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The Simpsons: Season 3 (DVD)

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Arguably the season when The Simpsons peaked in terms of quality, i got this dvd boxed set about a week ago and have jsut finished watching the plain vanilla episodes. Along with Futurama and Family Guy, these are my favourite boxed sets because you get a large number of episodes, plus extras, in one go. And it’s all comedy.
Season 3 of The Simpsons saw Homer finally snap, Bart join then leave the mafia, Homer nearly make half a million from a cocktail recipe, Mr Burns sell then buy back the power plant, Bart woo Ms Krabapple, Homer manage a country singer, Otto get his bus driver license and Homer help his brother become successful again (after ruining him before), amongst other episodes. Whether or not you like The Simpsons now, season 3 was when it really got going. Oh yeah, inside the dvd case there’s a short intro from Groening, pointing out that the episodes in this set are uncut, free from TV’s butcher knife. indeed, i did notice one or two short bits i’m pretty sure weren’t on the terrestrial tv versions that aired (over and over again in some cases – boo and hiss to BBC2 for being contributing towards boring us with excessive re-runs. There really IS too much of a good thing you know)

I haven’t even started watching the extras yet (audio commentaries sound the most promising) and yet even without extras this set’d be worth it (at least for the reduced price Amazon are charging)
Oh yeah, this set also had the most episodes i hadn’t seen yet. If you get one boxed set this xmas….make it this one.

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  • Agreed, Jon. The Simpson’s Season 3 is a must for every DVD collection. We can hardly wait for these to come out 😉