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Listen, I love Tom Hanks. I love watch this guy act. I loved him in this movie. I did.

Beyond my strange fixation with another man’s ability to pretend to be someone else, this film was like eating wax sandwiches at a mortgage underwriter’s conference. This film is a marvel. It may be the first story written without act breaks.

I love a pointless character piece as much as the next guy, but even I have my limits. If you are a fan of watching someone act, and I mean act for no reason whatsoever, this is the film for you. Tom Hanks kicks butt in this thing, he really does. He proves why he is the best living actor out there without equal (and yes, I do mean that.)

This drawling small movie of Spielberg’s could only be matched if you stranded Hanks on an island for two hours with a volley…oh, wait.

Spielberg is a genius – but only if he’s killing Nazis. Think about it. His best work is when he’s slaughtering the Germans. You’re thinking, “what about Jaws or Close Encounters or E.T.?” I’ll give you those. But take away Raiders of The Lost Ark, Schildler’s List, and Saving Private Ryan (his let’s kill Nazis films) what do you have? Robert Zemeckis – who is talented but certainly not a genius. I can’t say if it’s Steven (never call him Steve, Mr. Spielberg hates being called Steve) Spielberg’s Judaism or his father’s participation in WWII that drives him, but he should just stick to choking off the Krauts.

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  • I loved this film. Hanks puts on an acting clinic throughout. It has a wonderful charm about which just captured me.

  • Scott;

    Not sure what you meant by

    “If you are a fan of watching someone act, and I mean act for no reason whatsoever, this is the film for you.”

    I applaud you for making your review different from most others. And your insight into Steven Spielberg is something I have read elsewhere. Not that I agree with it, though.

  • I kinda liked it. I thought it had a charm all of its own…

  • I’m at a complete loss. I don’t know if I’d call this a successful review, but it sure was fun to read.

    This review is a marvel. It may be the first written without act breaks.

    And, yeah, I was enamored with Hanks too, but – come on – best living actor without equal? Evidence?

  • I’m confused. You liked the Terminal or you didn’t?