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The Terrorist Attack of 2010

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The date is November 9, 2010, and you turn on the radio to listen to the news over morning coffee. Economic times have been tough, and you’re not expecting much to lift up the soul. Yet, what you hear still makes your blood run cold.

Nuclear devices have been detonated almost simultaneously in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. Tens of thousands are dead or dying, and millions more are being evacuated, owing to radioactive contamination that will now make huge swaths of the cities uninhabitable.

President Obama is currently on the air addressing the nation. Everything he says sounds reassuring and mellifluous, just like it always does, just like it always has. Right now he is talking about the emergency response and government efforts to help the victims and apprehend the perpetrators. He speaks of how we must pray for our fellow Americans.

More information will be forthcoming, and we will see his calm countenance on TV and hear his resonant, composed voice again. Of that you can be sure.

But there is something he won’t tell us.

There is something he will never tell us.

You see, when the government investigation is complete, they will know that many of those responsible for the carnage were illegal aliens, just like some of the 9/11 terrorists. They will also know something else.

Just like 13 of the 19 9/11 terrorists, many of these illegal aliens had driver’s licenses, which lent them credibility and eased their transit throughout the land they aimed to destroy (9/11 mastermind Mohamed Atta was stopped by a traffic cop but not detained because he presented a valid driver’s license).

President Obama knows all this well, but he also has a very good reason to be mum.

He supported the policy of providing driver’s licenses for illegals.

He used the issue against Senator Hillary Clinton – who had wavered on the matter – in early 2008, sending a clear message that to him it was more important to capture Latino votes than terrorists. Yet he didn’t abandon the policy as an election-time artifice upon taking the oath of office, and no one should have expected he would. He had always advocated the granting of illegals driver’s licenses – even when he was a state senator in Illinois.

Of course, this information about the president’s irresponsibility and negligence prior to the worst attack ever on American soil will be out there, somewhere. It will be found on the internet in various places, and some minority of the population will read it, after which a minority of them will promptly forget it. Regardless, we all know what those people are, anyway. They’re the nuts who talk about crazy things no sane person who reads the New York Times (whose building on 8th Avenue was, ironically, destroyed) would ever hear about.

Oh, the mainstream media will provide certain bare, disconnected facts, as they always do. They will mention that some of the attackers were illegals, and they will mention that some of the attackers had driver’s licenses. They will even sometimes mention both together. But the majority of the citizenry has never been very good at connecting the dots on its own. Thus, a responsible and conscientious media must present facts in a sequential, comprehensive way; they must weave together a tapestry of truth so appealing to reason and display it in the shop window of ideas so often that it comes to furnish the American mind. As the old saying goes, “Repetition is the branding iron of knowledge”; without the still-powerful mainstream media incessantly beating a drum, the tune doesn’t get stuck in too many heads.

They certainly applied this principle when they made Obama a king, nay, a messiah, and former President Bush a pariah. For the Hated One, the incessant chant was, in so many words, “Bush lied and people died,” sung to the accompaniment of gratuitously negative reportage about the Iraq War. For the Chosen One, it was the melodious tune, “Change, Unity and Hope,” sung at a volume that drowned out background noise about Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Antoin Rezko, the nuts with ACORN and Obama’s membership in the socialist New Party. The media took a mediocre man with flash and dazzle and made him the country’s “greatest” president and a mediocre president with fumbling and fizzle and made him the country’s worst man.

As for the alternative media, we can’t count on them to inform people about Obama’s negligent, terrorism-facilitating policies, either. It’s not that they lack the will; it’s just that there isn’t, to the extent there once was, the way. Politicians such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein had long expressed interest in resurrecting the “Fairness Doctrine,” that Trojan-horse legislation containing an iron muzzle that eliminated a great arena of dissent, talk radio. And with one of their own as president, the election of many more leftists to the Houses in 2008, and mainstream media that were happy to be rid of a thorn in their side, it was a fait accompli. But we do still have NPR.

