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The Teaches of Peaches

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Is Peaches that offensive? A friend tells me that most of his women friends find Peaches offensive, where as I, on the other hand, find Peaches incredibly sexy and though yes, full of sex and raw and lacking in any subtlety, her music has that old Salt n Pepa “Push It” bump-n-grind thing going on that has been lacking in much popular music for a long time. Or maybe I’ve just been looking in the wrong places, which I wouldn’t doubt. Or maybe it exists but just not on a par with what used to exist and certainly, Peaches wouldn’t have become such a phenomenon and so debated were she ordinary and did not stand above the crowd.

What puzzles me, and what I am trying to sort out, is what is so offensive about Peaches’ lyrics? Are we really so unfamiliar with the things she sings about? Can we really look in the mirror and say, Shucks, ma’am I’m so shocked?

In the film Lost in Translation, the lyrics from Peaches’ “Fuck the Pain Away” are used as the backdrop for a seedy, strip club scene that features a pole dancing woman wearing nothing, or it would appear nothing except perhaps shoes, which is sort of perfect.

At the same time there seems to be a certain ironic thing going on here that perhaps is behind the less obvious choice of Peaches’ words and maybe Sofia Coppola knew that and got that or maybe she found the song offensive and so put it in the scene knowing that it would offend most people as the scene itself would make many uncomfortable. Not that we don’t do these things, just that we don’t talk about them (especially in mixed company) so frankly. It’s “tactless” as someone said to me recently.

Perhaps there is something ironic about Peaches though. Perhaps we have her all wrong and when she sings, while yes, some of it is literal of course, some of it is intended to poke fun at something that she feels strongly about. The way she practically wails “Fuck the Pain Away” should tell us something, just as should her “Huh?” and her “What?,” sung or spoken in a kind of haze as if the singer were stupid or totally out of it, which she certainly isn’t from what we can tell because she comes roaring out of the gate at the end with her endless lines of “fuck the pain away” as noted. It’s almost as if we’ve been duped into thinking here is this little, kinda dopey, albeit perhaps a bit sleazy girl with no brain and who can be a toy for boys, when in fact, if anything it sounds like she has the situation under control.

For those who don’t know the lyrics, I’ll reprint them here, though I imagine there will be those who will have problems with the lyrics again, but still … I just don’t see it. It’s like her other song, I’m the Kinda Bitch, which here again, so what if I’m referred to as a bitch, or even the oh-gosh-so-dreaded-and-barb-intended-word, “cunt” which here again hardly makes me shiver. Well shiver me timbers! It’s too pathetic to even bother really addressing anymore than I already have. Words only have the power you give them. Just like people. You either give them the authority or you do not. Just turn your back on it and whatever.

Perhaps because I am a bit too jaded because where I’m from in Europe the word cunt is tossed about simply and without any real meaning associated specifically to women; at this point, it has lost that meaning and just means “it sucks.”. We say, “that’s a real cunt of a situation,” as in, “It’s a difficult situation, a real bear etc etc.” and so on, though perhaps a bit stronger. The other day a friend said to me, “This time thing is a real cunt” referring to his schedule which was overbooked. It didn’t strike me as particularly a big deal. Nor had it when, golly gosh, been directed at me or other women, been a hurtful thing, and though surely it was intended as such, the few times it was said are laughable. If that’s the best you can do, then that’s pathetic and more, anyone who feels the need to even bother with such insults or who has this much time on his or her hands must have a real cunt of a life.

The point is, too much of this stuff makes some women feel that they should somehow be embarrassed by things that are essentially for all intents and purposes normal. Let’s not forget that suckin’ on my titties as Peaches put it, is hardly something new to most of us, as is the rest of the song, it may sound “crude” as another friend said, but then, he’s of a different generation that didn’t grow up with this stuff the way we grew up with Salt n Pepa and Run DMC (remember them) and groups of this sort. Yes, we had our origins in Dylan, but now we’re also listening to Travis and The Flaming Lips and Adam Daniel and Evan Dando and so on.

