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Artist: Glen Hughes
Title: Soul Mover
Genre: Rock-Blues
Label: Sanctuary Records

Glenn Hughes-the name is synonymous with great bass players and the term blues rocker. From Trapeze, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath to a highly acclaimed solo career, the man has been around the block and back. Unlike some of his contemporaries, he has been wise enough to take care of himself and maintain an enormously successful career that is unmatched by very few in the music industry. With that steadfast determination, he releases Soul Mover, a killer album that features the incredible Hughes trademark bass lines and from-the-gut vocals that have made him one of the most recognizable voices in rock. The man sounds as good as he did when he recorded Burn with Deep Purple, which was released 30 years ago!

The album starts with a big bang, as the title track (which is also the bonus video) featuring Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, lets loose. Hughes’ bass playing is jaw dropping. Incredible dexterities are evident, and lightning fast fingers the key to his craft on this album. Fellow and younger band mates meet the challenge of keeping up with the elder statesman of rock. Similar to the DEP Sessions, I heard the fusion elements of blues, rock, funk and rhythm and blues coming out in every song. The energy is through the roof on every track. This man continues to amaze and make some of the best music out there. Chad Smith is animal on the skins, he does a nice job complimenting Hughes’ one of a kind bass playing and hats off to J.J. Marsh with his dynamite guitar licks, the dude rocks from start to finish (with the exception of the title track).

If you are in search of high-energy non-stop music that rocks, I have just the fix for you. There is plenty of reason for celebration due to the release of this milestone blues-rock recording. This is a career-defining album that will receive plenty of attention, one of the best rock albums you will hear in 2005. Trust me; I only say this about 10 times a year, so pay attention. Just as Hughes sings on “Change Yourself,” “Nothing last forever but the soul.” Feed your need; fill the hole inside with the music. Glen Hughes is most definitely a Soul Mover and one listen to his new album is proof positive of that fact.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

March 1, 2005

01. Soul Mover
02. She Moves Ghostly
03. High Road
04. Orion

05. Change Yourself
06. Let It Go
07. Dark Star
08. Isolation
09. Land of the Living
10. Miss Little Insane
11. Last Mistake
12. Don’t Let Me Bleed



Glenn Hughes: All vocals & bass
Chad Smith: drums, percussion, pots & pans, Screamin’ & Yellin’
JJ Marsh: Guitar
Dave Navarro: Lead Guitar on “Soul Mover”/Guitar Intro on “She Moves Ghostly”

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