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The Super Bowl Boob-o-Rama

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The dust is still flying over the Super Bowl Boob-o-Rama. Garment malfunction seems to be to blame for this one. Supposedly, the outer layer of the outfit was supposed to come off, revealing Janet’s red bra. It’s known that Ms. Jackson does wear nipple rings. However, the sunburst looked quite bulky to be wearing under her garment for her just to be wearing it.

While Janet Jackson gave a full apology for the incident, Justin Timberlake just seemed happy to have been involved in some sort of controversy. Take that Britney.

I think the whole episode has just been blown out of proportion. Europe is laughing their asses off at the prudes of the United States. It’s not as if Justin tore off Janet’s thong.

CBS is claiming that it didn’t have any idea that this was going to happen [NYT]. Maybe they didn’t, but please give the executives some balls to accept and move on.

Even PepsiCo. is “shocked over the incident.”

Executives at PepsiCo, historically one of the largest and most successful Super Bowl advertisers, are threatening to pull out of next year’s Super Bowl if they’re not given clear assurances that such an incident won’t happen again. “We’re very serious about this,” PepsiCo spokesman Mark Dollins said.

Somehow I don’t think that the company will lose many Pepsi drinkers due to the fact that they saw Janet’s Jackson’s breast, and then a Pepsi commercial in the same four hour time frame.

I just can’t believe that this is stirring up an indecency on television debate [USA Today]. The FCC, NFL, and CBS aren’t just talking about the breast incident. It’s the whole production. First of all, all three knew who were going to be performers ahead of time, and were aware of the material that was going to be performed. You’ve got Kid Rock (why do people think that wearing the American Flag makes them seem patriotic), Nelly (enough with that song), and P Diddy just to name a few.

As FOX News pointed out, I’d have been a little more concerned about the lyric content of P Diddy’s song, than the flash of a breast. Drugs, guns, and drinking Cognac with Jews – yeah that says football to me.

In case you’re interested, the lyrics to the number include these salient lines, some by P. Diddy and others by other rappers on the song: “I’m the definition of, half man, half drugs/Ask the clubs, Bad Boy – that’s whassup.” Also: “We still here, you rockin wit the best/Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks (ahh!)” and “Hand ’em a jock, hold ’em a glock (hahaha)/ Money to get (yeah), cars to flip (uhh)/ Bars to sit at and sip Cognac wit Jews that drink (c’mon).”

It’s  not exactly “Blowin’ in the Wind.” But a lot worse than a quick flash of flesh, I’d say.

Let’s all embrace the fact that we saw Janet Jackson’s boob, and quietly move on.

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  • paula benford

    The United States are a bunch of hypocrites. There was not this much uproar when Madonna and Britney kissed.
    Oh—I guess that is acceptable. And why put all the blame on Janet; Justin did the actual pulling.

  • duane

    You mean all 50 states? Jeez! I don’t think North Dakota is a hypocrite. Hmmm. Wait, how can a state be a hypocrite? Whatchoo talkin bout?

  • JR

    North Dakota is a hypocrite because it wants to change its name to Dakota. But what about South Dakota? Doesn’t it have just as much claim to the name Dakota as North does? No, all North cares about is its own problems, and how it gets stuck with this reputation of being way up in the polar regions where nobody wants to go (you know, next to Canada). North Dakota doesn’t give a damn about the reputation of South Dakota and how it would end up looking like an adjunct to its neighbor – “Oh yeah, South Dakota, that’s that little state outside of Dakota”. As if South Dakota were just an afterthought or something.

    Humph, some states just think they’re the center of the world, or at least the center of the Dakotas.

  • duane

    OK, so North Dakota is an egocentric prick, probably battling a massive inferiority complex, being associated with Canada and all, but I still don’t see that it’s hypocritical.

  • blarg

    I tell you whats hypocritical – Americans saying negative things about Canada. ahh you guys, it’s always better on top!

  • Amanda

    what does it matter! its a BOOB! havent we all seen a boob before. the only reason its being blown up this much is for the simple fact that it was janet jacksons boob that everyone saw. if it was a fan in the fan stands CBS and MTV wouldnt have been to blame. who would? NO ONE! b/c it does not matter!

  • I don’t think North Dakota is a hypocrite. Plus, it’s so nice and quiet up there in North Dakota in the winter. All the Canadians are hibernating until next spring. People shouldn’t demean North Dakota. Now, North Carolina, that’s a different story….

  • duane

    I said that already. North Dakota should be exempted from the statement that “The United States are a bunch of hypocrites.” Thank you… thank you very much.

  • Eric Olsen

    South Dakota has Mt. Rushmore, Minnesota has lakes, North Dakota has … … …Yankton.

  • duane

    I never claimed that North Dakota was an exciting and vibrant state, unlike its neighbors, such as South Dakota. Poor ND is innocent of the charge of hypocrisy, I say, and true to its character, is too demure to stand up for itself.

  • Ben

    Actually, South Dakota has Yankton, too…

  • JR

    North Dakota has the KTHI TV tower, which my road atlas says is the tallest structure in North America. But I saw a broadcast tower near Ames, Iowa that looked taller, so I’m not so sure.

  • me

    Well you are all butts who think we north dakota’s stink How come it’s k for virginia and west virginia but not dakota and south dakota