Who knows. For my part, I find none of this offensive, and while there are things that are offensive, this is hardly one of them. The lyrics to “Fuck the Pain Away” are as below:

“Suckin’ on my titties like you wanted me,
Callin me, all the time like blondie
Check out my chrissy behind
It’s fine all of the time
Like sex on the beaches,
What else is in the teaches of peaches? huh? what?
huh? right. what? uhh.”

and then onto repeat and the final.

”Fuck the pain away. Fuck the pain away.
Fuck the pain away. Fuck the pain away.
Fuck the pain away. Fuck the pain away.
Fuck the pain away. Fuck the pain away.
Fuck the pain away. Fuck the pain away.
Fuck the pain away. Fuck the pain away.
Fuck the pain away. Fuck the pain away.
Fuck the pain away. Fuck the pain away.”

It’s an entirely different lyrical approach from “I’m the kind bitch that you wanna get with” a line from Peaches “I’m the kinda…” that really works because there is something, and I hate this word but it applies anyway, empowering about it. To flat out say, “I’m the kinda bitch that you wanna get with…” and more, takes, how do you put it here? ~ balls, right?

But why the need to ascribe such a masculine comparison – “it takes balls.” Why not, it takes “tits.” You never hear anyone say that. Granted, I used it but only to make the point; I can think of no feminine comparisons.

Why is calling someone “a little girl” an insult, and I admit, I’ve done it just because it is or was highly effective because so many people, especially a certain kind of person, associate being a little girl with weakness and all things bad (no, not all men, just a certain kind of man and generally a weaker one at that.) Why not call him, then, “a little boy” and why doesn’t that pack the same emotional wallop as the other? Why should either pack an emotional wallop is really the question and a good one. Since when did little girls become all things bad? Didn’t they used to make the world go round or something along those lines, or is that just a French thing, and don’t they get “bigger every day” and so we “Thank heaven, for little girls…” and then perhaps we all turn into women like Peaches? Not all, to be sure, but hey, in my book, kudos to those who do.

Perhaps we just take it all too literally and that’s the problem right there.

thanks for listening,

sadi ranson-polizzotti

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  • Scott Butki

    That helps

  • i think “lovertits” is a good one and also if you check on Amazon you’ll find a bunch of stuff you can listen to before you download or buy… that might be worth a try before you do anything…. Does that help? Sorry can’t be of more help… my life is too frantic right now… ugh…. : )

  • Scott Butki

    Sadi, what songs of Peaches should I try besides the pain one?

  • Steve

    Well, Sadi, I watched “Lost In Translaion” again the other night, but my attention wandered to other stations in the commercial breaks and so I accidentally missed the part that had Peaches on it LOL. I forgot how slow that movie was!! Phew!

  • Yoda

    I live in Mexico, but I’ll go to Toronto in two months or so and I still don’t know if I would be on time for the concert 🙁
    Peaches is so grate!!! I’m an instant fan. I hope I could find her other cd. Is not easy here to find such good music.
    I’m wondering how old is she too.

  • Steve

    Hope you have a safe trip, Sadi. Looking forward to when you return.
    All the best,

  • Steve, heya, i’ll be offline prob. for a few days beginning this evening likely thru sunday or monday depending on how things go… keep things going when i’m away.. hope you’re keeping up wiht the list, i havene’t hardly had a sec to look in on it today been so bloody busy… argh.. will try to later… over and out


  • Steve

    How long will your trip be, Sadi?? Are you gonna be offline for a few days??

  • i think i understand Steve, and i didn’t like olivia with her frizzed out hair and roughed out look either, even if she was rockin…. just not my thing………annnnnyyyyyywaaaayyyyyyyyy ~ must pack for biz trip. wish me luck…; )

  • Steve

    I think I hear what you’re saying, Sadi.

