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The Superiority of Acrylic Aquariums

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If you are looking for an aquarium you may well be confused about the different types and models. Acrylic aquariums are the next generation of tanks for your fish and they are certainly an improvement on traditional, humdrum glass tanks. Acrylic aquariums are lighter, stronger, and clearer than glass aquariums, so an investment in an acrylic aquarium is a wise one.

Acrylic aquariums are stronger.  The acrylic material is bonded strongly at the molecular level, making acrylic aquariums nearly 17 times stronger than typical glass aquariums. Acrylic aquariums are ideal in a house filled with children, in a school, and wherever there is a chance of people bumping, scratching, or even hitting them with sharp objects. These aquariums can resist such abuse, and are less likely to leak than their silicone-glued glass counterparts.

Acrylic aquariums are clearer.  Because of its molecular structure, an acrylic aquarium allow more than 90 percent of the light falling on it to pass through. This naturally makes it clearer, and the colors (both of the fish and the decorations) are more vibrantly displayed than in a glass aquarium. Also, acrylic aquariums are resistant to scratches, which tend to accumulate over the years on glass fish tanks, a major hindrance to visibility.

Acrylic aquariums have versatility in design.  With the advent of acrylic in aquarium manufacture, a whole new range of possibilities has opened up in terms of the designs that are possible. Typically, an aquarium is very heavy and has to support a lot of weight (a 55 gallon fish tank can weigh up to 250 kg).  The number of shapes that can support such a massive weight is limited, so aquariums have always been standard rectangular boxes, with a few innovative designs here and there.

Acrylic Aquariums
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Since acrylic is a more flexible and stronger material than glass, different designs have appeared in fish aquariums – ranging from curved to polygonal to bubbles to bows – offering majestic views of the fish inside and from entirely unexpected perspectives. In short, acrylic has changed the way we look at aquariums like never before (literally).

Economics can be a factor. Acrylic aquariums may be somewhat more expensive.  However, they are well worth their value.  Acrylic offers style, strength, durability, and clarity to your precious fish tank – there is not much more that an aquarist can ask for. In fact, acrylic aquariums have also become quite the rage among people who want to buy an aquarium and keep it in their homes as a piece of art.

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    Basically there are pros and cons if you compare between an acrylic and all glass fish tank but however there are move advantages when it comes to acrylic.