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The Trailer Park: 2046

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While perusing the QuickTime site for trailers, I came along this little gem. It is a film I had heard about a while back, but never really looked into it. The trailer looks absolutely fascinating.

It was directed by Wong Kar Wai, a director I have heard all sorts of good things about but have never seen a complete film from. I started watching Chungking Express a few years back, but got distracted by something and never went back. Now I may have to revisit that in order to prepare for this one hitting the big screen in August.

The film is 2046. The trailer has a beautiful lyrical quality to it. I cannot quite make out what it is about, but the look of the film has a quasi-futuristic/1950’s feel to it. It looks to be an existential story about lost memories and their discovery, and that only one person has ever returned from finding said memories. There is no dialogue throughout, only some onscreen captions. The trailer is filled with great angles and colors, all combining to create a very intriguing looking picture.

It won 6 Hong Kong film awards including Best Director, Best Actor (Tony Leung of Hero), and Best Actress (Zhang Ziyi of House of Flying Daggers).

The trailer can be viewed HERE.

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  • IIRC, the 2046 of the title refers to a hotel room number.

    You absolutely should see Chungking Express and also Fallen Angels, which is a lyrical view of the underside of Hong Kong. Both are awesome.