    I guess the ones I was attracted to as a kid were ones like Jaclyn Smith (Charlie’s Angel’s), Olivia Newton John (Grease …but not when she had frizzy hair in the biker jacket, ugh), Ally Sheedy (Short Circuit), etc…

  • Steve (see earlier about list up) ~ couldn’t agree more with you about natural beauty versus the fakey fake stuff… hate that shit… i’m more into actresses like Julianne Moore who seems to me pretty natural and beautiful to boot and Juliette Binoche – that sort of thing. Not the others so much, you know who i mean. i hate to name names …

  • Hi Yoda – hope you can get to the concert in Toronto… Where abouts are you? in Canada somewhere, where they don’t speak English or elsewhere? Good they didn’t understand the words if you played it in school (not really recommened, lol but okay… ; )

    Glad you found this then… and that you like Peaches… i personally think she’s pretty rockin, tho i would be curious to know how old she is too… someone did ask that on this thread and i’m not sure if it was ever answered…it’s a good question…

    Let us know if you go to the concert…i’m jealous now!

  • Steve, all, List is up as Volume 12 i believe… thanks…. ; ) It was held up for an editorial question… no big deal. then put up right away. minor issue so check it out when/if the spirit moves you – i’ll be out and about today… so if i don’t answer righ away, not ignoring, just out… but will be back around. ; )

  • Yoda

    Well, I was looking for some info about peaches ‘cos I had no idea who she is. I was browsing and I found your article (and glad I did). I hope I can be in Toronto in june for her concert.
    Just the other day I played her cd in my drawing class and I’m happy ‘cos my teacher and other classmates doesn’t speak english, and the others who undestand it liked it and blushed LOL

  • Steve

    Cool, Sadi.

  • cool – thanks Zing zing — all, i just submitted hte new list it should be out tonight…s

  • zingzing

    peaches new album, impeach my bush, out 6/11/06. yipee!

  • Steve

    Well, re. actresses, I wouldn’t say glamour was ever really what I look for in a woman. I prefer natural beauty over the fake stuff.

  • Actresses eh? ~ so many and so many now have lost their glamour. Few have that old glamour…

    must dash for now… book calls. More later.

    ciao for now. over and out…

    Scott ~ email: now sure how to securely get your/my email… go through the Contact here tant mieux use the contact link and that way i can securely be in touch…s.

  • Steve

    OK, Sadi. On all counts.

  • yeah, Steve, i did see your computer comment and answered – did you not see then? Wasn’t sure where i posted it, but yes, i answered….

    BSRs~ it was a purely inocent crush as an innocent child as Big Audio Dynamite II would say…

    Why my last comment posted three times not sure. I’m sure i hit the button once, but maybe three times a charm?

    Not sure….


  • hey Scott; no, i didn’t see Matthews’ satire of our music lists- i’m sure i’d be so impressed… we’re you?

  • hey Scott; no, i didn’t see Matthews’ satire of our music lists- i’m sure i’d be so impressed… we’re you?

  • hey Scott; no, i didn’t see Matthews’ satire of our music lists- i’m sure i’d be so impressed… we’re you?

  • Steve

    I guess what I was saying was…if you ask them to put the less common programs onto your customised computer, then I think you may have more problems cause they might be less likely to pick up on any bugs (program compatibility etc.), not being as familiar with them. Just my theory, I just go to the electronics store to buy mine.

    Re. BSR’s, I don’t blame you at all lol. That’s just what girls do! Though I can’t say I was ever smitten with any female singers, I suppose there were a few actresses who I thought were wonderful growing up…but that’s another story…

    Re. Yello, I just named some of their other tunes that I liked, nothing super important.

  • Scott Butki

    I didn’t get the full download. if you want to email me we can figure out a solution to that.

    Did you look at Matthew’s satire of our music lists?

  • As to computers – maybe the loaded ones don’t get as much testing is that what you’re saying? or vice versa? i’m not clear? maybe they don’t… in any event, Gateway, which i thought was a good company turns out not to be so great. just spoke with a friend at Teleread who had similar problems with Dell as did my son, so go figure. I guess no computer is without its problems these days; are they all made in some far-away land where the labor is too cheap for anyone to really care ( and i do care about the people, so it’s awful on all counts for everyone…)

    In any event…. enough of this for me now.

    Didn’t see other message… didn’t get a ping for some reason. Am back to book for now… what did other message say? (in brief) Weird no ping or maybe accidentally erased? Hmmmmm….

  • Steve – yeah, Trouble was a solo song of his… it was, i thought anyway a great song and really sexy in it’s way… i guess you need to listen to it again… i don’t know. i really liked it.

