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The Terror-able Truth About Globalization

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To those who oppose the Crusade For Crude, Republican Congressman Rohrabacher hopes your families experience a terrorist attack.

Most of you think he means that some Islamic Fundamentalist when he refers to this attack, but he's definitely in the wrong. With the exception of the 9/11 attacks, few American have suffered at the hands of these most obvious perpetrators of pugnacity. But what if Rohrabacher doesn't intend for Osama to be your attacker? What if, instead of an Islamic Fundamentalist, he means a Market Fundamentalist?

The slowing economy is affecting the labor market as unemployment rose in April, and job creation fell to the lowest pace in two years. Much of this can be laid at the feet of globalization's opportunists, such as Bill Gates, who has shipped thousands of American jobs to India and China in his quest to own the technological world.

The aforementioned unemployment terror threat is about to happen to thousands of IBM employees, who will be sacrificed on the Altar of Ever Higher Profits For The Dwindling Corporate Faithful. PBS Commentator Robert X Cringely reports that IBM has concluded rehearsing a plan developed to conduct the biggest restructuring of IBM since Chairman of the Board Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. retired in 2002.

IBM has built a new multimillion dollar autonomic computing technology center in Bangalore, part of the $6 billion it will invest in India by 2009 – their portion of the fulfillment of Colin Powell's promise to ship more American jobs to India. IBM is reportedly seeking to lay off one American for every Indian and Chinese hired in the last two years as Big Blue moves itself out of a crumbling America.

Once about half of the company will be offshore toward the end of 2007 when the tipping point is reached, and the rest of the company is rapidly washed away. At least 100,000 employees will lose that status, and retirees are going to find themselves on fixed incomes when their pension plan is frozen. But it isn't just the work force that is being hammered. Customers dependent on IBM services just might find themselves left behind as well, due to the abandonment of low-bid contracts that don't make IBM any money.

The beneficiaries of this scorched-earth downsizing are the top executives of IBM, and those shareholders who hold enough stock to realize major increases in the price-per-share as these thousands of employees lose their wages and benefits. Combine this with a major reduction in unprofitable customer service, and that number should be huge.

But it won't last. There is no reason to believe that IBM will be able to survive such a violent slashing, but will that matter to those who get theirs before the blood ceases to flow? They will have theirs! And, you won't mind lowering your lifestyle standards in order to facilitate the enrichment of the greedy, will you? Some people will fit in so much easier with all of those Mexicans who will be trapped inside the United States once George gets his border wall built, and reduced to competing with them for work at the local Home Depot parking lot. Sounds great, doesn't it?

So vote Republican next year! You'll have a blast! The economy is exploding – in your face!

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  • Both the Rohrabacher and IBM stories are disturbing, Richard. But are they related? This article seems a little…wide-ranging.

    Rep. Roar-basher is often good for a scary laugh. What a maroon, as Bugs Bunny says.

    A gigantic company laying off more than a quarter of its workforce is staggering, if true. But is it?

  • bliffle

    IBM has been reneging on it’s commitments to employees since the 70s, both by laying off employees and by cutting benefits.

  • Christopher Dunn

    Yup, Globalization is a truth which we have to, laying off the employees is not a solution.