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The Tea Party: Let’s Add More Division

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What is the purpose of the Tea party? Their slogan says, “We the people, we’re back, and we vote.” Where were they before? Is this some exclusive club that you have to apply to for membership in order to gain entry?

This is a time when we should be coming together. However instead, once again there’s division. As citizens we have the power to choose who we want in control and make them listen. Nevertheless, we look to our politicians as leaders and defer to their judgment. It reminds me of the nursery rhyme, Three Blind Mice.

The Tea party has done one thing, and that’s let government officials know they have a voice. However, it’s what they’re stating with this voice that has me baffled, namely, the accusation of Washington trampling over the constitution.

While exploring their website, I discovered they offer video training courses. Tea party training courses include activism, campaigning and fund raising. I did listen to the video course on finance planning & budgeting and found it enlightening. Now I know the correct way to ask for money to help fund a political campaign. 

I can understand the need to curb government spending, however, you of the Tea party want them to stop both spending and taxation. What do you offer in return? How do you suggest the government continue to operate effectively? Let me in on the secret, please. 

The Tea party refers to the Constitution, “The government is of the people, for the people and by the people,” and this is what they represent. When in actuality it’s just another point of division. All sides seem to be out for their own best interests. Hopefully, there will come a time when they’ll have to work together, instead of one side controlling more than the other, with no room for negotiations. 

My advice to citizens and voters everywhere is to do your research. You should vote on issues and not for a person or at the advice of certain parties. Who do you, as an individual, feel will best represent your interests?

We the people should step up and raise our voices together.

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  • Arch Conservative

    The Tea Party doesn’t represent your views so they are “divisive” Tboner?

    Well guess what, Obama and Pelosi don’t represent he views of million of Americans so they must be divisive too right.

    Divisive is not a pejorative term.

  • zingzing

    baritone, your infrequent visits make me think you’re baronius more than ever. i shake my head until i realize. shows how much i read.

  • I wait with bated breath for the moment the right wing tea party libertarians get control of everything. Then we can all finally live in their long awaited free, capitalistic, no government land of milk and honey. We will all be able get equal sucks from the teat of corporate kindness and good will. Huzaah!

  • zingzing

    doug: “What they offer in return is the freedom for you to make your own decisions set your own priorites and direction for your life without a nanny state bureacrat doing it for you.”

    how very vague. specifics would be nice, but i doubt anyone’s gotten that far.

    “a future as debt slaves to the Chinese.”

    actually, china’s backed itself into quite a corner there. they need us as much as we need them.

  • Please, what is the meaning of comments #1, #2 and #3? Are those commenters sharing some sort of inside joke? Why won’t they let the rest of us in on the fun?

  • Doug Hunter

    “What do you offer in return?”

    What they offer in return is the freedom for you to make your own decisions set your own priorites and direction for your life without a nanny state bureacrat doing it for you. Perhaps that is a bit scary if you’re not used to it.

    “How do you suggest the government continue to operate effectively?”

    Do you consider the government ‘operating effectively’ now? In what way? It spends way too much on wars, wall street, corporate welfare, and generally telling people what to do and how to live while spending our children into oblivion and sentencing them to a future as debt slaves to the Chinese.

  • Well, it’s certainly the right shape to come in handy.

  • zingzing


  • I resent that remark.