    BSRs… come on. You gotta cut me some slack here.. i was NINE… just a kiddo… so i don’t deserve any crap over this… what could i do…?

  • Steve

    Re. computers, I just think that customised ones, because they don’t have the average selection of programs on them that non-customised ones have, probably require more testing than they get.

  • Steve

    Wow, Sadi, you are right, I had no idea that song was a solo one of his…thanks for that! I do recall it fairly well, though it’s been a long time since I’ve heard it. It was pretty good.

    I think ALOT of girls felt the same way about the BSR’s!!!

    Yes, I have checked out your profile, all good, did you notice my comment about Yello under your Volume 11 List??

  • Yeah, that’s the problem with computer these days – their unreliable and i’m not so sure why that is… you would think a Dell especially would be so so so reliable so i can’t figure it out… it amazes me… But Gateway tech support, maybe i’m just getting the wrong people or something? who knows… but they all seem the same to me… same affect, or lack thereof…

    apathetic, etc etc.

    wasn’t Fleetwood Mac “Trouble” was Lindsey Buckingham on his own and you would like it.. i think given your musical tastes you would like it a lot from what i can glean.

    I was about your age when i first heard the BSR, about 9 or so but i was a girl so i was totally (don’t tell anyone, shhhh, but i’m outing myself here so anyway….. ) i was totally smitten with the lead singer, who in retrospect, is such a geek ~~ which is really funny, but then, i look back at some of the people i’ve dated (few, but still) and wow! talk about geeks and jerks… (or jerky faces, as my sister and i would say)(awww, come on, it works and siblings work up a language all their own).

    Things change… is the nature of life… thank god…

    ; )

    Did you check out profile yet? i think it came out really well – makes me sound better than i am to be sure… how very nice that is… i should print and save!

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,
    I had a friend who got a customised one from Dell, and she had problems with hers right after she got it. My last couple have been store bought, and they’ve been great for the most part, maybe occasional trouble with one or two programs, but only one small computer problem with my last one (praise God).

    I think I do recall that Fleetwood Mac tune, though I don’t have it in my collection, kinda mellow sounding, right?

    I remember the BSR’s were big in the UK for a couple of years in the late 70’s but I can’t remember any of their hits, to be honest!! I was only about 7-9 yrs. old at their peak, I only really got into music when I was about 12.

  • shakin’ : Do you remember the song “Trouble’ by Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, since you mentioned songs called Trouble (none of which i know, alas… and do you remember, speaking of older songs and groups, The Bay City Rollers?


  • Steve, heya;

    “Shakin” eh? i love it… don’t know the character, but it’s a good nickname… i’m big on nicknames and seem to give one to everyone or have many myself; just the way it goes…

    Sorry to hear about your computer. That DOES blow, but THIS puppy is only three months old… that’s three months old for those of you who didn’t get it… can you believe that… ? so i called Gateway (NEVER buy a Gateway unless you want the following:

      poor quality equipment or the possiblity of a real lemon, which is unreturnable after only fifteen days (how you could know after such a brief time is beyond me but hey, i’m just the consumer.
      A keyboard whose letters stick and that refuse to type within three or so months of purchase of said equipment.


      A system crash (practicaly every other day) and when you call technical help three system times all they can tell you, each time, for a rather simple problem, as it turns out, is to reload your entire system with the system disc and back up your system first.
      I called Verizon DSL because they’ve been great as a last last last and final resort b/c i sorta had connection problems tho not really and practically begged the guy to help me and he took mercy and did. My problem was resolved within fifteen minutes. No system wipe-out and re-load. No back-up of data. No major crisis. No bad attitude.
      Understand, this is not about saying anything untrue, this is a simple reporting of the facts… this, my friends, is a blog that i will write… sorry to go so far OT here but since Steve mentioned it, it got my Scottish up, so to speak (yeah yeah, my Irish, but hey, i’m Scottish, as in from… so…)


    Okay Shakin’ … now i’ve got that that out of my system… the next post will bring us back on topic….

    Now go here for a friendly visit!

    xo ~~ s.

