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The Shameful Lynching of America by Al Sharpton

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What the hell is goin’ on?

Yesterday, CBS fired Don Imus under the premise that CBS President Leslie Moonves wants to stop the human degradation of American society. I guess he means that somehow, he feels by making Imus an example, the rest of America will follow suit and start canning or laying off rappers or hip hop artists for spitting out lyrics out about killing people, raping bitches, and being drug dealers. These people aren’t exactly preaching the wonderful virtues of human society.

In fact, Snoop Dogg claimed that when rappers sing about bitches and hoes, it’s really about the loser women who are to be exploited in the same vein that pimps take advantage of women down on their luck. But, then Stuart Scott, of ESPN fame, notes that Blacks calling women “hoes” is really a term of endearment, or rather, a sign of affection, and that’s just the way it is. And, from the MSNBC website came a report that the slur, “nappy-headed” was really an old, outdated slur, once meant to be especially cruel, that fell out of favor, presumably by offensive whites – until Imus and Sharpton reminded America.

Maybe there really is no double standard at play here in this country. Maybe the thing white people have been doing all wrong is not knowing what the appropriate vernacular with regard to making poorly contextual jokes about Blacks. I mean, if Snoop Dogg claims that calling women “hoes” is only intended for those down on their luck, and Stuart Scott claims it’s really a term of affection, and if the Oxford English Dictionary says “nappy-headed” is such an old term that nobody uses it anymore, then exactly what’s wrong with what Imus said?

Nappy-headed hos.

Oh, wait. He’s white, and that’s the most important aspect of the furor surrounding Imus’ infamous words. It isn’t that what he said was racially motivated; it isn’t that Imus is a racist: it’s simply that Imus should’ve known that the Black right was itching for a public lynching of a prominent white male.

And, the proof is in the pudding in how Snoop Dogg and Stuart Scott contradict one another, and these are two highly visible Blacks. If they can’t agree what the word, “hoe” means, then how in the hell can Don Imus be expected to know every proper contextual use of slurs? Again, it must be because he’s not Black.

I confess that I didn’t even know nappy was an offensive word. I didn’t know, either, that it also meant kinky, although I’ve yet to find an example on how to apply the word nappy to mean kinky. I honestly thought it just meant really, really, really curly hair. I’ve seen Nappy Tabs clothing apparel. I’ve seen nappy diapers, too. Excuse my ignorance, Black America – I once thought Limp Bizkit was a sexually transmitted disease – I don’t know and pretend to know all the words that exist in the English language that are supposedly hurtful towards you.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your bad words will never hurt me.

When I was a child, I attended public schools despite the fact I was deaf and had no sign language interpreters. Many of the kids in my school taunted me and made fun of me, and I learned to deflect the insults and slurs with the rhyme my mother taught me. She had told me that to allow someone’s insults to hurt me would to let them have power over me. Ignore the insults or taunts, and the offending slurs lose their power and in the end, the offensive idiot looks just like that – an idiot.

I haven’t seen anyone tell the kids at Rutgers that sure, they might’ve been offended, but they also had the power to not be offended. With freedom of speech comes the added freedom of not being offended. If you were offended by Imus, then surely, you’ve got to step back and think about what the man does for a living, how he does it, and what his motives are (make money). And if you’re still offended by it, then it says more about you than it does about Imus.

In fact, it’s likely that the only people really offended by Imus’ stupidity were the women on the basketball team for being called, “hoes.” I’m willing to bet most of the women on the Rutgers team also didn’t really take offense to being termed “nappy-headed hos” in the vein of evil and racist hatred towards them by Imus. If anything, I think some of these women were scarred by Sharpton’s shaming them into victimization. Still, they’ve demonstrated taking the high road by forgiving Imus – unlike Sharpton.

Sharpton has been shaming people in America in the same manner as a fraudulent shrink would falsely tell a woman she was raped as a child to continue earning counseling fees for repetitive counseling sessions. And, much like a woman who is duped into thinking she’s a victim, Sharpton has managed to counsel the Rutgers women’s basketball team into a collective hive of victims. If you don’t believe me, then ask Snoop Dogg and Stuart Scott why they completely contradict Sharpton’s own interpretation of Imus’ words.

Instead of teaching young Americans that sometimes, people act stupidly and then when they realize they did something wrong and forgive them, Sharpton wants Black America to remain hateful, angry, and hurt so that he can remain relevant to today’s society. Without all the firebomb threats and violent protests, Sharpton is nothing but a two-bit pimp and ambulance chaser, waiting for the next racial situation for him to exploit for his own material gain. Like a bad shrink or a neighborhood pimp, Sharpton needs to be removed from the public eye.

