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The Top Ten Douche Bags of 2007

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Given that it’s the holiday season, I originally thought it would be nice to spread some positive vibes and title this article “The Top Ten Most Important People of 2008,” but that would have been boring, right?

This year’s douche bag list doesn’t discriminate between black, white, democrat, or republican. Here is the list you have been waiting all year to read. 


This year, Oprah has the distinction of being the most annoying white woman on the planet. In February, Oprah’s latest publicity stunt included posing with kids at her new “school” in Africa for a television special.

Oprah and her mindless, middle-aged housewife cult thought Oprah would surely become the new messiah she promotes herself as. Unfortunately, Oprah’s publicity stunt backfired on her as it was revealed that her school had become a haven for child abuse.

Oprah indicated that she had nothing to do with the abuse. She should have just admitted that after all the photo ops, the school wasn’t important anymore.


Beloved Senator Larry Craig from Idaho (get it: I da ho) has always been a staunch opponent of gay rights. It’s sort of ironic that Mr. Craig was caught playing Dorothy Footsie in a bathroom stall on June 11, 2007.

Apparently, he was trying to get an undercover police officer to get “Into the Groove” but the officer said, “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” Since the arrest, several gay men have come forward to give detailed descriptions of their sexual escapades with Larry Craig. Perhaps we should all buy Mr. Craig a pink elephant for Christmas.


Apparently, Mr. O’Reilly wasn’t content with referring to Mexicans as “wetbacks” a few years back. Everybody’s favorite right wing extremist told the world how surprised he was when going to a soul food restaurant in Harlem called Sylvia’s.

“You know, I mean, everybody was — it was like going into an Italian restaurant in an all-white suburb in the sense of people were sitting there, and they were ordering and having fun. And there wasn't any kind of craziness at all.”

Everybody’s favorite sexual harasser went on to reveal, "There wasn't one person in Sylvia's who was screaming, 'M-fer, I want more iced tea.'” It’s a good thing Sylvia’s doesn’t serve falafels.


I usually feel sorry for people who show symptoms of mental retardation, but not the perky Katie Couric. Watching Katie Couric try and perk it up for her newscast is the equivalent of staring at the clock minute by minute and second by second. Watching Mrs. Couric perk it up in Iraq made me actually long for the days of seeing Connie Chung on the news. Judging by Mrs. Couric’s ratings, a job at McDonalds isn’t far ahead, but it would be a shame for McDonalds to even consider Mrs. Couric.


I would love to forward the book Final Exit to Dennis Miller so he could relieve himself of the misery he displayed while becoming Bill O’Reilly’s sidekick and the star of the ½ Hour News Hour on Fox, which — like most of Dennis’ adventures — was canceled.

Dennis has turned from an intelligent, witty comedian to an angry, self-hating, right wing fanatic – but he is still relevant. Look up the word “failure” in the dictionary and you will certainly find Mr. Miller’s career next to it.  


To the loving members of the liberal media, Al Sharpton is a hero who represents racial harmony, especially after representing Tawana Brawley. After all, he brought down Imus, correct?

But where was Mr. Sharpton when Halle Barry, the half-white actress who pretends to be black, made anti-Semitic remarks on Jay Leno’s show? He was probably making anti-Semitic remarks himself, which is just fine according to the media elite.


Just six months ago, it seemed almost certain that Hillary would become our next president. At a time when illegal immigrants are marching through the streets waving their own flags, chanting anti-American slogans, committing violent crimes, and stealing identities, Mrs. Clinton gave her support for giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses, a privilege not even granted towards all legal citizens.

Many wonder why Mrs. Clinton just doesn’t wrap the licenses in gift wrap paper and send them to Al-Qaeda. Since Mrs. Clinton’s desperate immigrant vote pandering, her support has dwindled. The good news is that Mrs. Clinton can always work at McDonalds with Katie Couric.


