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The Thrill of the Chase

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In a day when no one can be sure of anyone else’s sexual orientation, it comes as no surprise to me that the roles in heterosexual relationships would be reversed. The thrill of the chase has always referred to a man pursuing a woman until he got what he wanted — usually sex — but it seems the tables have been turned. Women are just as capable of using men. Their reasoning may not be the same, but I’ve known some to do just that.

As I’m writing this, I’m reminded of an episode of Hannah Montana. I have a younger sister who unfortunately got me hooked on the show when it first started. I haven’t been able to stop since. In this episode, Miley, aka Hannah, has a crush on Jake, but he has a girlfriend.

One day, while scowling at Jake and his girlfriend feeding each other, Miley meets Willis, a guy who she is misled to believe is a senior. She begins to flirt with Willis to make Jake jealous. It begins to work, and despite a word of advice from her friend Lilly on using Willis, Miley proceeds. Lilly’s quote will forever remain etched in my memory, though partially because it is hilarious in context, and partially because it holds some truth.

“It’s like you had a love cold, and he was the tissue. Willis ,can I borrow you for a second?” says Lilly as she pretends to blow her nose. “Goodbye, Willis!” Here she tosses the Kleenex to the ground. It is never encouraging to be the used Kleenex tossed away from something better – “better” being a relative term.

In this case, the woman is using the man to make another man jealous, which is a fairly common occurrence in today’s society, and almost never works. As you would expect, Jake, Miley’s crush, finds out that Willis is graduating elementary school — not high school — and instantly reverts from being jealous to making fun of her.

Women have been known to use men to get everything ranging from sex to money. I have known plenty of women who agree to or even propose “fuck buddy” relationships. These types of relationships can only last so long before one party becomes too attached. They always end badly. If a relationship is strictly about sex, you can’t go back and make a healthy dating relationship out of it. That’s just bassackwards.

At the beginning of every relationship, each party has a goal. Once that goal is met, disinterest sets in and the relationship begins to fail. Though I’m inexperienced in the relationship that lasts a lifetime, I like to believe that in a healthy relationship — a relationships that is built around compromise and caring for the other person rather than what you can get out of it — once your desire is met, you still want to be with that person.

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