And, I’ve got one more thing to say to Black America: yes, you were exploited as slaves; yes, you’ve had some difficulties with oppression and discrimination; and yes, it makes you look like fools when Snoop Dogg and Stuart Scott completely contradict themselves and Al Sharpton. Maybe the truth is really that you’re not as much of a victim as you might think and just maybe, it’s time for you to get over the idea of being a perpetual victim you’ve been shamed into believing by the likes of Sharpton.

Anyway, Al Sharpton has got go to.

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  • Al Shapton, is in for a major law suit

  • jay

    Hey, wasn’t Sharpton one of the loudest voices calling for immediate action against those Duke lacrosse team rapists because a black woman was raped by white men? Oh, wait, now it turns out that those guys never did rape that woman, and now the district attourney who wrongly followed those clamoring voices is going to be charged because he brought charges against the Duke “rapists” too quickly. I don’t hear Sharpton calling for forgiveness in his role for making those white guys national “celebrities.” Oh, wait, Sharpton’s allowed to voice his beliefs – no matter how wrong or even “hateful” – because he is protected by his freedom of speech, and because he has been condemned to some sort of living hell because he has been racially oppressed and held in slavery all this time. Oh, wait, slavery was abolished a long time ago. Well, it might be nice for someone like Colin Powell or Ms. Rice to have a civilized chat with the good Reverend so that he has the chance to break out of his delusional chains. The TRUTH shall set you free, good reverend! The TRUTH shall set you free!!

  • Great article providing reality perspective. Let me add a few points on the subject.

    Regarding slavery in the USA. The white folks did not go to Africa and kidnap tribes people. They were marketed and SOLD OFF by tribal leaders! That is a fact. A black American going to Africa now days is not so much appreciated (compared to white). The old timers just think “we sold you off years ago”.

    OK? With slavery a huge problem is created in the name of a country of the free. After all, alot of whiteys came here as indentured servents. I guess we are a nation of slaves. Slaves built the world. Let us start with the Pyramids.

    the psychological problem created is by being controlled and beaten down, one developes a lack of vision. Sure, in America you can be anything you want. The problem is not having a vision of what there is to be. Dream? They become just ugly memories.

    Ask any crack whore that grew up neglected and abused (regardless of family social status), turns to the street to find her way. A continued life of oppression (pimps,dealers, self appointed gaurdians, police jerking one around, etc.) The vision and possibility and how to go about it, of being better, does not exist. This psychology is what is being dealt with in the issue of the oppressed. A weird form of Stockholm Syndrome in a way.

    In current society we see athletics and entertainment as a ‘way out’ for black cultures in the US. Well, it has changed long ago as people of all colors and economic upbringing are breaking thru and being a part of mainstream society. What the heck? Your doctor, lawyer, tax consultant, flower shop owner can be of any race now days. As long as you are good and not an asshole, you are in! A positive functional part of mainstream society. If you are a self absorbed selfish asshole, get out! Society will treat you as you are.

    Glad you brought up the fact that ‘nappy headed ho’ in certain cultures of the USA is a term of endearment. That is actually what I thought Imus was up to. An old guy trying to be hip.

    By the way, last night on Comedy Central, I watched the uncensored roast of Pamela Anderson. MY GOD! It was rude! What is anyone complaining about with this Imus deal????

    OK, I need some coffee. I am rambling with barely organized thoughts. This Imus issue is a part of the process of equality for everyone. It takes a long time. It has only been 150 years in the USA

    The problem with the issue today is if it keeps going as is, we have a society of no identity for anyone. We better figure it out. Racism is not, by definition, existing where the bedwetters of society think it does.

    Sharpton, CBS, advertisers, etc. are a bunch of bedwetters. Bedwetter, I am not using the term as defined by humans that do have a blatter control problem (sorry to people with the problem, you understand I hope). I am using it in terms of people who viciously glom onto the lesser significant points as the major fact of an issue. I guess in the future we have to define our terms. If Imus defined his statement as a ‘I’m trying to be hip term of endearment’, there should be no issue.

    Imus is not the problem. Corporate America bedwetting is.

    I could be black, I could be white. Look at my name, Mays. I was born in the South End of Chicago. What race am I?

    peace and love and equality (by getting rid of immature hang ups),

  • Oh, also regarding your point of the Duke lacrosse team. Media, politics. They are the racists. Why was anyone’s race even brought up? How about lacrosse players and a stripper.

    Leave the color out of the issue. That is how you create equality.

  • R U Serious?