Britney is, perhaps, the only douche bag I have some sympathy for. After her divorce from K-Fed, her comeback was literally handed to her on a silver platter, but Britney had to screw it up with the non-stop partying, the stints in drug rehab, the Tarzana military haircut, the hit and runs, and losing custody of her children.

Her biggest crime is that her behavior overshadowed her album Blackout, one of the best musical releases of the year. Many of us are rooting for Britney’s revival, but her constant self-destructive behavior makes that seem like a miracle.


District Attorney Michael Nifong was an idol to card carrying liberals and race card players all over the country. After all, he successfully charged three evil, white Duke Lacrosse players who raped an African American stripper.

He was on his way to the Civil Rights Hall of Fame, but there was just one problem: there was no actual evidence of this supposed crime. Not only did the stripper keep changing her story, but Nifong admitted to not actually interviewing her until six months after charging the so called “criminals” with the false crime.

To the disappointment of liberals everywhere, Michael Nifong was stripped of his law license on June 16, 2007. Learning a thing or two from his liberal buddies, Mr. Nifong claimed he was treated unfairly.


No explanation needed.






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  • klondikekitty

    ‘Way to go, Daryl!! Excellent choices, and without a doubt, to have our current President at the top of the list is a true foray into the real world, as opposed to the world of illusion Bush seems so determined to create!!!
    Bravo, my friend, bravo!!

  • daryl d

    Thanks, klondikekitty! I really wanted to come up with a festive “Top 10 Achievers” of 2008 list but it was just too boring.

  • Andrew Ogier

    You missed Jack Thompson. That douchebag is wasting taxpayer’s money on nuisance lawsuits, and generally pissing off anyone who picks up a videogame controller in the process.

  • Mankdog

    Good job Daryl.Though I am a staunch Republican, I think the list is perfect in that it makes fun of everyone equally. I couldn’t agree more with your choices of Sharpton, Nifong and Hillary (being a Texan, illegal immigration is a daily issue) , though I think any one of them would make a better #1 (like I said, I am a Republican). Keep up the good work.

  • George Sharpton Clinton O’Reilly


    I totally agree with Clinton on the list, but for different reasons. Illegals should not get liscenses obviously, but when have you ever heard an immigrant, illegal or otherwise, shout an anti-american slogan? They want to be here for the same reasons we do, not that its ok for them to be here illegally, they still should be deported. But what do they have to do with Al-Qaida? I love the humor you got here, but don’t go to places like that please, it makes you sound as ignorant as Al Sharpton and obviously your not.

    LOVE the list, perfect! Except for #1 it must have been extremely difficult what order to place the others due to the extreme level of douche-baggedness!

  • Let me get this straight, you are calling Bill O’Reilly a racist after referring to Oprah as a white woman, just because she doesn’t fit into your little-boy-from-a-sheltered-life idea of what a black woman should be? Fair enough, he is a racist, but at least he is honest about it. You’re are just like him, misogynistic, egocentric and dogmatic. Your opinions seem to share all the same anti-intellectual, knee-jerk reaction, half-baked theory qualities of O’Reilly, but with none of the passion, ridiculous over the top colour or even the partly thought through moralities.

    You Daryl, are a modern day Frank Burns. A narrow-minded, arrogant mental-pygmy, with all the colour and humour of a two broken legs on a motorbike trip.

  • While I thought you had a great list, Daryl, you were unfairly insulting douche-bags….

    I know a couple, and they are thinking of suing. They want me to find them a good Jewish lawyer.

    I never heard of such a thing….

  • daryl d

    Ok, Ad A.L. in at number 11 for actually taking this article too seriously.

  • add yourself in at #12 for submitting it to digg.


  • daryl d

    Add me at number 12 for spelling “ad” wrong.

  • J. Pinela

    Don’t have to add yourself mr d. this was one of the funniest articles I have read this year. you have a cruel sense of humor

  • Kudos to #5 for just about the best online screen name ever.

  • Just Speaking My Mind

    I agree with your choices of Larry Craig, Al Sharpton and Michael Nifong. They definitely meet or exceed the definition of a db. I think that you could have come up with seven better candidates than the others listed. Al Gore could easily be in the Top 2 for his hopeless rant on global warming and his willingness to continue to do the things of which he portends impending doom for the planet.

