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The Trailer Park: Happy Feet

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I saw the trailer for Happy Feet while waiting for the latest Harry Potter movie to start. As I sat amongst the Potter-heads in the darkened theater, and this was playing, I had no idea just what I was looking at.

After seeing it, and then again online after returning home, I can’t help but think that this is due, at least in part, to the smash success of March of the Penguins. I could be wrong, but I would be surprised if I was completely off.

Anyway, the trailer is more like a music video with animated penguins moving to Jamaican styled music. Penguins line dancing, tap dancing, ballroom dancing, and other styles of dancing. It was kind of bizarre.

Words are escaping me, this was so utterly weird to me. At the same time, I have watched the trailer a number of times now, and each time I am mesmerized. Like a small child in front of whatever costumed animal is popular.

I wonder if the movie will be any good? Don’t really want to wait until next November!

Check out the trailer for yourself at the official Warner Brothers site.

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  • Triniman

    I saw it, too. The audience loved it. They also loved the new Coke commerical, which played sometime after. Baby polar bear ends up sliding down this hill and into a bunch of penguins. He’s greeted by a baby penguin who offers up a Coke. Everybody is happy.

  • Be surprised, Happy Feet started way before the March of the Penguins was close to release.
    And yes, the movie is excellent and is worth waiting for…

  • me

    put penguins on anything and people will buy it.

  • The song to the Happy Feet Trailer was Written by the Artist “Jamaski”, the Title of the Song is “Jump ‘n Move”

  • fame

    the song is actually by Brand New Heavies – Jump’N Move feat Jamaski

  • cufrito

    They made a huge mistake in putting crap rap and hiphop music in it. There are a LOT of people who just hate that kind of “song” with it is no song at all, just someone reading lyrics and making noise with the drums…

    Ignore the crappy music now and then and you have a kick ass movie! Just awesome…