And the prospects for the future look even bleaker. When people still talked about Professor Bill Ayers a couple of years ago, they didn’t realize that he wasn’t just an Obama ally; he was an allegory. He represented the thousands of Gramscian fellow travelers in academia and elsewhere who were waiting in the left wings for a sympathetic president. Many of these people have now been appointed to governmental positions, and many others have the Chosen One’s ear. They are the type of social engineers who authored speech codes in colleges and corporations and hate-speech laws (designed to stifle politically-incorrect dissent) in Canada, and now this import from the Great White North is in the White House . . . and beyond.

Of course, this particular muzzle still lies in the future, but it doesn’t matter. Everyone is now overcome with fear and anguish, and, when the radioactive dust has settled, the media will frame this in just the left way. No one will talk about President Obama’s support of driver’s licenses for illegals or any other policies of his that might have imperiled us. Instead, perhaps, it will be a narrative about the legacy of the failed Bush years, that omnipresent phantom of failure. It’s much like how, decades after Napoleon Bonaparte’s exile to barren Saint Helena, British children were kept in line with the admonition, “Be good, or Nappy will get you.” Bush’s power will greatly outlive his tenure.

In the movie The Dead Zone, the main character, Johnny Smith, develops the power of precognition after an accident. He then crosses paths with a popular, charismatic presidential candidate and has visions of the man as president, destroying the world. Although the future may seem hopeless, Smith comes to understand what the “dead zone” – the things he “couldn’t see” – in his visions represent. Not only can I see the future, he realized, but, he said, “I can change it.”

The Terrorist Attack of 2010 is just one possible future. With the power of the vote, many kinds of change are indeed possible. Let’s just hope it’s not the kind of change Barack Obama – and illegal aliens – believe in.

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  • Oh. My. Dear. Lord.

    I am seriously thinking you guys should all just shut off your televisions & radios, shut-down your Internet connections, and tune out for a few days…take a pill for Gawd’s sake, at leaast until the end of the election season.

    This type of apocaylptic babble should be labelled Satire, not Opinion. It might work then.


    The fate of the free world hinges on drivers licenses?

    Get a grip.

  • Marlowe

    So, did your doctors say it was OK to come off the meds or did you just decide today was the day?

    The level of disjointed paranoia in your rant is disquieting to say the least.

    I would also recommend you look at terrorist attacks in countries with EXTREME border control, then ask yourself: “how did they terrorists slip through and carry this out THERE?”

    Also, it would be helpful if you would just skip the Rush Limbaugh style title next time and just announce clearly: I AM A RACIST in the title. Don’t be shy about it! There are LOTS of racists in this country! You fellas have been here since day one!

    I’ll be waiting for your next post: WHY WE SHOULD BRING BACK LYNCHINGS!


  • Selwyn –

    Which would you rather have? Illegal aliens tracked by having an actual identification card? Or illegal aliens not tracked at all?

    And if they have drivers’ licenses, then they pay car insurance. Right now, if an IA has a traffic accident, the victim is simply out of luck unless he’s covered for uninsured drivers.

    I know, you’ll say you’d rather not have an IA’s at all…but that is completely unrealistic. Ain’t gonna happen. You can wish and howl to the heavens all you want about getting rid of the IA’s…but they simply ain’t gonna go away.

    Why? So long as America is more prosperous than Mexico, they’ll keep coming…and no matter what you do, they’ll get here.

  • Why would illegal aliens come here to steal jobs Americans won’t do and then set off nuclear weapons? You’re lucky they’ll print anything in this section because this piece is poorly reasoned.

  • What Selwyn neglects to mention, of course, is that although some of the 9/11 terrorists violated immigration laws while in the United States, all of them entered the country legally.

    I can’t really see what the hell difference it would make if illegal aliens could obtain drivers’ licenses or not. If someone wants to commit a terrorist atrocity badly enough, they’ll commit one – whether they swam across the Rio Grande at night or grew up in a leafy suburb of Brooklyn.