  • Oh no Daryl, I had been taking your article or you seriously I would really have ripped into you. I was being nice…

  • Perhaps we can retire calling everyone and their mother a douche bag after 2007. Even icanhascheezburger thinks it’s overdone.

  • H. O’Malley

    Dary, Daryl, Daryl. As a writer you should know not to take things too personally.


  • szette

    Hilarious article and hilarious comments. [edited]

  • I love when people talk smack about an article like this. You got people to react and that is a powerful thing my friend.

    Kudos to you because this article was hilarious. Bill O’Reilley should have been #1. Yeah, even after W. and that’s saying something.

  • ah, the power of ip spoofing software. excellent.

  • szette

    [edited] I love how she insults your writing capabilities but in her biography says she’s a freelance writer for hire. Yup, no comment there.

  • daryl d

    I guess I have to add Mark Seleski into the list of Springsteen fanatics who try to insult me at every turn (I thought that war was long over with).

    I had no need to submit myself to dig because the positive response I’ve received from this article is proof enough that it is good. But the powers that be at Blogcritics do everything they can to make sure that my articles aren’t promoted anymore.

  • Your immature comments make as much sense as your typing and just continue to prove your detractors right regardless of how many of your “fans” show up.

    by the way, Dennis Miller in show business over 20 years compared to you who couldn’t hack writing for free and working in Real Estate in LA, so he left for NJ. Who is the real failure?

  • it’s no war daryl. but i do love watching you string this list of ignorance out for the general public.

    you call yourself a freelance writer, and show absolutely no fear in creating a public record of your behavior. i’m sure future clients will be interested.

    keep digging, meanwhile, my packet sniffer is hard at work…

  • daryl d

    No need to worry about future clients, Seleski. I have a great job thanks to one of our readers here. But I appreciate your concern.

  • anything you say mr. rafelson

  • “I had no need to submit myself to dig”

    Then why create the fake name John Rafelson to digg yourself if there was no need?

    No doubt you got a stellar job because there’s a huge demand for people who don’t know how to spell the word “site” or who can count. I don’t write or submit more articles than anyone on this site. The very prolific Chris Beaumont usually earns that title. I only squeaked by him last month with some help.

    My hard work has paid off. I get paid for some of my reviews and assignments, all of which don’t appear here. I just see no need to brag to a loser or liar like you.

    What exactly are you wasting your money on if you can only rent a one-bedroom in Hoboken?

    by the way, I am not Mexican. Your ignorance knows no limits.

  • From the Comment Policy: “it is grounds for immediate banning to comment under someone else’s name.”

    See you later, Daryl. You will not be missed.

  • STM

    El Bicho:

    Interesting piece of history: Did you know that the Germans tried to make an alliance with the Mexicans and a couple of other countries in the western hemisphere in 1917 before the US entered the Great War, that would have involved them attacking the US if it declared war on Germany, so the US was fighting on two fronts before it had time to build up its small army?

    Mexico would have got Texas, much of California and Arizona out of the deal. I suppose New Mexico too, although I don’t know my US history that well and thought then it was a territory rather than a state.

    Needless to say, the Mexicans thought the whole thing preposterous. I think their attitude was: you got it fair and square, it’s all over, let’s move on and don’t try to involve us in this madness.

    That’s where you are, mate, isn’t it in regard to stolen lands? I mean, the Spanish stole the land in the first place, didn’t they, so what’s the prob down there with all this stuff.

  • STM

    And Daryl, nice choices for the US. I could think of a few more from outside the borders.

  • Daryl, you should have posted this to politics. You’d have gotten a lot more love.


  • Oh, and where the hell did you get that picture of Hillary? Is it real or doctored?


  • daryl d


    Dave: the picture of Hilary I got by doing a google search. I believe it is doctored but hilariously so. If you give me your email address (see mine in my biography), I’ll send you the full picture.

