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The other night, I went and caught a showing of the Stepford Wives. I can vaguely remember the original, so the basic plot wasn’t going to be a shock. However, I had read that they were going to do the remake as a black comedy, so I was interested in checking it out.

There were some chuckles here and there, mostly (actually almost completely) playing to stereotypes. But I couldn’t say that this was a good movie. It didn’t go far enough to work as a satire (and there were far too many strawmen to really be able to buy into it), and the comedy was obvious and one dimensional.

Watch time :47

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  • Please see my timely exploration of films with Stepford-related themes. One post considers films that use robot replacement and brainwashing of humans as likely metaphors for fascism, while another, linked post considers those are likely metaphors for communism.