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The Tick, Arrested Development, Akeelah and the Bee: Region 1 DVD Releases for August 29th, 2006

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This week, the beginning of one great series and the end of another.

The Tick vs. Season One

Long before The Incredibles and everyone else worth their salt were taking the piss out of comic books, The Tick was showing the world how it was done. One of the funniest cartoons ever aired, the show gave us some of the most wonderfully ridiculous villains (Chairface Chippendale, who really does have a chair for a face) and beautifully moronic monologues from the lead, to wit:

"Everybody was a baby once, Arthur. Oh, sure, maybe not today, or even yesterday. But once. Babies, chum: tiny, dimpled, fleshy mirrors of our us-ness, that we parents hurl into the future, like leathery footballs of hope. And you've got to get a good spiral on that baby, or evil will make an interception."

The fact I bumped Season Three of Arrested Development should let you know how momentous an occasion this really is.

Sadly, after a 12-year journey to DVD, there are no extras.

Arrested Development – Season 3

One of the best comedies to ever grace our screens did not go gentle into that good cancellation. Like Sports Night before it, Arrested Development cleverly incorporated its struggle to stay alive into the narrative to hilarious effect. That they ultimately lost that battle only makes this hugely entertaining season all the more bittersweet. Like Seasons One and Two, this is a must-own.

Extras include a crapload of deleted scenes, commentary on three eps and a "Last Day on Location" featurette, which is bound to make me cry.

Akeelah and the Bee

I didn't fall as head-over-heels in love with this as most critics (let's just say the film knows how to spell c-l-i-c-h-é), but it's still well worth checking out, if only for some nice speechifyin' from Laurence Fishburne and a great supporting nod from J.R. Villarreal as the Best Friend. This is also one of maybe two American films I can think of where the lead is a young black girl.

Extras include three featurettes, deleted scenes, a gag reel, and a music video.

PS: This is no substitute for watching Spellbound!

Lonesome Jim

Steve Buscemi's third directorial effort creates a sort of morose, unsympathetic take on the Garden State premise casting Casey Affleck as the selfish, lackadaisical but ultimately engaging lead.

Extras include commentary by Buscemi and screenwriter James C. Strouse and a "Making of" featurette.

Take the Lead

Where Spellbound might have informed Akeelah and the Bee, Mad Hot Ballroom explicitly inspired this Inspirational Teacher Tale with Antonio Banderas showing some inner city kids how they do things in, um, ballrooms.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is the first movie to have an interactive tango lesson as a DVD extra.

In this week's long list, some special editions for John Hughes romcoms and the entire Romancing the Stone oeuvre – all two films.

123 It's Easy for Me

13 Anos De Exitos En Vivo

1963 Alabama Vs Oklahoma – Crimson Classics – If They Stay in Bounds

1966 Nebraska Vs Alabama – Crimson Classics – High Tide in Miami

1979 Alabama Vs Auburn – Crimson Classics – 79 Iron Bowl

1990 Alabama Vs Tennessee – Crimson Classics – Third Saturday Glory

1998 Alabama Vs Lsu – Crimson Classics – Battle in the Bayou

1999 Alabama Vs Florida – Crimson Classics – Victory in the Swamp

2005 Georgia Bulldogs – Sec Champions – Hunker Down Atlanta Bound

2005 Iowa Hawkeyes Instant Replay

2005 Missouri Tigers Instant Replay

3rd Etapa Ranking Estadual 2005 (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

49 Days

9/11 Commemorative Box Set

ABC It's Easy for Me

The Abs Diet Workout, Vol. 2


Adventures of Robin Hood Vol 1

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1 (B&W)

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 2 (B&W)

Adventures of Sir Lancelot 1 (B&W)

Agatha Christie – A Life in Pictures

Agatha Christie's Marple – Series 2

Ahi Viene Martin Corona/El Caudillo

Akeelah and the Bee

Akeelah and the Bee (Widescreen Edition)

All About: Planes, Trains and More

American Gun

Poorly reviewed but well cast (Linda Cardellini, Forest Whitaker, Donald Sutherland) flick about gun violence.