    About posting it in the politics section and getting more love: Dave, it doesn’t matter. My understanding is that personal insults are not allowed at this site. But what really gets me is that the personal insults are coming from OTHER Blogcritic authors. I know I gave into their game by posting more personal insults, but it shouldn’t be allowed. It’s okay to criticize an article but when someone makes a personal insult, you know it must have meant something to them because they let their emotions get all free.

  • The best part of this thread is the strong of comments that look this:

    Oh yeah, and the mention of me, of course.

  • Daryl D, this list is BULLSHIT. I should be right on the top of this list. I’m far more disreputable than Dennis Miller or Larry Craig, or our very nice president.

    I demand a recount, ya slimy bastard! Quit conspiring to not promote ME, Al Barger.

    Ms Harper, puh-lease. What the hell’s wrong with you anyway, tormenting poor Daryl D while I’m running around loose doing God knows what. You should definitely be spending your blogcritic-beating time on ME, Al Barger.

    Indeed, I think that all kinds of folks should be able to find common ground in opposing me, Al Barger. Democrats and Republicans, heteros and John Edwards, music lovers and Bruce Springsteen fans, patriots and Dixie Chicks, evolved humans and knuckle-dragging evangelical Huckabee supporters alike should all be able to agree that Al Barger is a right bastard unfit for any civil society.

    Only then can Daryl D, El Bicho and the whole human race put aside their petty differences of religion, nationality and alternative sexual preferences to unite in the more important common cause of hating ME, Al Barger.

    See, the way I bring people together and foment peace between them makes me not unlike Jesus of Nazareth.

  • daryl d

    Ms. Harper:

    I responded to your comments in my essay “The Top Ten Douche bags” of 2007 rather harshly. Well, first, your comments were harsh towards me. Then, two wrongs don’t make a right do they?

    Now, I read an essay about your top albums of 2007, in which you indicated what you have gone through this year. I understand what you have gone through this year and why you reacted so negatively to my article, especially because I joked about Dennis Miller taking his own life.

    Ms. Harper, I invite you to read this article I wrote about suicide some months back. It may put a smile on your face or at least make you think.

    In any case, please disregard my comments. You can say anything nasty about me that you want but I will still pray for you no matter what.

  • Marianne Collins

    Personal attacks are “not allowed” ?? Isn’t your entire list filled with personal attacks?? No matter, I liked it !! The only change I would suggest is putting Hillary in the #1 slot.

  • Personal attacks are “not allowed” ?? Isn’t your entire list filled with personal attacks??

    The comments policy refers to attacks on one’s fellow commenters. Folks in the public eye, like the ten on Daryl’s list, are fair game.

  • forestpal

    My, my. Douchebags and negativity. I wonder why it was “boring” to mention people who did well in the past year. I think many positive and hard-working people represented humanity well.
    Let’s take a look at just a few, and see if they are boring, or more boring than, say, Britney Spears, of whom I’ve had enough.
    Angelina Jolie (won’t travel with a film crew because she does not seek to publicize her charitable work), named by Reuters as Humanitarian of the year.
    Barack Obama made the Democratic race interesting.
    Brad Pitt coughed up 5 million of his own money and many, many months of his own labor to help rebuild New Orleans. That’s pretty good and he’s cute.
    Al Gore did win a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in TRYING to save this planet. If he doesn’t succeed, at least he’s done more than I have.
    Johnny Depp, for having the guts to sing the difficult score of Sweeney Todd.
    Two of New Hampshire’s major newspapers carried editorials saying that Mitt Romney should be stopped. Good for a laugh, at least.
    The Texas Longhorns and Colt McCoy for good-naturedly providing a lot of entertainment.
    The writers, bless them, who struck against the networks and the studios for hogging all the money for the product they make.
    New England — the patriots might go 16-0, which would be fun.
    Tiger Woods, for playing such fun golf. He’s awesome to watch.
    Derek Jeter for NOT doing steroids and still playing a great game at shortstop for the Yankees.
    He was a rare bright light in an otherwise gloomy national pastime.
    I could go on, but I think you get my drift.
    It’s not so difficult to be positive if you just try a little.
    By the way, my eighth published novel is coming out in the spring, and that makes me nervous because you’re only as good as your next book. The past seven never reassure me that I’m any good or that I will matter ultimately. So I try hard and work long hours and I never think I’m hot stuff. A little humility makes me look at my writing with a critical eye, and I can leave the self-satisfaction to people who actually earn a billion dollars (J. K. Rowling), which reminds me that HARRY POTTER brought a love of reading to a great many kids this year and in years past. Nice. Let’s stop fighting. Enough of that is going on in Iraq. Why have it here? By the way, I don’t know what to do about illegal immigrants, but I have started learning Spanish, just to improve my mind.
    SMILE. It won’t break your face.