  • bliffle

    This is a silly article about a serious issue.

    First of all, restricting Drivers Licenses is useless. Mohammed Atta and his buddies would not have been deterred in the least by any increased difficulty in getting DLs. They all came from affluent and middleclass families that this nation always has opened doors wide to admit.

    On the other hand, I’m not really in favor of issuing licenses to IAs. As it is they have to ride bicycles (around here, anyway) which keeps them healthier and out of our ERs and Heart Attack wards.

    As for the driving liability issue, nearly every policy contains an uninsured motorist clause so an innocent victime is protected. Elsewise, liability coverage could be provided by a small gas surcharge so that every driver is paying into a fund.

    The serious issue underlying all this is “How Do We Protect Ourselves From Asymmetrical Terrorist Attack?”

    Restricting drivers licenses does NOTHING!

    Pre-emptive invasion of foreign hotspots aggravates the problem.

    What WILL work is a two-part policy:

    1-act aggressively to nurture lawful internationally oriented governments in foreign countries such as Pakistan.

    2-Gain international control of Nuclear Proliferation. To that end Sen. Obama co-authored a bill to reduce proliferation:

    S. 1977


    Nuclear Weapons Threat Reduction Act of 2007
    A bill to provide for sustained United States leadership in a cooperative global effort to prevent nuclear terrorism, reduce global nuclear arsenals, stop the spread of nuclear weapons and related material and technology, and support the responsible and peaceful use of nuclear technology.

    * Official: A bill to provide for sustained United States leadership in a cooperative global effort to prevent nuclear terrorism, reduce global nuclear arsenals, stop the spread of nuclear weapons and related material and technology, and support the responsible and peaceful use of nuclear technology. as introduced.
    * Short: Nuclear Weapons Threat Reduction Act of 2007 as introduced.

    Nuclear Weapons Threat Reduction Act of 2007 – Authorizes the President, upon a specified congressional certification by the Secretary of State, to make voluntary contributions for creation of a low enriched uranium reserve administered by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that would help guarantee the availability of fuel for commercial nuclear reactors and dissuade countries from building their own uranium enrichment capability. Authorizes appropriations for voluntary contributions to the IAEA. Directs the National Academy of Sciences to report to Congress on a verification regime for a fissile material cutoff treaty. Directs the President to report to Congress respecting:
    (1) a plan to ensure the security of all nuclear weapons and weapons usable material at vulnerable sites worldwide and for working with other countries to ensure such materials’ security; and
    (2) U.S. strategy and policies regarding the 2010 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference. Authorizes appropriations to establish a national technical forensics program to develop technologies and procedures for determining the origin of nuclear materials, whether seized intact or collected after the detonation of a nuclear bomb. Establishes the Commission on United States Objectives and Strategy for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Peaceful Use of Nuclear Technology.

  • moon

    Orson Welles scared the heck out of Gringolandia when he produced a radio broadcast of H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds in 1938.

    Wells was known to have a percing insight into human behavior (to wit, his classic short story The Country of the Blind–where instead of being made king, the sighted person has his eyes poked out).

    Welles was a genius at showmanship and use of the media.

    This article is just silly.

  • Baronius

    Selwyn – No doubt about it; you can definitely write.

    Marlowe – What part of this article is racist? Against which race? Please be specific.

  • This is about as silly as you can get. Does anyone imagine that truly determined terrorists with enough $$ backing couldn’t manage to get drivers licenses?

    Duke has all the crap against Obama down pat. We’ve seen it all countless times. You people just can’t stand that the Democrats have somebody leading the party who has the knowledge, intelligence and class to reveal how politically and ethically bankrupt the Republican party is.

    The whole basis of this article is ludicrous crap. Typical of virtually all of Duke’s writing.


  • pablo

    Dread #5 you said:

    “What Selwyn neglects to mention, of course, is that although some of the 9/11 terrorists violated immigration laws while in the United States, all of them entered the country legally.”

