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The Sovereign Nation of Iraq

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In my last post, US Troops: Evangelists For Liberty, I was pooh-poohed for critisizing the UN electoral chief, Carina Perelli, and for heaping special praise upon our men and women in the armed forces for pouring their hearts out, and their blood, to pave the way for a free Iraq. We take a hell of a lot for granted here in the US; I wish our troops were not among those so easily taken for granted by some of us.

On January 27th, Ms. Perelli criticized our troops for being “overenthusiastic in trying to help out with these elections.” Today, however, James Taranto of Best of The Web Today noted these more recent comments from Ms. Perelli:

Carina Perelli, who has helped advise on dozens of elections from East Timor to the Palestinian territories, called the Jan. 30 election a “dignified, peaceful demonstration” of Iraqis’ will.

“I have participated in many elections in my life and I usually say that the day you lose your ability to be moved by people going to vote, you should change your career,” said Perelli, who had insisted for months that U.N. advisers would leave pronouncements on the election to Iraq’s electoral commission. “This was probably one of the most moving elections I have ever seen.”

The fact is, what the Iraqis did this past Sunday was a truly awesome display of courage. I’ve read excerpt after excerpt from Iraqi blogs, newspapers, and other sources with quotes from those who did go to vote. They woke up on election day and some of them could already hear explosions as insurgents attempted to intimidate the Iraqis out of voting.

But, rather than stay in their homes, they grabbed their friends and family members and went to vote. Amazing courage.

Here is what Friends of Democracy is saying regarding their historic election:

Iraqis proved yesterday there were stronger than any threat. There will was not affected by all the threats of men like Al Zarquawi, or by henchmen of the former regime. They stunned the entire world, showing they can challenge anyone trying to thwart their march towards democracy. In spite of all the sufferings and crises associated with the fall of the former regime, Iraqis have proven, with their fingers, that they are greater than others, and that they want to build a free, independent and sovereign Iraq.

Yes, the people of Iraq still have a long road ahead, but I get the impression they’ve turned the corner. Message to the terrorists and insurgents still hoping to destabilize Iraq:

Be afraid, be very afraid!

David Flanagan

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  • Eric Olsen

    the underlying issues are systems that devalue the individual, rendering human life less valuable, and systems that believe they are not only infallibly correct, but that all who don’t believe must be either converted or killed

  • Temple,

    I agree. Thanks for your comments.


  • Good points, maybe I didn’t read the rest of the comments there.

    I get your point – but “murder of innocents” as a good thing is an idiotic belief.

  • Temple,

    Very true that most comments were critical of my use of what they saw as a “Christian” word, but others argued that Ms. Perelli was correct in her criticism of what the troops were doing. She is singing a different tune now, though, of course, as far as I’ve read, she has not yet thanked the troops for their efforts to help encourage Iraqis to get to the polls.

    As for terrorists being idiots, I disagree. These are highly intelligent people, who also just happen to believe that the murder of innocents is a good thing. If they were idiots, they’d already be in jail.



  • David I think you (purposely?) misread the criticism. Most of what I read decried the use of the word “evangelist,” though you tried to paint it as a corporate term in your philisophical and diplomatic argument.

    But you’re the victim here so I should lay off a little.

    A little more on point – True terrorists are idiots – deadly ones – who just don’t think like you or me.