  • cnawaz

    El Bicho the Mexicans were not here first, the Native Americans were and it’s people like you that give immigrants a bad name!!!!! My husband came here LEGALLY like ALL imamigrants should and is very sucessful here!!!!! And no, I don’t hate Mexicans, but they should not be allowed to just come here illegally and expect the same rights as us citizens!!!!!!!! You expect us to hand you money on a silver platter?!?! Work like the rest of us!!!! If we give the land back to ANYONE we should give it back to Native Americans!!!!!!!! Go back to Mexico and try to make your country better so all of you won’t keep coming here illegally!!!!!!!! I don’t know of any other people from any other countries that come here illegally. They fight to become working citizens like the rest of us and don’t expect people to hand them everything just because their country sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cnawaz

    and kudos to STM for telling EL Bicho like it is!!!! OK so supposedly you aren’t MEXICAN, but then why would you say that the Mexicans are going to get the land back?!?! and La Rasa also?!?! Maybe you’re just trying to get people to feel sorry for you!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously, you missed your history classes as STM pointed out!!!!!! Or you’re a Mexican wannabe!!!!!! Like I said, I do not hate Mexicans, the ones that come here LEGALLY!!!!! I hate no one!!!!!

  • “OK so supposedly you aren’t MEXICAN, but then why would you say that the Mexicans are going to get the land back?!?! and La Rasa also?!?!”

    Because some chucklehead posted a comment under his name, which is why it’s since been deleted.

  • Thank you Daryl for pointing me to your article. It was very moving. I would like to say that my own failed attempt was spurred by severe mood swings, caused by an infection I didn’t know I had. It was after that, when I went to the doctor to finally seek help that they found it. After a month on antibiotics I felt much better. Now I can’t even begin to think what was going on in my head.

  • mytwocents


    Al Gore should have been #1, everyone else – pure gold!

  • brownin329

    The end of 2007 has brought some creative columns but Daryl yours is by far the most hilarious! Especially the line “Oprah has the distinction of being the most annoying white woman on the planet.” that cracked me up! Though I love Oprah, I must acknowledge this point. Happy new year!

  • daryl d

    Thanks, brownin329. Creativity is my number one strength. I’m glad that you didn’t take this article too literally like some people. It’s all fun!

  • “Apparently, Mr. O’Reilly wasn’t content with referring to Mexicans as “wetbacks” a few years back.”

    This is a left-wing smear. It did not happen. Look it up.

  • I would nominate our own Suss to this naughty list. Not to put too fine a point on it, but simply stated, Matt Sussman is a dirty, low-down, no-count…REPUBLICAN.

    There, I said it. It needed to be said. I hope this does not too grievously offend the comment monitor gods.

  • Will

    I approve mostly of the list, although I wouldn’t put GWB as number one. I’m thinking 5 or something.

  • Arch Conservative

    You forgot Keith Olberman and Rosie Odonnel.

