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The Shanghai Diaries – Goodbye

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My wife and I have now been back in the United States for a little over a month. Oklahoma is in no way as exciting as Eastern Asia, but it is good to be home all the same.

During this past year we have had wonderful times, and more than a few interesting adventures, yet I'm looking forward to a little normalcy, perhaps even a little boredom. I know in time I'll get restless again and pine for a little adventure. The wife is dying to have a baby and so maybe soon we'll embark on that adventure. It may be the most exciting one yet.

It has been a great deal of fun writing these diaries over the last twelve months and I am a little bit saddened that it has finally come to an end. I didn't write nearly as often as I had originally planned, but I hope I was able to tell a few good stories and at least give my readers some idea of what it is like to live in Shanghai.

There were many stories I wanted to tell but did not, due either to time constraints, laziness, or both. Like the time two Cambodian girls knotted me up like a pretzel in my hotel bed. Or how I was asked to strip naked at a resort pool in Thailand. Or the time I received obscene propositions from a couple of dudes on motorcycles on the streets of Bangkok. I had pants custom made, and rode an elephant in Ko Samui. I wish I could tell them all, but my time is up. Perhaps those stories and more will be told some other day, in some other way.

My wife and I think we may go back to China in a few years, after she's completely finished with her PhD, and after, perhaps, the child we want to have is grown up a bit. It was truly an amazing experience and I'll never forget it. If you have never traveled to a foreign land, I highly recommend it. Asia is marvelous, and so is Europe, but the world is big and there are thousands of other destinations one could choose. It truly is a great way to broaden your horizons and understand a little bit more about the people who inhabit this earth.

I will miss China a great deal, but for now it is good to be back. It feels good to be home.

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  • maskay

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I’ve looked forward to you columns and will miss them.

  • Juliann Mitchell,PhD

    I can only echo what MayKay has stated. I loved your pieces and am sorry there will be no more. Welcome back to the States.

  • Mat Brewster

    Thanks to you both. I wish I had been better at writing more frequently, for certainly there were more stories to tell, but I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what did make it to the page.

  • The death of any blog makes me sad.

  • You have to either go native or live in a ghetto when abroad but many people find there’s nothing like the green grass of home.