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The Spencer Davis Group-Gimme Some Lovin’-Live 1966

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The Spencer Davis Group’s appearance on Finnish TV in 1966 is featured on this B&W DVD along with a German documentary on the group from 1967. The 1966 appearance features the fabulous Stevie (as he was known then) Winwood along with bass player brother Muff, Spencer Davis, and Peter York on drums. Winwood was only about 18 years old at the time and gave the group its distinctive voice. The songs “Gimme Some Lovin'” and “I’m A Man” are likely two of the classic rock hits of all time. Stripped of studio enhancements the power of the songs still comes through. They perform a total of 8 songs here. “Keep On Running” is also included.

The German documentary “With Their New Face On” shows the post-Winwood brothers group with Eddie Hardin on organ and Phil Sawyer on guitar and vocals. Sawyer pales in comparison to Winwood vocally but he tries. The German-narrated film captures some scenes in the office, on the road, and a performance at the Marquee Club in London. Two cameo appearances are made by Mitch Mitchell and Mick Jagger.

A very amusing scene captures Phil Sawyer in a vocal booth doing vocals for a commercial. You just have to chuckle at him singing, “It’s so creamy thick and dreamy, anyplace can be a soda fountain now with Great Shakes.”

I would almost venture to say this DVD is a historical document of an era long gone. The B&W format just adds to the nostalgia. Any fan of Spencer Davis (who still tours today) and the great Steve Winwood will enjoy this disc.

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  • It is just sick what he did. Stevie Winwood writes and performs ‘Gimme some lovin’ at 16! As a single achievement in the pantheon of rock… that has to be in the top five.