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The Terror Timeline By Paul Thompson

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By Paul Thompson & The Center For Cooperative Research

As we move further and further away from the tragedy of 9/11, a few things have made themselves abundantly clear. The first thing was that there’s a lot more to the terror attacks than 19 Middle-Eastern men with box cutters getting loose on four planes. The second is that the immediate response teams responsible for defending our country from this kind of an attack (ie: NORAD, FAA, NEADS) failed miserably. Third, our intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI, etc) missed the boat on 9/11. And finally, there was a lot more fore-knowledge of the impending attacks that the government wants anyone to believe. With all this being said, dozens of books have been published with their own spin on “what happened” to them. While I think I’ve read most of them, I’ve never been as impressed with a book about the 9/11 tragedies as I was with THE TERROR TIMELINE.

THE TERROR TIMELINE bills itself as “a comprehensive chronicle of the road to 9/11 – and America’s response”. That’s pretty accurate. TIMELINE lays things out in a year by year, day by day and minute by minute account of how things developed in the world of terrorism, culminating with the fall of the World Trade Center, one side of the Pentagon and the empty field in Shanksville, PA. It’s broken down into several categories which give you a very well rounded scope of the “why” to these attacks. Most impressive is the way that this book stays completely non-partisan throughout. The Bush Administration takes a lot of hits, but so does the Clinton Administration. After reading this book, you get a full feel of how Osama Bin Laden built up his terrorist network, the opportunities and failures the US government had to end the Bin Laden threat, the history of the 19 hijackers, and much more. It’s fascinating.

What shocked me most was the amount of factual information that is presented in this book that to this point I had never heard to this point. One shocking factor that came out in THE TERROR TIMELINE was the relatively well known throughout the Middle Eastern community of Manhattan just prior to 9/11. The book identifies several factors, including FBI reports of childen telling school-teachers of the impending attacks the day before they happened, a rash of Middle Eastern taxi drivers that took the day off on 9/11, and many more stories like this. It is stunning.

By identifying most of the happenings by date (including the most precise timeline I’ve ever read of 9/11 itself), you get a real feel of the situation, including all the “inconsistencies” that have been “swept under the rug” by the media and the government. NBC News reporting fighter planes racing across the Pennsylvania sky was a piece of information that most of us had forgotten about. There is also the most detailed account of Flight 23; a flight that was grounded on the runway, followed by a heated argument with several Middle Eastern terrorists who eventually scattered as security was called to remove them from the plane. Was this “the fifth hijacking plot”? Could be. In any event, it was fascinating reading.

PITRIFF RATING – 10/10 – This book is a great read; one that I would call the best 9/11 book ever to be put on the market. In depth, thorough and full of things that you just haven’t read before, THE TERROR TIMELINE leaves you knowing a lot more than you ever did before, and it paints the picture without leaning to the left or the right. It stands straight up and down and delivers an unbiased punch into the face of the local, national and international agencies that all did their part in letting the worst terrorist attack since Pearl Harbor occur in the United States.

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  • Claire Robinson

    Chris, a well written review of a book that sounds like a must read. I think you hit the highlights beautifully, and look forward to reading more of your reviews.


  • Jenny

    I wish to know why this book can be purchased only within the USA. I wish to buy a copy from the US as I live in the UK but cannot.

    Can you help explain this & how I could get a copy?


  • dale Broun

    THE TERROR TIMELINE is the most comprehensive and responsible survey of the mainstream journalistic coverage of events leading up to 9/11. It,s also a great read!