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The Terror Threat Below

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There’s no job too dirty for the folks at the Government Accountability Office. Congress asked them, so they’ve explored the terrorist threat to our sewers.

And they found some serious….stuff.

Wastewater treatment is pretty much out of sight, out of mind. Most people don’t want to think about it. And this new GAO report paints a picture of how that seems to be the approach people have taken to securing our sewers from terrorists.

The GAO accesses the security risk to wastewater utilities. It says sewer lines pose threats by allowing terrorists to gain access to buildings or pump in toxic chemicals. And that chemicals stored, used, or transported in the wastewater treatment process could pose a risk if terrorists target them.

The GAO also found a general lack of security awareness in the industry. And that damaging a single part of a wastewater system in some cases could take out the whole system.

Take out a major city’s sewer system, and within days you’ve effectively got a biological attack on your hands.

The report looks at what would be necessary if Congress decides the federal government should take a greater role in protecting the wastewater infrastructure. The GAO examined ideas from loans to tax incentives to pay for improved security. They decided direct grants from Washington to individual wastewater treatment plants would be the most efficient way of directing federal dollars toward better security.

Congress has considered the idea of increased federal involvement in your local treatment plants in the past. This report will help guide them if they take it up again.

Of course, once in, it’ll be hard to get Congress out of the sewer.

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  • I say, send in the Batman and let him deal with it

  • Eric Olsen

    or Gollum

  • Or Angel — he’s always hanging in the sewers.

    Seriously though: this is a serious problem, and I have problems with an administration who loves to talk tough on security but isn’t so great at protecting our infrastructure.

  • It should be easy to flush ’em out.

  • Eric Olsen

    Terry and Eric, I agree with you both that this is very serious and appreciate the post. But it does remind me of this

  • Thanks Eric for the outhouse post. At least they’re “off the grid.”

    As serious as the wastewater treatment threat is, it is funny at the same time. That’s what made it catch my attention. And laughing in the face of danger is sometimes a good way to face it.

  • Eric Olsen

    right, sewers are funny, as long as you’re not in them

  • And if you do happen to be in one, I imagine keeping one’s sense of humor would be very helpful.

  • Eric Olsen

    and keeping one’s head low, but not too low

  • full diving suit, face mask, oxygen tank and all would help me to actually open my mouth to laugh