    The problem, sir, is that white folks (some not all) have a huge problem with being told what to do, especially by a Black person. One of the biggest reasons why Snoop is so successful and influential is because there are so many white kids buying it. Up until about 40 years ago white people could still call Black people “nig…s” and turn them down for housing because “we don’t like your kind”. NOW, White people can’t say what you still feel in your heart because of political correctness and the fact that most of society will not stand by and let this continue. What a handful of Blacks say their opinion of what a “hoe” is makes it true for all, lets turn the tables shall we?
    1. White people/ teenagers are very disrespectful to their parents calling them all sorts of names especially their mothers, so that means that white people hate their parents.
    2. A white dude was behind the Oklahoma City Bombing so therefore white people like to blow up buildings.
    3. Talk about promoting violence, don’t get me started on Columbine… or the video games that go flying off the shelves and into the hands of white kids thanks to Mommy and Daddy.
    3. Oh and if hip-hop, rap and which words we decide to use is so dumb and ignorant why do White people listen to it or what to use the words anyway? Are they not “above that”?

    White people emulate just about every aspect of Black culture that they put down For example:

    1. Rap music (go to a rich white neighborhood or any neighborhood and as you drive down the street see who’s blastin what)

    2. Big SUVs with huge dubs(rims). (Even old white ladies are pimpin out their cars and trucks with 24s)

    3. Baggy clothes / Sagging

    4. Big Butts ( what used to be a curse is now a huge asset. White girls are trying they hardest to make their backsides look as big as possible while still trying to maintain a size double zero)

    5. Tanning (Nuff said)

    6. Ebonics ( People turn it off and on as they please, even teachers use it to try to relate to students some times, jokingly of course)

    White people need to get off their high horses. If you don’t like the way that Blackness is sweeping across America go back to your country! (England, Scotland or where ever it is you people came from)

    I still can’t get over the fact that the author of this article says that “rappers or hip hop artists for spitting out lyrics out about killing people, raping bitches, and being drug dealers. These people aren’t exactly preaching the wonderful virtues of human society”. Let me tell you something White people’s virtues of human society.

    They steal a whole country from the natives to call their own.
    They kill off a whole race of people because of their manifest destiny then call the natives the savages.
    They steal a whole group of people to build their country, raise their kids, work the fields and then call Black people lazy.

    If you want to rid America of all the stink and bottom feeders start at your own house, look in your own mirror.

  • MBD

    “If you want to rid America of all the stink and bottom feeders start at your own house, look in your own mirror.“

    It’s pathetic how victimhood has become so fashionable. The last time I looked in the mirror, anyone could become rich, anyone can get a college degree, anyone can become an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, or learn a trade. Anyone can become whatever they want to be. Unfortunately, that includes becoming a pimp or other low-life.

    It’s our individual choice. If someone feels disadvantaged, it’s only in their mind. Of course, to set and accomplish a positive objective takes dedication and hard work. If anyone is looking for Utopia, they won’t find it on this planet.

    Crying about what happened to your ancestors is easy but a complete waste of time. It’s like peeing in your pants, it only makes you feel nice and warm for a moment. Then you can either wallow in the afterglow for a moment or go change your pants and do something constructive.

    Unfortunately, some only want to keep on peeing in their pants.

  • Zedd


    How about starting by not crying about what happened to IMUS.

    What is the big deal. One White guy looses his job for being racist AT WORK and you guys through tantrum and blame rappers and Al Sharpton.

    Aren’t you embarrased?

    Especailly based on your shameful history.

    You still haven’t stopped. What is wrong with you.

    Get used to it. No one will tolerate White men doing such things ever again. Adjust.

    Why would you want to live in such a world anyway?

    Check yourself. Are you alright?

  • Clavos

    No one will tolerate White men doing such things ever again

    Don’t bet on it. He’ll be back at work elsewhere soon.

    He was making millions for the networks, and it’s all about the money.

    You heard it here first.

  • WOW! I see the problem. Comments stating “all whites are…” etc. WTF!!!!! Shit, Manson and Hilter are white. I must be like them.

    GEEZ. Pick a finger, mutha. Right now. You wanna learn where a blanket statement out of the mouth of a moron will get you?

  • Zedd, “especially based on your shameful history” Hey, it was black tribal leaders that marketed and sold their own to the slave market. The African pimp slave traders. That is reality.

    What were you saying about shameful history?

  • troll

    Douglas – does the fact that Africans sold each other into slavery excuse the ‘shameful history’ of whites in the US owning slaves – or of jim crow – ?

  • wow

    I’m shocked. Really. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

    This isn’t hard.

    Racism is either wrong, or it isn’t. If you decide that it’s wrong, then it’s wrong ALL OF THE TIME. There is no, “Racism is wrong, and therefore I hate all (insert ethnic group here)”.

    If ANY of you really care AT ALL about the future of this country and the people in it, you had better start thinking this out. If your only interest is to spew venom at other people in the interest of feeling self-righteous while accomplishing NOTHING, then by all means, continue to out yourselves as hypocrites on some stupid blog site.

  • Paotie

    Wow ..

    Gee. Here’s what Sharpton brought upon America:

    Social wars based on sensibilities. Any day now, Sharpton will demand America boycott Tonka Toys because Tonka hired a white man and a black man was denied a job.

