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The Siege of New Hampshire: Newt Gingrich Finally Meets His Waterloo

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Newt Gingrich is finished.

For anyone who has been following the Republican presidential primaries, this goes without saying in the electoral sense. However, I’m referring to Gingrich’s status as a respectable elder statesman and sensible presence in the American body politic. Since finishing an embarrassing fourth place in the Iowa caucuses, after boldly stating that he would be the eventual GOP nominee no less, he has decided to ship off to New Hampshire in hopes of saving his ego trip from coming to an unexpectedly early end.

Opting to spend a war chest, or at least what might be considered one for his cash-strapped campaign, on negative ads against Iowa winner and national frontrunner Mitt Romney, politicos from coast to coast are wondering just what exactly it is that Gingrich is trying to achieve. His poll numbers have gone from bad to worse; being eclipsed by Rick Santorum requires a special kind of skill. His fair weather friends in the talk radio entertainment business are now moving on to greener pastures. His once remarkably solid base of disaffected Tea Party voters seems fractured between Santorum, Ron Paul, and even Rick Perry. None of his former colleagues from his turbulent four year reign as speaker of the House appear willing to boost his candidacy. Any way one looks at the situation, nothing really seems to be going right for Newt.

As I said a few days ago, Gingrich’s sheer idiocy masquerading as supreme arrogance is defeating him in a way in which none of his competitors possibly could. By throwing all of his might behind destroying Romney in an intensely personal fashion, a move which many a pundit has said will not rally the base necessary for actually defeating the former Massachusetts governor, he exposes himself to be a vindictive and petty has-been. Such a man is not suited to hold any position of power over others; one can deduce that his fellow Republicans nearly overthrew his speakership during the late 1990s for this very reason. 

Newt 2012 can be looked at as a textbook example of an exercise in futility; with nowhere left to go, it implodes because Gingrich wants to strike back at the fellow who defeated him in a fair and just manner. Instead of gracefully accepting his loss by adhering to Ronald Reagan’s eleventh commandment, which he once trumpeted, Gingrich has chosen to close his checkered political career by not merely scraping, but actually carving through the bottom of the barrel. What a shame; few sights are sorrier than someone making a very public, very expensive embarrassment of himself.

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  • Arch Conservative

    Yes Newt’s presidential campaign has morphed into a personal vendetta against Romney in the public limelight and it’s quite an ugly spectacle indeed.

    Say what you want about Romnery (i’m no big fan of his) but at least when McCain bested him in 2008 he had the decency to go home, keep his mouth shut and lick his wounds in private.

    Net is the GOP’s Obama. Think skinned and self centered to the core.

  • Brisco

    Newt’s ethical issues are both moral and political. Calling all his GOP colleagues as cannibals surprises no one why he picks up no support from his own party. He tried to court the “Donald” but is yet to collect his endorsement. If Cain endorses him, people would be dismissing it as ‘birds of the same feather…”

  • Arch Conservative

    Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Newt Gingrich, talk about three peas in a pod.

  • Zingzing

    Very strange peas there, Archie.

  • Zingzing

    Very strange peas there, Archie.

  • Igor

    I suppose we’ll never be rid of this nuisance Gingrich.

    He’s owned and operated by Saudi oil interests (which, you may be surprised to learn, are mostly about shipping, refining and marketing, not drilling, as one may have suspected. I can explain that if anyone’s interested).

    His gimmick, which is very clever and new to Gingrich as far as I know, is that he is NOT a registered lobbyist. Thus, he needn’t register as a lobbyist with all the uncomfortable disclosures that would require.

    Instead, he is a “person of interest”. That is, a politician or congressional committee can call him to testify regarding legislation at their initiative, but since he is not a registered lobbyist he cannot initiate solicitation on his clients behalf. Of course, once the door is opened he can solicit all he wants (some cynics might call that inside lobbying). Of course, the effect is the same, it’s just that Gingrich cannot be held accountable, nor are his employers known to congress.

    We’ve not heard the end of this pest.

  • Arch Conservative

    Better be careful zing, the way you follow me around from post to post, someone might mistake you for my groupie.

  • Zing has a habit of following people around, Arch. It’s his MO.

    But I stopped minding anymore. In fact, I don’t mind obliging him.

  • Arch Conservative

    Well if I were going to have a groupie on BC I’d prefer it to be one who wasn’t so vaginally challenged.

    On a side note, what would you say my MO is Roger?

  • Your MO, Archie, shoot from the hip.

    Nothing wrong with that. Got to call it as you see it.

  • zingzing

    archie and roger, you follow people around as much as i or anyone around here. there are only so many threads on the “fresh comments” page, and where i go has little to do with you, archie or you, roger. don’t flatter yourself so much.

    and get off archie’s dick, roger. it’s mine.

  • This is nonsense. But seeing that it comes from the moderate Republican elitist view, I’m not surprised. They missed it on McCain and they’re not listening to their base. So they’ll miss it on Romney and fall right into the hands of the reelect Obama folks. Come to think of it, perhaps that’s why they’re backing Romney.

    Newt and Santorum are the ONLY ones on the stage who can BEAT Obama. Anyone with any political sense knows this. That’s why I question the term “Moderate Republican.” Should be “embeded Democrat.”

  • Igor

    IMO the republicans haven’t found a candidate who can beat Obama, so it’s going to be an easy election for Obama. They managed to blow a golden opportunity. That makes one worry about what they would have done with any real presidential power in 2012. None of then has any idea or plan that makes any sense.

  • I wouldn’t be so certain, Igor. The anit-Obama vote may be larger than you foresee. Additional factors which may come into play, Third party/alternative candidates as well as significantly lower turnout on the part of the dissatisfied with the entire political protest.

    The OWS supporters are not in the bag; in fact, they may damage Obama’s prospects for the second term.