Among Brothers

Ancient Mysteries – Ancient Prophets

Ancient Mysteries – Ark of the Covenant

Ancient Mysteries – Dinosaur Extinction

Ancient Mysteries – Egyptian Pyramids

The Andy Griffith Show – The Complete Seventh Season

Angel Guts – Red Classroom

Angels Keep Watching Over

Animal Charm: Golden Digest

Anniversary Edition

Anonymous Rex

Apollo 14: To Fra Mauro

Apres Toi

Argus – Rock Milestones (Dts)

Arlen Roths 150+ Acoustic Hot Licks For Rock, Blues, Country, Rockabilly, And R&B Guitar

Arrested Development – Season 3

As Cartas De Chico Xavier E Outras Historias

Asian Action Deadly Dolls Double Pack

Astro Boy, Set 2: Ultra Collector's Edition

Atomic Bomb Collection (3pc) (Aniv)

Atomic Journeys – Welcome to Ground Zero

Baghdad ER


Barbara Hendricks – Recital

Barbra Streisand – Happening in Central Park (1968)

Barbra Streisand …And Other Musical Instruments (1973)

The Best of Mr. Bean

Best of New Wave

Best of The Awful Truth

Bet to Basic

Beyond Grand Canyon

Bill's Dirty Shorts: A Collection of Bill Plympton's Newest Naughty Shorts

Birth of the Anti-Christ

Black Box (4pc) (Dol)

Black Cat

Black Crowes: Who Killed That Bird Out On Your Windowsill

Black Pit of Dr. M (aka Misterios de Ultratumba)

Bloodfist 2005 (Rated)

Bloodfist 2005 (Unrated)

Blue Suede Shoes

Bluegrass Country Soul

BME Recordings Present E-40 & The Hype O

Bob Dylan:1966-1978 After the Crash

Bone Sickness

Boxset Cinema/Saltimbancos/Roda Viva

Brainiac AKA El Baron Del Terror

Broadway Dance Center: Breaking Foundations – Breakdance

Broadway Dance Center: Latin Jazz Dance and Intro to Partnering With Maria Torres

Brother Bear 2

I know you're pretty surprised this went straight to DVD, but what can I say? Disney's lost faith in cell-drawn animation. That, and it's, you know, Brother Bear.

Bruckner: Symphony No 9 in D Minor

Cage Fights Unleashed, Vol. 2

Campbell Outdoor Hurricane Relief Benefit Hunt

Carol Argo's the Anti Aging Method

Castillo: Great Balls of Fire

Castillo: Mission – Mouse

Castillo: The Incredible Shrinking Duke

The Castle of Cagliostro (Lupin the III) – Special Edition


The Charles Bukowski Tapes

Children's Family Classic: Good King Wenceslas and Silent Night

Children's Sing a Long Nursery Rhymes


Christmas Classics: Jingle Bells and Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christy Malry's Own Double Entry

The Chuck Norris Collection

Cinderella 87-Spezial Version


Cold as Summer

College Football Legends-V01 (DVD)

Colombian Love

Colossal Sensation

Comedy Gold – The Hilarious Story of Canadian Comedy

Consequence (Sub B&W)

Contemporary Mysteries: Asteroid Collision and Crop Circles

Contemporary Mysteries: Super Brain Kids and Mysterious Dolphins

Corpus Christi

Cosmos from the Sky – Nebulas & Galaxies

Cosmos from the Sky – Planet Earth

Cosmos from the Sky – Solar System

Cosmos from the Sky – the Universe

Criss Angel Mindfreak – Halloween Special

Curse of Lizzy Borden

Dance Classics

Dance Hits

The Dancing Pumpkin

Darkwing Duck, Volume 1

I'm not one to go in for the Disney half-hour cartoons, but I remember really enjoying this one for some reason.

