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The T.A.S. Show Podcast – Caught Stealing

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The T.A.S. Show Podcast is my first podcast. A Temple A. Stark production

It can be downloaded here (56 MB), and is no longer in the form of an m4a file. This should work the same as an mp3 file.
(I will also break it down into five parts for those with dial-up connections. Let me know. It is already broken into parts.).

(There is also a version without the 15 minutes of me reading here). Funkier.

The premise of this podcast, my very first, is to get inside my head without me speaking much at all. Not a practiced presentation voice; trained to get my questions done and over as quick as possible. Not speaking much here – Oh, except for these 15 minutes in the middle where I read Chapter 21 from my NaNoWriMo novel from 2002. NaNoWriMo is short for the National Novel Writing Month, a non-prize contest who’s motto is “quantity over quality.” The goal is to write 50,000 words in a month, ideally at regular intervals of about 2,000 words per day.

The idea is to get people to push past that “I’m scared” moment of writing; and get the juices flowing – even if they spill and make a mess. I got 70,000-plus words and was much happier with the final result than I ever thought I would be. So I put it online where it has languished, one of my three incomplete fiction books. This is the year when one of them gets done. Feel free to nag me on that.

On this podcast, however, I ruin it. I have never read my own work out loud, except newspaper articles. I have also not seen this writing – well, oh, so barely – since I first wrote in November of 2002, so I was reading it cold, and remembering what it was about as I went along.

Then there’s microphone I’m using. Hands up, who recognizes where the microphone’s from???

But at the end of the 080905 T.A.S Show podcast I said I’d explain the goings on. It would be more fun if you downloaded and listened first before discovering all below.


First in your ears is Taps from two trumpets of the USAF Heritage of America Band.

2. Cadence drill from Full Metal Jacket; Edited down. That abrupt cut in the song is in the original. Er, but it’s in a different place.

3. Don’t Call me Nigger, Whitey – Jane’s Addiction. Confrontation.

4. A movie quote from the Breakfast Club.

5. Across the Road, Chapter 21, with musical instrumental backdrop. The novel is essentially about a family who dies in the attempt to pull down a south and Central American child prostitution ring. They have some successes along the way, though the book starts with the death of the main “hero.” Or is he protagonist.

6. Red Football – Sinead O’ Connor, with girlfriend’s laughter at the end. Yikes.

7. Bring Me Some Water – Melissa Etheridge

8. An Andrew Dice Clay quote, that plays off the fact that Melissa Etheridge is a lesbian. Humor. At least to me. You too? Great.

9. “Asshole Song” – Jimmy Buffett. Refers to ADC above and a general attitude everyone has at one time or another.

10. Excerpt of Henry Rollins waxing eloquent about a Hate for U2. I stand in solidarity with The Rollins. The word-thread from above song selections continues.

11. “The Life’s and Times of ….” by Black Happy, from Warm and Fuzzy Feelings, an Art Institute of Seattle 3:23 Reckerds production.

12. “Lose Control” – Missy Elliott, new song from new “The Cookbook” release.

13. “Baby I Like It Raw” – Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

14. A Derek and Clive clip, tentatively, and pretty sure incorrectly, titled “Jump You Fucker.”

15. “DC” – by Snake Eyes, 38-second song, from Generations – Hardcore Compilation CD

16. A short clip from Chris Rock’s “Niggas and Black People” routine.

17. “Ramona A. Stone / I Am With Name” – David Bowie. i have always remembered this album, played once in my dorm room by a friend of my roommate’s who took it away again.

18. “Internal Affairs” – City Of Angels, 52-second song from Generations – Hardcore Compilation CD

19. “Been Caught Stealing” – Jane’s Addiction. I stole all these music tracks for this podcast. My sole purpose in doing so is now to backtrack and find out the legal processes for making it legal. That’s why my BlastYourPodcast.com site exists. I know a few ways this is done, BMI and ASCAP now do online licensing for radio stations to start with. It gets deeper than that.

20. “Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey” – an excerpt from the original by Sly and The Family Stone

21. The return of girlfriend Carmen’s laughter recorded pretty much accidentally as I was testing the pick-up of previously mentioned 9-year-old computer mic, as I described in no detail how she was Captain Carmen L. Allen of the Starship Enterprise, attempting to fight back aliens with her smile.

There will be another one. I’ve got the next five pretty much planned out. Subject to the whims of change and discovery.

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Always been a writer, always maintained an interest in politics, how people communicate and fantasy worlds within photography and books. Previously wrote for Blogcritics back in 2005 and interested in exploring the issues and topics I'm interested - the changing landscape of entertainment. all from the POV of a creator first, consumer, second.
  • Very creative – will listen and enjoy

  • It’s the classic Mac microphone— I had one on my LCIII back in the mid-90’s.

    Temple, if you’re using Apple, I recommend this USB microphone from Logitech. I’ve been using it in GarageBand and so far, no complaints.

  • Temple, this pleases me no end! i can’t get it downloaded yet on account of other tomfoolery goin on with regards the net connection, but soon, yes! congrats, man!

  • To paraphrase a legend in his own lifetime brain – you go to podcast with the microphone you have, not the microphone you want.

    That one looks good though. I’m suspicious that it is so cheap; can it be much better than the one I have? Which by the way I got with my 1996 Performa7360CD. Which was not my first computer. I did have what was called a Sinclair Einstein home computer in the mid-80s.

  • duke?

    Have you listened yet?

    I’ve been waiting for the tongue-lashing?

  • Can we get this as an mp3? My player does not play m4a files

  • Damn, I was afraid of that. I didn’t know for sure until now Aaman, so thanks.

    Let me see what I can do.

    Podcast 2 coming out tomorrow.

  • TS, I was able to download the M4A, and just did an abbreviated listen and thought the concepts were there for the cast, even if reading the excerpts needed a bit of polish. Good job man! Keep at it.

  • What’s that – actual constructive criticism????

    THanks Mark.

    I believe “a bit of polish” is an understatement. 🙂 I am as we speak – well OK, paused to do this, in the middle of recording Podcast 2.

    I think my voice sounds better on 2.

    PS You can also tell me it was horrible. Since this is new for me and it’s not writing or being a nosy reporter I expect to suck badly – though I loved my choice of music more than anything else.

  • TS: To elaborate, I felt your delivery just needed to be more assertive. You seemed too relaxed maybe. I listened to the Berlin/Olsen interview last night also, and while I’m no expert, I think the totally live element is what causes people to have a lot of pauses and ‘uh’s. But since it’s recorded, I’m a big fan of multiple takes. Anyway, feel free to criticize me when I finish my first podcast. I’ve been dabbling in-between my juggling of art projects.

    Either way, it’s in the tank, and that’s what counts.

  • Temple,
    Way to be brave and put yourself out there then, man. I plan to give this a download and listen directly.

  • Good show there, Temple. You’re too hard on yourself. Keep the show going.

  • I agree with DJ – i loved this. finally got to listenin this mornin. the editin was wonderful, for one thing, the music an the yackin went brilliant together, an of course your reading, the nature of which i actually dug, sounded like it was goin on at three in the mornin, had a great atmosphere.

    a glimpse into the head of temple with the aid of various musical an comedic touchstones.

    lookin forward to listenin to the other shows. great work, man.

  • On the readng I just can’t credit it at all.

    But thank’s Duke. I guess that we all seriously hate our voices, may play a part in that.