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The Sound of One Yap Flapping

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Those who know me personally know I can talk almost ceaselessly for extended periods of time without appearing to breathe – I can talk underwater and in my sleep. We were at a party last night at our excellent friends Carlo and Karen’s, and I held four conversations simultaneously by slowly turning on my axis like a lighthouse.

Blogcritic Mack D. Male has a super site called Blogosphere Radio, which is just that: audio presentations on “Blogosphere News,” “The Vlog” (the lighter side of audio blogging), and “Blogging With,” a series of interviews with bloggers, of which I am the latest.

So now you can hear me babble at some length on the origins of Blogcritics, my entree into blogging, and various other ramblings as Mack struggles valiantly to keep me headed for the light as I circumlocute and digress. Thanks Mack!

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  • Mack D. Male

    Thanks for the interview Eric, I wish I could have made it longer, as it was quite interesting!

  • Eric Olsen

    thank YOU Mack, I am certain you have done the world a service by abbreviating it.

  • alethinos59

    This I have to see! Are there photos of you not breathing? Can we get you on Letterman, maybe bumping Madonna (god who cares anymore!? What a lame kanish!) The lighthouse thing would be cool too – I can see this maybe being an opening act for the BLUE MAN GROUP! Opposite end of the entertainment spectrum and such!

  • Eric Olsen

    I respire through my eyes and bring my rotating pedestal with me to social functions – I like the Blue Man Group idea!

  • Dawn

    Ahh, does that make me the “sound of one mouth yawning”?

    Or of one eye rolling?

    Or of one grimace grimacing?

    The list is endless..sort of like your yapping.

  • Eric Olsen