Das Haus Am Eaton Place Folge 1-8

Date With the Angels 1 (B&W)

Decoy 1 (B&W)

Decoy 2 (B&W)

Desperate Housewives – The Complete Second Season

Dick Tracy Double Feature 1 (B&W)

Dick Tracy Double Feature 2 (B&W)

Dick Tracy the Serial

Doll Face (B&W)


Doumbek Technique and Rhythms for Arabic Percussion, Bellydance, and Drum Circles

Down Down

Down in New Orleans

Dr Christian Double Feature (B&W)

Dr Kildare Double Feature (B&W)

Dreadheads Portrait of a Subculture

Dream Theater – Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour Live with the Octavarium Orchestra

Duck Season

Acclaimed indie comedy from Mexico about two boys' wacky adventures in the face of a power outage.

DVD Kollection – The Korgis (DVD)

El Correo Del Norte/El Sol En Llamas

Electrical Code Inspection, Equipment

The Encyclopedia of Modern Armor: Armored Infantry

The English Masters – Blake

The English Masters – Constable

The English Masters – Gainsborough

The English Masters – Hogarth

The English Masters – Reynolds

The English Masters – Turner

The English Masters Boxed Set

Epitafios – The Complete First Season

Eric Adams & Chester Moore's Wild Life & Wild Times

Euroarts Sampler 2005-'06

Eurovision Songfestival Hits

An Evening with Crystal Gayle

The Fabulous Dorseys


Family & Friends

Famous: America's Finest Comedians

Famous: Best Actors

Famous: Best Actresses

Famous: Hollywood's Leading Ladies

Father of the Bride (Keepcase)

Fields of Glory-Auburn University

Fields of Glory-LSU

Fields of Glory-Penn State University

Fields of Glory-Penn State University (DVD)

Fields of Glory-University of Alabama

Fields of Glory-University of Florida

Fields of Glory-University of Oklahoma

Fighting Spirit 13 – Youth of Fire

Finger Plays With Miss Lori

Fireplace Impressions

Flavor of Love – The Complete First Season

For Me and My Gal (Keepcase)

Fourteen Hours

Friends with Money

Nicole Holofcener's follow-up to the lovely and amazing Lovely and Amazing wasn't quite as well-received, but you won't often see Catherine Keener, Frances McDormand, and Joan Cusack sharing screen time.

Frontline – The Storm

Galaxina (Ws Aniv Spec)

Gaogaigar, Vol. 1: King of Braves

George Carlin – Jammin' in New York

Girls from Czech Republic

Girls from French Riviera

Godannar, Vol. 7: War Bride

The Golden Age of Caribbean Pirates

Great Dan Patch (B&W)

Greatest Hits – The Supremes

Greatest Hits – Tremeloes (DVD)

Greatest Hits – Hot Chocolate (DVD)

Greatest Hits – Dee,Dozy,Beaky,Mick & Tich Dave (DVD)

Greatest Hits – Mouth & Macneal (DVD)

Greatest Hits – Earth & Fire (DVD)

Greatest Hits – Brotherhood of Man (DVD)

Greatest Hits – Guys'n'dolls (DVD)

Greatest Hits – Demis Roussos (DVD)

Greatest Hits of the 70's

Green Green Grass of Home

Green Green, Vol. 2: Nature Girls

Guilty Pleasures Collection, Vol. 1 (Locked Up/ The Hole/ Exposed: The Making of a Legend)

H-Town Underworld, Vol. 1

Hammer Film Noir Collector's Set, Vol. 1-3

Handel's Messiah Live in Nativity Church Bethlehem

Happily Ever After

Harun Farocki: An Image

Haydn: Cello Concertos

Hearts Cracked Open (Full)



Her Majesty

Herbert von Karajan in Rehearsal and Performance

Hindsights (W/Book) (Dts) – Pink Floyd

Hip Hop-Backstage Pass

His Private Secretary

The History Channel Presents Washington the Warrior

Hits on DVD

Holy Hack Jack – Demented Are Go (DVD)

Holy Lola

Hood Vision

Hopalong Cassidy TV Collection 1 (4pc)

Hot Tamale (Sub)

How Jesus Became a Christ: The Hidden Years. Vol. 2 of Deep Deceptions by Miceal Ledwith featured in What The BLEEP Do We Know!?

