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The Titan and the Towel

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Last year, at the Tennessee Titans stadium,15,000 Pittsburgh Steelers fans waved their Terrible Towels proudly. Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck, running back LenDale White and a few other teammates decided it was appropriate to disrespect Steelers fans and stomp on the Terrible Towel.

So, after the Steelers won the Super Bowl, one fan sent a special gift to Bulluck — a terrible towel. No return address, sent February 16, 2009. Attached was a note:

“On behalf of Steeler Nation, we would like to present you with our new Terrible Towel. Hang this up in your locker room.

Sincerely, the Black and Gold
P.S.: I hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl.”

At least, Bulluck was a good sport. "I laughed. I thought it was hilarious,'' he said.

So, has he learned his lesson or should we expect another show from Bulluck next season?

“In all due respect, after we win [When the Titans play the Steelers next season in the season opener, Sept. 10th], I definitely will not be stomping on any towels. That’s just utter disrespect. The only reason why it happened was because they came into our house waving their 15,000 towels or whatever, and they travel well. They’re a proud organization. Steeler Nation they are, but we’re not too worried about it,” Bulluck told reporters.

Excellent. Maybe he’s redeemed himself.

But … it seems that not all the Titans have learned about the towel’s powers. Every time a team touches the towel, they lose painfully. See the Bengals and the Ravens. Don’t look at me … look at the facts. A lot of fans who don’t believe in superstitions believe in the towel.

LenDale White said, “I don’t care about none of that. I stomped on that towel, because they were in my house. They came into the Titans arena waving those ugly yellow flags, and I stomped on one. If they wave it again, I’m going to stomp on another one. I’m the Terrible Towel Stomper forever. If people don’t like it on this team or anywhere else, whatever. I don’t think a towel stomp makes you play more hard or less hard.”

Dun, Dun, Dun. Not cool. Steelers fans will not be thrilled. Should we expect a towel present for LenDale White too?

And ugly yellow flags? Really?

It seems that this Terrible Towel controversy isn’t going away anytime soon. I’m sure Steeler fans can’t wait until September 10th.

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  • it is too a facerag
    what else could you call it, either a face rag (which is the size of it) or a dishrag

  • screenplay

    it wasn’t the steeler nation who disrespected the titans. it was the 15,000 titan fans who sold their tickets. LenDale White should be pointing the finger at his own fans. A Steelers fan would never ever give up his ticket to a rival fan.

  • Maddy Pumilia

    It’s not a facerag — it’s a Terrible Towel. The Terrible Towel represents the entire pride of Pittsburgh. It’s a great tradition. Like, do the Steelers stomp on the Angels’ rally monkeys? It’s just rude.

  • how is it disrespectful to stomp on a facerag at all?