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The Trailer Park: Doom

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When I first saw this trailer, I was completely unaffected. I had no real reaction to it. Well, except one: “Haven’t I seen this before?” I will probably end up still seeing it, but I can’t help but look at it and think that I’ve seen it before.

The look of the film seems to be firmly from the Paul W. S. Anderson school of filmmaking. It has that certain glossy, over produced look to it. It seems to simultaneously wish to rip off Aliens and mimic Resident Evil simultaneously.

Doom is based off of the video game series which skyrocketed to the top of the charts over ten years ago, at the dawn of the first person shooter era. This movie changes the formula a bit. They drop the whole demon aspect in favor of a case of genetic experimentation. They do, however, keep the Mars setting.

It stars The Rock, and for him, I hope it does well. I like him as an action star, he has the screen presence, some great timing, and is growing as an actor. We shall see how this all plays out when the film hits the screens.

You can see the trailer HERE.

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  • At least they put it back on Mars.

    Many Doom fans were outraged at earlier announcements that the movie would not have any demons from hell (a key element of the game, but one understandably touchy in an era of fundamentalist Christian activism) and also would not be set on Mars.

    Without at least one of those elements, it was pretty much agreed by everyone who knew anything, there would be no reason to call it Doom.