I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten – Dusty Springfield (DVD)

In Concert – The Spinners (DVD)

In Their Own Words (W/Book) (Dts)

In Utero – Rock Milestones (Dts)

Inferno – Tangerine Dream (DVD)


Iron Island

It's Not Fun. Don't Do It!

Jack Benny Program Vol 4

Janet Baker – Full Circle / Gluck, Donizetti, Elgar

Jazz Shots, Vol. 1: West Coast

Jean-Christophe Maillot – Miniatures / Ballet de Monte Carlo

Jean-Christophe Maillot – Romeo et Juliette / St. Petersburg Kirov Orchestra

Jean-Philippe Rameau: In Convertendo

Jesse James – Outlaw Hero

The Jewel of the Nile (Special Edition)

All the special features they threw in here and no "When the Going Gets Tough" Billy Ocean video? For shame.

Joan Rivers – Live at the London Palladium

Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow

Jorge Vercilo Ao Vivo

Juan Charrasqueado/Los Cuatro Juanes

Juan Colorado/La Ley Del Monte

Kabbalah Yoga: Bringing Down the Light

Kabbalah Yoga: Restoring Your Soul to Wholeness

Kamataki (Can Dol)

Karmic Mahjong

Kill Your Idols (B&W)

The Kingston Trio Story – Wherever We May Go

Kirk Douglas Double Feature

Kissing on the Mouth

Knockouts: The Ladies of TNA Wrestling, Vol.1

La Petite Jerusalem

Last Man on Earth (B&W)

Last Time I Saw Paris

Lauro Punales/Juan Pistolas

Le Promeneur Du Champ De Mars

The Leading Ladies Collection (Now Voyager / Mildred Pierce / For Me and My Gal / Father of the Bride / Dial M for Murder)

Lee Roy Parnell: The Art of Slide Guitar

Legacy of Steel

Legend of Xanadu

Lehar – Der Graf von Luxemburg / Bo Skovhus, Juliane Banse, Rainer Trost, Gabriela Bone, Alfred Eschwe, Vienna Opera

Let's Scare Jessica to Death

This is actually kind of a classic of schlock, but it still wins Title of the Week.

Life After Death Row

Life With Elizabeth 1 (B&W)

Lil Jon

Liquid Courage: The Drunk in Public Chronicles

Little Princess

Live – Jimmy Sturr (DVD)

Live in Holland: True Tales of Slaughter and Slaying

Live Shit: Binge & Purge – Rock Milestones (Dts) ~ Metallica (DVD)

London Calling – Rock Milestones (Dts) ~ Clash (DVD)

Lonesome Jim

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

I'll save you some time, very few people found any in the film.

The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring (Theatrical and Extended Limited Edition)

The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King (Theatrical and Extended Limited Edition)

The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers (Theatrical and Extended Limited Edition)

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Theatrical and Extended Limited Edition)

If this ain't enough Rings for you, I don't know what to tell you. Includes five hours of new doc footage, and the original DVDs weren't exactly skimping on the extras to begin with.

Loretta Young Show 1 (B&W)

Los Cuentos del Bosque

Los Naufragos 2: Los Piratas

Los Naufragos del Liguria

Lucinda Moore

Lucio Vasquez/Primero Soy Mexicano

Mad Song



The Man Who Walked Between the Towers… and More Inspiring Tales (Scholastic Video Collection)

Marco Polo's Silk Road

Master P Presents The Hood Stars of Comedy, Vol. 1

Masterpcs British Ballet: Checkmate & The Rake's

Masterpices of the British Ballet:Che

Mein Kampf

Mick Taylor: Rock, Blues & Slide Guitar

Models Choice

Money or Mission

The Moonstone

More New Wave

Mountain Patrol (Kekelixi)

Critically hailed true story of poachers in Tibet and the patrol charged with stopping them at risk to their own lives.

