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The Suburban Sound – S/T

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Question: What’s better then well executed good old fashion rock ‘n’ roll?
Answer: Nothing

There you have it folks. A band from the underground, playing rock ‘n’ roll for the masses, with punk rock ferocity, and retro tendencies. This isn’t another garage rock band. They’re better then that. With horns, rhythm and lead guitar, bass you can hear, and right on drums they will make you wish you were a teenager a few decades ago. Actually, no, because if you were younger you wouldn’t be able to hear The Suburban Sound.

Now to burst the bubble. I’m sorry, but I have a complaint. The mixing (or maybe it’s the mastering) just doesn’t do the music justice. All the sounds of the instruments are there, but the whole mix seems to lack the ferocious juice that rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to contain. To remedy this I recommend listening to it loud and with headphones (all great records should be listened to this way anyway). It’s a not a huge problem, but a noticeable one. Maybe next time they’ll cut to tape in some legendary studio and have a mind blowing record, but this time not only musically, but sonically.

Even if you don’t like garage rock these guys more than deserve a chance because they aren’t garage rock. They are the real deal… rock ‘n’ roll.

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  • andy

    look for a remix coming soon…cause we’re whoopin asses and takin names and the guy who mixed our cd cut a lot of corners.