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The Tastes of India

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India is incredible. It is an ancient country. Its Upanishads abound in wisdom. Its culture exudes warmth. Its people are simple. Its traditions are age-old.

This beautiful country is a home to many religions. There is a peaceful coexistence among people who follow different faiths. A skirmish here and a feud there take place occasionally. As we find many religions, as we hear many languages and dialects, as we experience many customs, we also can trace diverse tastes.

The Indian peninsula originates in the Himalayas and ends at the Cape of Kanyakumari. The food which people prepare varies from region to region. In the north wheat is the primary food. In the south, rice is the staple. Generally, Indian food is spicy and hot.

Andhra food is the hottest of all. The mango pickles and chutneys, which look angry red, pose a threat to the taste buds. Avakkai is the most famous pickle that is prepared with great care in this region.

Tamilnadu also excels in preparing various dishes, but they are more mild and less spicy. The idlis and vadais of this area need a special mention. The condiments used give a special flavor to the food.

Kerala food has a liberal mix of coconut milk and oil. Its appam and puttu are very tasty. The nearby state of Karnataka is known for its Mysore rasam and varieties of rices like tomato rice and jeera rice.

Toward the north, the kashmir Pulau is a favorite dish. Basamati rice is used to make this specialty.

West Bengal is famous for its sweets. The mere sight of the white rossa gullas stimulate our appetite. The Maharastrian pakoras are really crispy. The Gujarathis make delicious sweets with milk and nuts. The Punjabis make rotis and raithas with great skill.

Indian masala is irresistable. Indian food is inimitable. The teeming population of this country truly extend a cordial welcome to the tourists by rendering a variety of culinary expertise.

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