Mozart – Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail / Aga Winska, Richard Croft, Elisabet Hellstrom, Bengt-Ola Morgny, Tamas Szule, Arnold Ostman, Drottningholm Opera

Mummy Nanny, Vol. 1: In the Beginning

Mummy Nanny, Vol. 2: For the Love of Mummy

Mummy Nanny, Vol. 3: All Wound Up

Mummy Nanny, Vol. 4: Mummy's Day Out

Mummy Nanny, Vol. 5: Keep It Under Wraps

Music in Review (Dts) ~ Eric Clapton

My Brother's Keeper: Limited Edition DVD – Episodes 1-3

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Vol. 10

NASCAR Driven to Win – Season 1

National Forests of Utah

Natural Splendor of Florida

Nature: Biggest, Fastest, Strongest

A Newsreel History of the Third Reich: Vol. 2

Nightmares on Blood Street

Nightmares on Blood Street

Ninja 6

Nip/Tuck – The Complete First Three Seasons

Nip/Tuck – The Complete Third Season

Nova: Apollo 13 – Journey to the Moon & Mars (3pc)

Nova: Hurricane – Katrina Gilbert & Camille (2pc)

Nude in the Dark: The Ultimate Italian Exploitation Experience

Nukes in Space – The Rainbow Bombs

Old Grey Whistle Test Collection (3pc) (Amar)

The Old Grey Whistle Test, Vol. 3

One Piece – The Cat's Ninth (Vol. 4)

Oxs Tale

Passenger (Pasazerka)

Passion: Everything Glorious

Peace On Earth

Perrault – La Belle / Jean-Christophe Maillot, Ballet de Monte Carlo

Perrault – La Belle / Jean-Christophe Maillot, Ballet de Monte Carlo

The Personal Best of Monty Python's Flying Circus

Piper at the Gates of Dawn – Rock Milestones


Pretty in Pink (Everything's Duckie Edition)

Perhaps the best special feature on this trés tricked-out edition is the lost ending, which, as some fans know, makes much. more. sense.

Prince in Hell (Sub)


The Proud Rebel

Psycho Killer

Queen – Under Review – 1980-1991

Rainbow Kids


Robin Trower: Classic Blues/Rock Guitar

Roc 4 Roc Documentary and Soundtrack

Rock Fresh

Romancing the Stone (Special Edition)

Lots of deleted scenes and some looking back featurettes, but would a Zemeckis commentary have killed anybody?

Romancing the Stone/Jewel of the Nile

Roots Daughters: The Women of Rastafari

Rosamond Bernier – An Accessible Paradise

Rosamond Bernier – French Impressionism: Paris By Day And By Night

Rosamond Bernier – French Impressionism: The Cast of Characters

Rosamond Bernier – Modern Art And Modern Manners 1860-74

Rosamond Bernier – Taste At The Top: Francois I, Charles I

Rosamond Bernier – Taste at the Top: Francois I, Charles I

Rosamond Bernier – The Matisse I Knew, The Matisse Nobody Knew

Rosamond Bernier – The Miro I knew

Rosamond Bernier – The Modern Masters: Louise Bourgeois

Rosamond Bernier – The Picasso I knew / The Picasso Nobody Knew

Roseanne: Halloween Edition

Russell Peters – Outsourced

Santa's Bumper Christmas: White Christmas/12 Days of Christmas/Santaclaus Is Coming to

Savage Sinema from Down Under

The Scary Godmother, Vol. 2: Revenge of Jimmy

Schubert: Symphony 9 in C Major/Mass no. 6 in E Flat Major

Scotty Anderson: Red Hot Guitar

Searching for Angela Shelton

Seduced & Abandoned – Criterion Collection

Sensation Black 2006

Sensation White 2006


Let's just remember that Kiefer finally won his first Emmy and forget this film ever happened, shall we?

