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The Sleeping Giant has Awakened

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As the deadline for the budget impasse approaches the usual suspects are flapping their gums attempting to be relevant. What passes for news today is really pathetic. I do not know if it is the failure of higher education or if the producers of these news programs are simply ideologically driven, in any case real journalism has died in America and along with it critical thinking. Whatever the reason it is what it is.

That being said, there is far more at stake than a continuing budget resolution to fund the federal government another week or two or three. What is at stake is the fiscal health of the country. We are well past the place to allow business as usual to continue. I think even the most jaded among us will have to finally admit America can no longer afford government largess. It is time to lock up the check book, cut up the credit card, eliminate the expense accounts and hold the federal bureaucrats accountable for their actions.

budget cuts

If you are like me for many years we simply went about our business and paid little mind to politics or the political process, that was until the election of 2008. The two years leading up to this historic election shook me out of my political slumber and I realized that for too long I have been passive.  As a result, the federal till was left unattended, and our national treasure was being looted. Like the frog in the kettle, many of us had tolerated the ever-increasing federal bureaucracy and the slow erosion of our liberties, but the current administration turned up the heat too fast and we frogs realized we were being boiled alive.

We have been stirred into action. We are no longer sitting back and allowing the foxes to raid the hen-house. As a result, the curtain has been drawn back and those who have hidden in the dark have been exposed to the light. It is a new day in America. It is no longer business as usual. The sleeping giant has been awakened, and he is wielding a big club. Fee fi foe fum budget cuts are about to come. There I said it and I meant it. What say you?


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  • Arch Conservative

    I say when I see the blood of those whose blood must be spilled being spilled, and I mean that literally, then I will believe the “change we can believe in” has finally come.

    Until then I’m afraid I’ll just have to be incredibly patronizing toward you Allen.

    It wasn’t an election or a letter to a representative that made King George III realize just what his role in the new world would be. Why should 2011 be any different? Oh yeah, we have ipads and dancing with the stars….

  • Boeke

    Seems to me it’s real easy: we got into this mess in the high-spending Bush years when Dick Cheney and other republicans were saying “deficits don’t matter!” so they gave huge tax gifts to their rich friends, started some expensive wars, gave a trillion to the Pharmaceuticals, etc. Oh yeah, they increased the government about 30%, mainly by adding a whole new cabinet department instead of making the old ones work.

    All we have to do is back out the failed Bush programs and return to the halcyon Clinton days of 2000.

    Seems easy to me.

    All we

  • “It wasn’t an election or a letter to a representative that made King George III realize just what his role in the new world would be”

    Actually it was, we call it the Declaration of Independence. But much like today’s politicians good ol King Georgie did not want to let go of his power grab and so he thought he would wage war against the patriots of these United States of America.

    Although you seem to be advocating bloody violence Arch Conservative we live in a Constitutional Republic and the “rule of law” is our code of conduct. As much as I would like to perp walk the majority of the occupants of capital hill personally, I, like so many others, prefer to show a great deal of restraint when it comes to dealing with these lying cheats in congress.

    That being said it is important to remember how we got here. Because of our inattention and inaction and dare I say it indifference toward the political process we allowed the country to get to where it is today. If there is going to be a change WE THE PEOPLE need to affect that change. In fact it is our right under the Declaration of Independence to throw off tyrannical government and institute new government if need be.

    The time has come, it is now, if we fail America fails. There are more of us then there are of them and for those who are fighting for a cause greater than themselves, great victories can be had even through the gravest of circumstances.

    I, like Patrick Henry, intone Give me liberty or give me death. Even if I am the last man standing I shall not go down without a fight.