    I would add that a number of the so-called perpetrators of 9/11 were not only allowed to come to this country, but were given special clearance by the CIA in Saudi Arabia to come here. Citation available upon request.

  • pablo

    Welcome Rush Limbaugh lover. You will find many friends here ooooooooh and Mikey Savage too! I am gettin that warm and cuddly feelin again. 🙂

  • pablo

    Oh and Selwyn?

    I could not help but notice that your first name is distinctly un-american and I as a good white god fearing, apple pie eating, american have done my duty and reported you to Homeland Security bu–.

    It is just a precaution don’t worry about it, if your not guilty of anything you have NOTHING to worry about.

    So if the Feds come in while your out with a sneak and peek warrant and your home is a bit disheveled when you come back, its ok. 🙂

  • Arch Conservative

    “I know, you’ll say you’d rather not have an IA’s at all…but that is completely unrealistic. Ain’t gonna happen. You can wish and howl to the heavens all you want about getting rid of the IA’s…but they simply ain’t gonna go away.”

    You’re right Glenn, the one here now aint leaving. However it is within our power to keep more from coming if we elected congresspeople who cared more for this nation and it’s citizens than thier own politicla careers.

    The first part of my solution would be to have the military build two ginourmos bases on our southern border where literally tens of thousands of troops are residing and have these troops do their manuevers, exercises etc along the border. Give the troops the legal authority to use whatever force necessary to turn back ANYONE entering our nation at any spot which has not specifically designated as a legal port of entrance. Anyone that insists on disobeying our military will be subject to deadly force.

    The second part of my solution is to do away with all of the politically correct bullshit and make it legal for all government and private parties to enquire as to one’s citizenship. For example…. a person must provide proof of citizenship when receiving healthcare, housing, a driver’s license, education assistance etc etc etc. you’re not a citizen? you get nothing Oh and for all the companies that continue to hire illegals…..the hiring manger/hr people would face prison terms and the company would be subject to very hefty fines

    This two pronged approach is neither ammoral no unreasonable but I’m sure all of the politically correct, bleeding heart, candy assed open border leftist jerkofss will claim it is.

  • bliffle

    Archie, how ’bout we start with YOU?

    “For example…. a person must provide proof of citizenship …”

    How would YOU propose to prove your claims of citizenship?

    Not with a drivers license, one would hope. Every teenager in town knows where to go to get a fake DL, even with the holographic impression.

    Not with a birth certificate: those can be ordered over the phone.

    And all your personal information, or the personal info of whomever you are impersonating, is available for $25 on a data DVD, along with millions of other peoples data, from any hacker warez outlet.

    Careful what you ask for.

  • Clavos

    Not with a drivers license, one would hope

    Forget teenagers’ phony licenses. Citizenship is not a requirement to obtain a driver’s license in any state.

    And shouldn’t be.

    And all these citizens who want to stop the IAs are stupidly short sighted. Where the hell else are we going to get exploitable people to whom we don’t have to pay minimum wage or benefits to do our shit work?

  • The second part of my solution is to do away with all of the politically correct bullshit and make it legal for all government and private parties to enquire as to one’s citizenship. For example…. a person must provide proof of citizenship when receiving healthcare, housing, a driver’s license, education assistance etc etc etc.

    I can’t speak for all government programs, Arch, but in Section 8 Housing we already do that.

    Most of the people who come to us who aren’t citizens or legal residents are honest about it (they can still get assistance if they have a spouse or kids who are legal, but it will be prorated). And it’s fairly easy to spot fake ID, especially social security cards. Some of the forgeries are absolutely hilarious.

  • bliffle

    I don’t think Archie is really a US citizen. He should be deported.

  • moon

    Just don’t send his hairy butt to Mexico.

  • @ #17: Because he doth protest too much, Bliffle?

    I picture Archie as one of those big guys with a goatee and close-cropped (or no) hair and a loud voice, who always dominates conversations at parties because he can shout faster than everyone else.