The Seventh Season – Transposition

Sexphone and the Girl Next Door


Shockheaded Peter and Other Songs from the Tiger Lillies

Shockumentary Extreme Collection

Showtyme: State 2 State

Singles – Rock Milestones (Dts)

The Sixth Element

Slab Soldiers Scars and Stripes, Vol. 2

Slippery When Wet – Rock Milestones (Dts)


Some Kind of Wonderful (Special Collector's Edition)

Ah, the forgotten Hughes film. Some nice features here including commentary from the director and Leah Thompson.

Sonata No 7 / Sonata No 32 (B&W)

Sooner Classics-2005 Holiday Bowl-Oklahoma Vs Oregon

Sooner-2005 Season Highlights Video

South Carolina Gamecocks-2005 Year in Review

South Park – The Complete Eighth Season

Stalking Hand: A Scary Movie


Stephen King's Desperation

Stir of Echoes

Storm the Skies

Story of a Cloistered Nun

The Story of Civilization – Eastern Empires

The Story of Civilization – Romans and Barbarians

The Story of Civilization – The Americas

The Story of Civilization – The Celtic World

The Story of Civilization – The First Empires

The Story of Civilization – The Viking Age

The Story of Civilization Boxed Set

Striptease Series: Male Exotic Dancing

Summer Eletrohits Tvz

Super Brawl 1 & 2

Surf Party

Survival Guide to the United States: Buying Cars and Trucks

Survivor Palau – The Complete Season

The Swindle

Take the Lead

Tales of Tomorrow 1 (B&W)

TaleSpin, Vol. 1 (3-pack)

Talking to Heaven

Tap (Widescreen Edition)

Tchaikovsky – Casse Noisette Circus / Jean-Christophe Maillot, Ballet de Monte Carlo

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Original Series (Volume 5)

Testify Goldblade Live


The Thames Shakespeare Collection: MacBeth/King Lear/Romeo & Juliet/Twelfth Night

The Theatre of Tadeusz Kantor

Third Man 1 (B&W)

This Is the Army

Thomas and Friends: Thomas' Halloween Adventures

Thugaboo Sneaker Madness (Sub Ac3 Dol Amar)

The Tick Vs. Season One

Till the Clouds Roll By

To the Devil His Due

Todos Os Sambas Ao Vivo

Tokyo Rampage

Tomie – Revenge

Too Young to Die

Top 25 Modern Praise & Worship

Total Recall

Total Rock Review (Dts) – Doors

Total Rock Review (Dts) – Genesis

Total Rock Review (Dts) – Supertramp

Trilogy of Terror

Trinity & Beyond – The Atomic Bomb Movie

Ultimate Crime Box Set Al l'ltaliana

Uma Nova Paixao-Ao Vivo

Umas Palavras

Umma Gumma – Rock Milestones (Dts) – Pink Floyd

Under Review


Vampire Pack – Triple Feature



Vol. 1 – Remember the 70's

Vol. 1 – Remember the 60's

Vol. 1-2 – Das Haus Am Eaton Place Folge

Vol. 2 – World War II

Vol. 2 – Tanzkurs Walzer

Vol. 2 – Remember the 60's

Vol. 2 – Jiu Jitsu for the Street

Vol. 2 – Remember the 70's

Vol. 2-Ao Vivo

Vol. 3 – World War II

Vol. 3 – Remember the 70's

Vol. 3 -Remember the 60's

Vol. 3-4 – Das Haus Am Eaton Place Folge

Vol. 4 – Remember the 60's

Vol. 4 – Remember the 70's

Vol. 5-6 – Das Haus Am Eaton Place Folge

Vol. 7 & 8 – Das Haus Am Eaton Place Folge


Voyage En Douce

Warlords: The Generals


Water Conservation

Whatever Happened to Alice

Wherever We May Go

White Nights

Who the Hell's Bonnie & Clyde

Will & Grace – Season Five

Winx Club, Vol. 5 – Battle for Alfea


Yoga Beauty Body

Zatoichi, Vol. 5

The Zodiac

In the world of competing Zodiac Killer projects, it looks like this one blinked. Fincher's (yeah, that guy) comes out next year.

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