has made a name for himself working on a variety of television shows, including Rome, The Sopranos, Sex and the City, and Millenium.

The trailer looks good, the cast looks good, and the story is fascinating, particularly with regard to it never having been solved. Hopefully it will pay off.

The trailer is up at the Focus Features site, which is also distributing the film. It is slated to open on September 8, 2006. It is 126 minutes long and is rated R.

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  • I been thinking about george reeves since i first heard about his death when i was 5 in 1964.
    I lived in chicago heights at the time, read every book about film i could find in 1967 when my dad took me to the chicago library.

    not one book had any info had anything about his life,just film info. foud a very short story in
    mircorfish of the chicago sun times on june 17th
    1959. that was it. everyday of my life i wondered what happened to him. i never beleaved he killed himself. george doesnt even know what happened. HE MAY OF HAD to much to drink. i wanted to write about his life,. I met warren friberg from lansing ill, he was a reporter for the local tv station and he talked to georges mother. she said george desided to get back with tony and that she was going to help him out with much needed cash to be more independent. she felt he shouldnt of taken any thing from tony because she would of gave him everything he wanted. eddie didnt know any of this.What makes this hard is the person who shot George is still alive. and only about 65 and this person can still go to jail. the police always really knew who shot george.