  • Gemma

    Mostly this was really funny, but your reasons for hating Hilary are stupid. In what world is giving licenses to immigrants similar to supporting Al-Qaeda? Also, immigrants are not the only ones committing violent crimes and stealing identities…

  • daryl d

    I mentioned Al-Qaeda becase thee of the hijackers of the 911 planes were here illegally. I think they stayed way past their visa date. Two of them received aviation licenses as well two months after the fact. It shows how screwed up the system in our country is. And once again….my beef is with ILLEGAL immigrants, not immigrants. Two different categories but supporters of criminal ILLEGAL immigrants would like you to believe there is no difference.

  • Greg Reid

    Should have added ties or extended your list another way. More emphasis should be placed on the Bush league of Roberto Gonzalez, Dick and his Scooter, and the surprisingly still on staff Ann Myers. Democrats should get more of a pass this year because next year they may be landslide winners by somehow figuring out how to lose the race for the next presidency. Ann Coulter, The View (for dumbing things down even further with Sheri what’s her face), Imus and the people that pay Imus millions, Paris, Lindsey, and baby sis for not keeping up with Britney, as well as the news media. Baseball and pseudo intellectuals like George Will that are more pseudo than intellectual (see Dennis Miller). And unfortunately America, for having such people having a large role in our society.

  • Michael61

    Perfect, especially bush as #1.

  • My top ten douche bags of 2007:

    10. Wal-Mart Equate Douche Bag (size regular)
    9. SC Johnson Sensitive Skin Douche Bag
    8. Pfizer Prescription-Only Douche Sachet
    7. MXC Guy La Douche Monogrammed Bag
    6. Trojan One-Touch Application Douche…

    [For numbers 5 through 1, please send a stamped, self-addressed brown envelope to Daryl D, c/o Blogcritics, 1111 Douchebag Ln, Gotham, NZ 98765.]

  • tick…tick…tick…

  • daryl d

    I did NOT mean my recent comments against Blogcritics.org. I meant it at ONE particular person who has control of some things. I am COMPLETELY THANKFUL to Blogcritics.

    First of all, if it wasn’t for Blogcritics, I wouldn’t have the job that I have right now. I wouldn’t have the beautiful apartment overlooking NYC right now. Although I haven’t been paid for any of my articles here (and I don’t expect to), it’s probably me that owes Blogcritics.org more than I owe them.

    Furthermore, through Blogcritics, I have met some people whom I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet otherwise. These people have helped me grow as a writer and most importantly, a person.

    There are douche bags here but they are not the majority.

    Anyway, I had to get that off my chest. I realize that comments from a certain deadbeat dad have been deleted recently. Those comments accused me of crossing the line by basically “biting the hand that feeds me.” Trust me, that wasn’t my intention. I had to get that off my chest, thanks!

  • El Kabong

    Nicely done…but putting dubya at #1 was kinda a cheap shot. Pretty predictable. I would never have thought of Dennis Miller…but now that you mention it, he does seem angry all the time!

  • CallmeMaddy

    I like Bill O’Reilly. He doesn’t sugarcoat things. Even if you don’t agree with him, you have to admire that.

  • Clavos


    How about another article with the “Reserve Ten” list?

    What if we’re lucky enough to have some of the Top Ten die? Naming a Reserve Ten is nothing less than a vital public service.

    Some candidates:

    I concur with those who noted the omission of algore; also, Tom Tancredo richly deserves recognition (at least by Mexicans), and how could we ignore Gavin Newsom and his pompous pronouncements all year long?

  • Shawn

    Bill O’Reilly in the top 10? Surely thou jest. Especially when his chief rival, Mr “I want to be a serious journalist while still doing ‘Olbertime’ on NBC’s ‘Football Night In America'”, aka Keith Olbermann, is the one deserving the spot in the top 10 for his JEALOUSY of Mr. O’Reilly’s superior intelligence and speaking ability….

  • I agree with #13 – I am so sick of people who care about this planet. If I wanna crap on “Mother Earth” by burning fossil fuels, eating beef and pissing chemicals into our streams then I will. Freedom means you are FREE to pollute especially IF it means my life is better. Screw all environmentalists – and their “clean” environment. I’ll take mine dirty – real dirty.