  • Scott ~ see, the lyrics ARE intriguing.. i thought you’d think so… but did you get the “edited radio lyrics or the real downloaded full lyrics?” i think “fuck the pain away” is a great, great song once you’ve heard it a few times, though admittedly it took me a few listens as well to get into the music… now go visit this, and post over there to let me know if i sound like a dork (if so, just lie and say “no, of course not…” and i’ll know it’s code…” ; )

    in not so totally unrelated news, i’m so so so happy to say i was / am featured this month (blatant act of self promotion) spotlight blogcritic sadi r-p

    Your nickname, “Scoops” makes total sense to me.. and i like it… i actually have a TON of them…

    and so on… you get the idea… take it from there.. Sade seems to come naturally to most people who know me and get familiar pretty fast and with whom i just “click” so i’m callin’ you “scoops” from now on….

    ‘s’okay w/ you?

  • Scott Butki

    My nickname is Scoop for obvious reasons that are not ice cream-related nor raisan bran-related.

  • Steve

    Yeah, Sadi, it only lasted a year or two, around 1985.

    Re. keyboard, I have a similar problem, my letter N is pretty much gone, as well as H, with O and S gradually disappearing…and it’s less than two years old!!!

    Speaking of nicknames, my niece and nephew used to call me… (and sometimes still do!!)… Shakin’!!!…after the Welsh singer Shakin’ Stevens, who was big in the UK in the 80’s. I noticed he had a comeback single of sorts last year which made the UK Top 20, a cover of the Pink song “Trouble”, his first hit there in 13 years, with his 1981 UK#1 “This Ole House”, originally a 1954 US#1 for Rosemary Clooney, as a double ‘a’ side.

  • Scott Butki

    I have been known to write under the name of iktubs ttocs

    I’m listening to 30 second samples of Peach now.
    Musically it’s just so so but the lyrics are intriguing.

  • still very funny Scott (Toccs?) We could do this all night and even do our comment as such but then, it would get absurd… totally know what you mean. i also write as a journalist a lot and certain keys on my keyboard have actually worn out that you can’t see the letters on them. One of them is the Sl key. the other is the the N key and the other is the L key… Go figure.. I have no idea why those in particular but the company is sending me a new keybord b/c of all of this nightmare. Quelle drag, eh?

    anyway, must dash. Prob. off for the night, back tomorrow…

    Cheers, and thanks as ever… did you listen to Peaches yet? You really need the whole song and a few good listens to really get a sense, that’s the thing… frustrating, esp if you’re unsure if she’s your thing. Can you download at all?

    Maybe that’s one way to resolve the problem…. Just a thought.

    Rock on ; )

    sade (major nickname – only close friends use this one) … : )

  • Scott Butki

    I haven’t listened to Peaches yet but will do shortly.
    Glad I amused you both.
    And yes I’ve almost called you Said several times because, well, as a reporter I’ve written “said” many more times than Sadi.
    Fortunately I see my fingers type “Said said.” and go hmm that can’t be right and change it to “Sadi said…”

  • LOL – Scott, you got the first good laugh out of me all day — cute indeed… now i’ll really fuck you up… you can spell it sadie, sady, sadi, sayde, etc etc, or you can call me Sarah… either is fine…. lol…

    Did you listen to Peaches?

    Steve, Comedy show? You seriuos? I dunno… never heard of it… really… odd….

  • Steve

    “Tiswas”…wasn’t that a UK TV show back in the 80’s too, Sadi?? Some kind of comedy show maybe??

  • Steve

    LOL, Scott, you’re like me, misspelling Sadi’s name like that (though I think I’ve caught it before publishing up to now…by the grace of God lol). What did you think of Peaches, Scott??

  • Scott Butki

    It’s ok, said, i mean steve, i mean sadi.

    No hard feelings.

  • That’s a valid point about ‘titties’ a word i’ve never really been too keen on, i admit… breasts will do; titties is rather juvenile… interesting… i don’t know how old she is..

    good question…

    have to run for a while…

    writing calls,

    sorry about earlier confusion..


  • Steve

    Yeah, I double checked and “Lost In Translation” will be on here on Monday night, so I’ll have to see if seeing it on TV changes my opinion of it.

