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The Trailer Park: Fantastic Four

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Hmmm, not sure what to think of this impending film. The early trailers have not elicited much confidence from me to expect a “good” movie, although I have a definite feeling that it will be a “fun” movie.

Despite all of those early feelings, the trailers themselves have grown on me, not unlike a fungus. I have started to look forward to seeing it. I am growing to like how some of the characters are being portrayed. Johnny Storm playing up his new abilities kind of like how a rock star plays his fame, Ben Grimm feeling that no one could care about him, Doom wanting power. Reed and Sue still seem a bit flat to me in their portrayal.

This is director Tim Story’s first shot at a blockbuster type of film. I like what he did with Barbershop, but was left less than ecstatic with the rather dismal Taxi. The casting is rather questionable, with Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm/The Thing seems to be spot on. Chris Evans looks to fill the role of cocky Johnny Storm/The Human Torch well enough, and Julian McMahon seems to portray that power hungry look for Victor von Doom just about right. Ioan Gruffudd doesn’t quite seem right, especially after seeing that early on in the production there was talk of George Clooney who would be perfect, and Jessica Alba, despite how I will see anything with her in it, as Susan Storm/Invisible Woman just doesn’t really look the part.

The trailer itself promises big action in a rather colorful comic book like world. This most certainly won’t live up to the heights of Spider-Man 2 or X2, but I think that it can outdo the performances of The Punisher, Elektra, and Daredevil.

This internet only trailer can be seen, HERE.

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  • I don’t know if this is one I’ll step up to the plate to see.

    The Fantastic Four to me have always been a second (or third) tier set of comic book heros, very “seventies” and frankly uninteresting. I know that some people are hug FF fans but I doubt the flick will pull in the crowds the way Spider-man, X-Men, Batman or another mainstream franchise would. As a mainstream comic book, the FF doesn’t have the depth of fan-base to pull in the audience and they aren’t likely to generate the word-of-mouth interest in the movie that an edgy, independent comic like Spawn or Hell-Boy can sometimes generate.

    Personally I’ll wait for Batman Begins.