  • Since you don’t mind living in a shithole, JSWERT, then why don’t you move to Iraq?

  • Just saying what everybody thinks

    Dr. Dreadful, I like the passion in your tone.

    But why Iraq? Why not pick another place that Republicans themselves fear to tread – let’s think there are so many – should we vote on it? Maybe we should just pick somewhere that has received zero attention from our dear President – Darfur perhaps?

    On second thought, I’ll just be a Republican. I’ll go to Iraq after this country is done sending all the inner city, economically disadvantaged, minority, undereducated class, “no-kid-left-behind-except-the-ones-without-money,” “recruits.”

    Seriously, I think Al Gore is an American hero for putting up with the stupidity of the masses which inhabit this planet. By the way, I’m not an asshole, I only play one on TV.

  • Ah, JSWET, but there really are people like that…

    The environment isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a partisan issue, as much as certain people in the Republican Party have tried to reason that puking trillions of tons of effluents into the atmosphere and hydrosphere, denuding entire continents of vegetation and covering all viable land with strip malls and housing has absolutely no effect on the planet’s wellbeing*.

    It’s kind of surprising, though, how eco-friendly a lot of right-wingers are suddenly becoming now that the reality of oil reserves drying up in their lifetimes is tangible.

    * To be fair, the Communists also used to claim this. Or they didn’t care. One or the other.

  • Just saying what everybody thinks

    I think I like you Dr. Dreadful…

    Wow people thinking and acting – what a great idea. Oil will make people do strange things. I thought it was great when I heard that all sorts of different churches and synagogues were meeting to discuss the environment. Wow. (I won’t get my hopes up that they will also decide that any hateful behavior is wrong no matter who it is directed against.)

    It’s also interesting that nobody else who read this post commented – could it be that a little bit of that feeling is in many of us? Or are we too afraid to speak up against the thugs who visit many of these boards?

  • Speaking of douchebags… can I nominate whoever wrote the CoComment software?

  • Poor Britney…I do appreciate the kind way you wrote about her self-sabotage….and what has she done now? Taking lessons from T.O?
    Great list by the way. Anything that motivates people to comment is a great piece.

  • Where was that dong who owned the Utah mine? He has my vote for choad of the year.


  • jojo

    Actually, “enjoy”, Bill O’Reilly DID use the word wetbacks, as I can attest, having the clip right here on Tivo with me. My friends and I watch his show for the humor value, but I usually miss his show due to work, and when I found out about the hullballoo, I kept it!

    He says something like, “We’d save lives because Mexican wetbacks, whatever you want to call them, the coyotes… they’re not going to do what they’re doing now..”

    Later he claimed he meant to say “coyote,” which is why he corrected himself so quickly. I’m willing to forgive him, I guess, but you can’t pretend it didn’t happen!

    Ironically, his show is usually so offensive and ridiculous that when my friends and I first watched this episode we just laughed and didn’t think much of it. I suppose that is somewhat telling.

  • Jack Spicer

    Takes one to know one. “Douchebag” is a sexist term.

  • Ram

    Include yourself on the list.

  • Big Daddy

    I am really proud of George. I would have been happy to see him anywhere on the list, but to place first??? I mean, I couldn’t be more proud!

  • Michele

    I don’t agree with Oprah being on there at all. It was not her fault at all that a perv was hired as people hide things like that well. On the contrary, she saw a need for something in this world and did something big about it. What have you done?

    Oprah is an amazingly intelligent woman and highly worth of respect. If she was president, things would change for the better in this country quickly. Think about it, before you try to be funny.

  • daryl d

    Oprah sure can do a better job than our current president. But then again, just about anyone can.

  • Clavos

    “”Douchebag” is a sexist term.”

    You’re right.

    Scumbag is better.

    Nobody cares if you dump on men.

  • Some punk

    I don’t think this could have generated funnier responses had all of these same people been listed in the Top Ten People of 2007 instead of the DB list. On the other hand, it might make a fun comparison…. see which thread gets flamed more.

    Popcorn, anyone?