    Re. Peaches, she sounds a little bit like Nehneh Cherry to me (whose singing I enjoyed but her rapping, less so)…I’m not really into rap, I prefer it when a song is sung.

    Re. language, to use the term ‘titties’ instead of others like ‘breast’ or ‘nipples’ just makes her sound like a little kid. On the other hand, her sexual experiences are obviously those of an adult. It sounds like an adult who has suffered some sort of arrested development. In some ways, adult, but in others, immature. It’s one thing to be sexually honest, but does Peaches have to sound like a kid when rapping about sex?? Just sounds really strange to me. Anyone know how old she is??

  • shoot, sorry Scott, you asked and i was in a tiz-waz (that’s rather a hurry) and so wrote Steve ~ my apologies… i know the difference…. do trust.. my apologies…: ) please accept…

    sorry again …


  • Scott Butki

    Are you getting Steve and I confused?
    Thanks for the links.

  • Steve you can go to peaches on amazon and take a listen that way, you can take a listen… they probably blocked the more explicit lyrics but still… you get the idea or go to allmusic ~ hope this helps,


  • Scott Butki

    I need to try me some peaches. Where’s a good place to start with her? Any sites offer samples of, um, peaches?

  • Hey Yoda,

    I’m glad you liked the article… sure, recommend if you like, that would be great. I think some people get hung up and that’s fine… everyone is different, so what can you do?

    That you are not and to hear from you is refreshing… i’m glad you wrote. It IS an honest song but i think Peaches is ONLY capable of honestly or something….she has an honesty chip implanted, lol ~ Lost in Translation is a great great film…

    Hey, thanks for reading. How’d you find this? Just browsing about?

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,
    I watched “Lost In Translation” at the show a few years back, I must confess I was a bit underwhelmed by it as a movie especially after all the hype about it, however, I do recall something about the music in it, but had forgotten what it was and I think that scene you mentioned may be what stood out for me when I watched it. I believe it’s gonna be on public television for the first time here in Canada on Sunday or Monday night, so I’ll try to tune in and refresh my memory.

  • Yoda

    When I saw Lost in translation I thought that the song in that scene was so dam sexy. Listening to my sister music I discovered “Peaches” and, of course, the song. I’m still thinking that is the sexiest song I’ve heard in a very long time.
    As a girl I don’t think that is offensive, is brutally honest. Is like sometimes I feel like that but I can’t say it, ‘cos why is wrong to feel sexy or bitchy or something like that?
    Congratulations, I love your article and I’m definitly going to recomend it!!!

  • thanks, Mark — i figured as much, but without being certain, i couldn’t say….

    thanks again,


  • it’s Peaches.

    i’ve seen other ‘full body’ shots with that outfit.

  • temple: good question but sorry, i don’t know the answer….

  • Temple Stark

    The picture on the album cover is that of a 12 year old? At least it looks like it.

  • you all have restored my faith in humankind… glad to know i’m not the only one out here/there who feels this way – i agree with all you say, Duke, which is where this piece comes from… i’ve just had it up to here with my female friends who are so fey and so easily offended by things that frankly, they should be into or proud of even… hell, i’m not going to apologize for sometimes being a cunt or having one…. and yes, fuck the pain away…

    one of the best ways i know how. obviously, i’m not alone. thanks Bennet and Zach… you rock.

  • Bennett

    Wow, what a piece! Thanks for bending my brain in the best of possible ways.


  • It takes ovaries? Whatever it is, Peaches has them. Can’t wait for the new album.

  • brilliant Sadi! and thank the stars for another soul so handy wi the cuntage. i think Peaches is incredible, an i find a lot of the “so crude an vulgar” banter flung in her direction to be incredibly hypocritical and patronising. Prince can sing but shaggin all he wants (which, granted, isn’t so much anymore. no more Darlin Nikki), but a woman does it an it’s somehow the very guts a decency bein torn out the arse a society. thank the lord for Peaches, is what i say. And that beard on the cover a Fatherfucker is just brilliant. Fuck The Pain Away is a glorious throbbin female-erection of a song. it sounds like filth, in the best possible way.