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The technology of radar-fighting heats up

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As more and more cities roll out traffic-enforcement cameras to catch traffic scofflaws in action, companies are offering myriad new ways to counter the advancing technology.

Bill Johnson, executive director of the National Organization of Police Organizations, said in Thursday’s Wall St. Journal, “It’s like an arms race. First police came up with radar, then there were radar detectors. Police came out with lasers, then companies came up with laser detectors.”

Some of the new products are decidedly low tech.

Super Protector, a $24 clear license-plate cover, is sold by RadarBusters.com, and is designed to obscure license plate numbers when viewed from above or the side by a camera.

PhantomPlate says its $30 PhotoBlocker spray makes a license plate so reflective, it causes a glare when the camera’s flash goes off, overexposing the image.

Government is striking back: a bill prohibiting the use of the spray in New York is pending in the state Senate.

The companies selling these products say they aren’t encouraging people to break the law.

Joe Scott, marketing director for PhantomPlate, says they’re trying to protect “the average law-abiding person” from law-enforcement methods that are aimed at increasing ticket revenue rather than curbing accidents.

PhantomPlate says they’ve sold over 100,000 bottles of their plate spray in the past year.

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