  • Downer

    Poor George…he can’t help it… (being NUMBER ONE ) …his daddy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth….God Bless Ann Richards…Texas Democrats rule again!…Can’t wait for the end of 2008!!! The end of King George

  • dan s

    gwb won the election you self hatein anti american liberal simpletons the highest court said so so get over your pity party,al gore took his hot air and ran around the world spouting his stupitity and says you should bow befor him,although there is several thousand scientists that dispute what garbage there take on global warming,the whole dam solar system is heating up,look it up.alsonational geographic did a bit called solar force,get the vid,very complex and will enlighted the science dropouts,2nd God knows gwb isnt perfect,so who is,you try beigcommader n cheif and see the yahoows distorte every thing you do and say or just outright lie, 3rd dennis miller youve got to be joking,he a hummerist a satireist a comedian and commentator,so how does he rate as being mentioned,3rd bill O,you planely dont watch the program and get your info 2nd or 3rd hand so your accusing him of those statements is so far from what was realy said and meant by what was said other that that i agree with the other pick

  • dan s

    sorry thats also on national geographic, and being commander in chief some times ive got the gwb syndrome

  • dan s

    cbs news-Former American fugitive Marc Rich was a middleman for several of Iraq’s suspect oil deals in February 2001, just one month after his pardon from President Clinton, according to oil industry shipping records obtained by ABC News.

    Oil for Food Scandal And a U.S. criminal investigation is looking into whether Rich, as well as several other prominent oil traders, made illegal payments to Iraq in order to obtain the lucrative oil contracts.

    “Without that kind of middleman, the system would not work so why isnt mr & miss clinton on the list

  • Bill

    “It would be a shame for McDonald’s to even consider Mrs. Couric”– What is wrong with you? Did she do something to you personally? I don’t understand why people are so venomous to people they don’t know. In all honesty Katie Couric has made millions because of her perkiness. Even though her attempts to perk up her current job haven’t been greatly successful she’s found her niche. How about you stop being a bystander in life and trashing all the people and go out and make your own millions.

  • James

    Thank you Daryl for sayin’ what I’ve been thinking for a very long time– and spot on for placement of DB’s

  • jonny bond

    From a foreigners point of view(scotland) I agree wholeheartedly with the biggest heafreager of the year but was a little disturbed not to even recognise some of the people who you call the douche bags of the year. Where was hu jintao for the tibet crisis where was robert mugabe for the 1,000,000,000% interest that has turned money into bogroll/toiletpaper and of course where were the other political douche bags from the uk.

  • You’ve got to remember, Jonny, that Daryl is an American, for whom the world ends at New York Harbor – you know, the place with that big bronze lady that just appeared out of nowhere one day a hundred-odd years back…

    He would probably have difficulty finding China, Tibet, Zimbabwe and the UK on a map, let alone name any of their politicians.

    But apart from Hu and Mugabe, who would figure in your personal top 10 of douchebags, Jonny?

    Do we Brits even know what a douchebag is? I sure as hell don’t, and I live over here.

  • dawn


  • Christopher Cleveland

    since no one else brought this up I guess i will have to.

    “Her biggest crime is that her behavior overshadowed her album Blackout, one of the best musical releases of the year. Many of us are rooting for Britney’s revival, but her constant self-destructive behavior makes that seem like a miracle. ”

    one of the best musical release of the year?
    I could name many many albums the were far better than that crap

  • mike

    lol, i love your for making this article.
    i had a hit that george bush was going to be number 1.

  • bill depp, RI USA

    I agree with most except for Hillary and Katie Couric. I’d replace them on the list with Sean Hannity and “Tingling Tweety” Chris Matthews. Two of the airways biggest blow hards. Especially now that Chris Matthews is going to run for public office or as I like to say “Change we do not need!”. I may be liberal but I am not retarded, my poor stomach can’t fathom a Senator Matthews. Sean Hannity, well he speaks for himself, nothing I can say more about him, it’s all been said and it’s all true. A real dickhead!