    Then again, until I saw a photo of him I always pictured Clavos as looking a bit like Cheech Marin. (I seem to remember someone else saying they had the same mental picture.) So what do I know?

  • moon

    Unless Arch and Nalle are twins, I don’t buy your description.

  • I just read this article. Talk about using an atom bomb to kill a rabbit!

    The stuff making Obama sound like the mellifluous messianic figure who can’t quit bring about redemption no matter how smoothly he talks is spot on. The possibility of bombs going off in several American cities at once is spot on (though an effective terrorist would have attempted to take out the president and vice president).

    But illegal aliens getting drivers’ licenses? Come on, can’t you get more dramatic in writing these future dystopias, Selwyn?

    And shouldn’t there be a fiction heading to handle this kind of stuff?

  • Clavos

    Then again, until I saw a photo of him I always pictured Clavos as looking a bit like Cheech Marin.

    Only when I’m holding a bong…

  • I thought you thought they were the same person, Moon?

  • moon

    You might want to indicate where I posted that they were the same person.

    Hint: I didn’t.

    Not that I would put anything past Nalle, even that….

  • Franco

    #14 — bliffle

    Everything you listed is underground criminal activity. This causes all of us a lot of trouble for the very reasons you point out. If you know so much about it bliffle, are you helping in doing something about it?

    Come on bliffle, just throwing in the negitive towel over this and not seeking positive solution is not the way to win your argument.

    Tightening the cracks where the criminals thrive is key to arresting this. We have the technology today to vastly reduce this problem of ID.

    Voting is that important and thus demands that attention.

    All states have DMV’s. There are database records kept for all persons in each state when any legal document has been issued to them, as in a legal driver’s license or photo ID card. Each is unique when issued with its own number and a photo ID. This database is golden and is the family jewels and all photos ID’s. These could be scanned just like a credit card against that database.

    If the people who are poor and can’t afford the cost for DMV services they should receive public rebate assistance for the cost of the photo ID.

    If the people who are disabled and can’t get to the DMV because they have no family or friends that give a shit about them, or their too old to be moved, then the State can have field programs and community volunteers to assist in those cases.

    Another option is “Index Fingerprint Scanner ID” and held in a state database. This would even allow US citizens overseas to cast votes through any US Embassy with 99% verafifablity.

    In Chile they have gone to this index fingerprint scanner ID system. Whenever I show my state photo ID and then put my finger on a scanner, that is only the size of a zippo lighter, my picture and address is flashed up on the screen in less then 2 seconds confiming my finger print, and Chile is a state of 16 million people.

    The majority of crooks on the street would be out in the cold against such a database and left with only the few trying to hack into this database, and those attacks are verifiable and could be made available to the public.

    When those hackers are found, the state puts them in a steel and concrete cage for a set lenght of time, because they are enemies to our freedom.

    And speaking of crimianls and prison, I think they sould be produceing something for the state while doing their time, and they get no credit for time surved unless they are working and playing well with others. And those that can should be allowed a salary placed into a savings account for them for when they get out.

    Those who can’t play nicly with others are cut off from this opption and set apart from the others and the time they are set apart does not count as any time served or adding to their savings account. If that isn’t an insentive to coroperate positivly with others for your own sake and to get out with some money in the bank for working and play well with others, I dont now what is.

    Yes, the criminal mind is creative and they will always try. For the sake of freedom, our job is to limit their success and we have more creative people then they do.

    But one can’t be negative at the same time and expect positive results, and bliffle, IMO, that is only what your post #14 shows.

    Now if your intentionally being negative for an agenda in keeping the cracks in the system open for criminals, maybe you would like to share that with us. I say this because quite frankly I do not see any other reason for it in light of the technology with have today.

    Taking advantage of this protects any and all political parties from messing with the system and ends the concern for all that have been going on. We as a nation need this bull shit arrested once and for all.

    Please tell my you concur.

  • “I picture Archie…”

    Doubt it. He comes off more like a small man who rarely gets invited to parties, both of which fuel is rage to the point of absurdity.

  • Cindy D


    We could just brand people on the forehead, or insert a microchip in them at birth.

    Didn’t I see a CSI where a guy planted fake finger prints? Is that plausible? I’m too tired to look it up.

  • Moon, I shaved my goatee years ago. Didn’t want to look like Al Barger anymore.


  • I think you’d have been OK, Dave. Last photo I saw of Al, he had a beard (in the words of Blackadder) like a rhododendron bush.

  • Jet

    Doc, Arch can’t get a driver’s license, every time they tried to take the photo all they got was his mouth…

    Wide angle lenses are awful expensive…

  • Jet, that was probably a personal attack, but it was so funny I can’t bring myself to delete it. 🙂

    If Arch complains, though, it’ll have to go!

  • As far as the slow comments posting goes, Jet, I’m told that it’s a side-effect of the move over to Technorati’s servers.

    If you happen to write an article any time in the next few days, you’ll probably notice a similar lag when you submit it to the pending queue.

    According to Mr Winn, these issues should resolve themselves within a couple of weeks.

  • Joe the literate guy

    So if we elect Obama as president, we’ll be hit by the biggest terrorist attack in our history? (I can’t remember, which president currently holds that record?) I’m glad I wasn’t born a coward; I’d never get anything done if I had to tune into Rush and Micheal Weiner for 6 hours a day to be told what I need to be afraid of.

  • Bearen Hansen

    I think that the next terror attacks will be in Chicago. Just my guess th’o. DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!! GOD BLESS THE ROUND WORLD!!

  • Bearen Hansen

    Just a thought from one small person…

  • Chris Kendall

    Fact is, fissionable material is visible from space based satellites.
    It’s all tracked and has been for quite some time. When a nuke goes
    off in the U.S., it will be another false flag event like Tonkin and 9/11.

  • Zagari

    Webbot forecasts a nuclear terror attack for November 9 2010…This is from October 2008!!!!
    Did you know something we don’t????

  • Andreas

    Just look at the Turner Diaries. The double date of terror, November 9. 9/11 and 11/9.

    Just like on 9/11, the Neo-Nazi/Islamist alliance will once again attack the US, this time with nuclear bombs.

    Ahmed Huber, Neo-Nazi and Muslim convert (and friend of William Luther Pierce) told it, like it is:

    “Huber told author George Michael that he believed the September 11 attacks were the result of a joint effort carried out by Muslims and American extremists working together. He said that, prior to 2001, he had talked to Rightists and Muslims in the U.S. who told him that a plan, similar to the attack on Pearl Harbor, was being prepared by them which would serve to “wake up the American people” to the Zionist domination of America. Huber further said that his American contacts had afterwards claimed responsibility for September 11 in telephone conversations with him, and that this attack was intended to lead the U.S. into “difficult days” which would result in a weakening of the United States, and would eventually bring about a Far Right revolution there.”

    I don’t know, if it’s 2010, but November 9 is correct for the nuclear attacks.

  • norm

    I’m reading this today, and I find it quite possible that this attack could take place. Many people throw predictions out into the universe, And I find it quite interesting that you chose the date 11-9-2010! mix up the numbers a bit, and you have 9-11-2001. With the increased media coverage of foiled attacks etc… and Web Bot predictions of tension ramping up to something way bigger than 9-11, and Janet Napolitano warning a friend to stock up with 6 months of food and water. Something major may be in fact brewing.

  • Awake

    This is really going to happend?

  • Tni

    Almost happend… :S

  • Oh look, it’s already November 20

    It’s not the zionists that run America, it’s the British. Ask Lyndon La Rouche. He knows everything about this.

    It’s a giant conspiracy, but not one led by zionists (although they ARE part of it). You guys don’t know sh.t.

  • Stan, how about getting back to just one id please?