    Then, at the toy stores across America, any man buying a Tonka for his kid will suddenly be branded a racist for purchasing a product that Sharpton & Co. think is racist. His kid will be rudely introduced to more racism. And so, the cycle would continue.

    Forgot hostile corporate takeovers.

    Start thinking anarchy. Thank Sharpton for that.



  • RD.Watson

    Not since Dr. Martin Luther King, have we blacks and white Americans for that matter too, had a black leader of substance who took the issues that really affect all of us in our country of many colors and races. Education for all, health care, decent housing, JOBS, homelessness, teen pregnancies, HIV/AIDS, I need not go on. The likes of Rev. Al and Rev. Jessie sat back during the 80’s and the 1990’s and now we have the issued of HIV/AIDS decimating our black and brown youth and where is the outrage over that genocide allowed to happen by our self proclaimed leaders. Only the last few years have these men and thank God for our black women who stood up and have taken on the HIV/AIDS issue. 2007 does not warrant that old cannard being brought up about what white folks have done to us that we well know already in the past beyond how we hold onto to that hateful and vile history of slavery and Jim Crow mentality. What have we done to each other and allow to continue to do to one another in this century is sad and self written whether some of us care to admit that as fact or not? We Have To Take Care Of Ourselves and Our Own. I’m from a generation that embraced our own and stood lock step in unity back in the day when racism and lyncing was a daily issue and we had few rights that were enacted into law then. Oh, how we have regressed. Stop the excuses, education is the key to real freedom for everyone in America not the faux gangsters that have hijacked our culture in the past 20 years, even over the messages that the original rap artists put out about positive roll models in our communities that were told in the rap idiom of their ghetto truth. Does anyone remember how the hard core bro’s took over rap. The late Tupac had a positive slant to his life of many non-positives, he is gone and so is his artistry and vision. Let us not forget that poor black folks are not just found in the city ghettos. Poor blacks and whites are everywhere in our country. Sadly.
    As for Snoop Dogg, he is a married man with children and I certainly hope that his wife is not allowing him to address her as his ho’ even behind their closed door? He can stake claim to a life he no longer lives or has to live other than in his CD’s that he lives the life of the ghetto gangster. He and the other rappers of his ilk live in multi million dollar homes and a wealthy lifestyle. Gangster life? I think not! Snoop Dogg’s teaching football to black youth is fine and grand but what about teaching the joyous freedom of an education beyond the 8th grade to those young black boys along with running with a piece of leather to toss around? Doesn’t multiple drug and weapons arrests trump what good he is working to accomplish? Dual message?
    Those of us who won’t take advantage of what we can do and accomplish in 2007 beyond other than athletics and rap have ourselves to blame and we know what we are up against in the white male dominated/owned corporate world at large. We have to still deal and find a way to correct this. Shame on those of you/us for holding on to a past that you’ve never lived or experienced yourself if truth be told about repression of 40 or 200 years ago? Memory is selective and valuable, but civil action and hard work is what is necessary to get over as black and brown people of color. This is not 1947 or 1957 when we were truly repressed, beat down, tarred and feathered and sadly routinely lynched. History folks is not just to be looked at from the prison, yes prison, of 200 years ago alone.
    We can and Must do better as a people to address where we are to go now and in the future? Firing every hateful comment made by public figures is not going to fly in the long run as to our making any real change until we address what and who we allow to say and and proclaim that they lead and speak for us along with the rappers hate speech as we silently sit by and not put our voices and minds to the task of cleaning out our own neighborhoods, block by block, community by community, child by impressionalbe child. We can shout, protest and get people fired and pray all we want but at the end of the day we still have to row our own butts to shore. Rev. Al is 52, is it not time to encourage a younger black vision of substance to take to the fore and address what has occurred since the assinaton of Dr. Martin Luther King? I’m sorry Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson but it is high time that you men re-boot and take a good look at stepping outside of the all too comfortable political box that has been held onto for too long and now find yourselves painted into a corner of your own doing. Reading this will to some appear as a being a ‘hater’ but that is far from where I sit and many of my generation who have witnessed our societal re-emergence of the sleeping cancer of self denial some of us see swirling around us. Let us go forward and upwards.

  • Zedd

    RD Watson

    Education for all, health care, decent housing, JOBS, homelessness, teen pregnancies, HIV/AIDS, I need not go on.

    That is exactly what both Jackson and Sharpton do and MORE….. For ALL RACES. Do you think they just sit around until YOU see them on TV? You could have at least googled and found out what they do.

    Again. Ask questions or study. Its invigorating.

    Go to Jackson’s link. It may help.

  • Zedd

    BTW you are a phony

  • Zedd, you’ve been reading too many press releases and too little actual news if you think those things are what Sharpton and Jackson are all about.


  • Dan

    I like the way RD Watson is in the present. It’s always encouraging to see folks that believe in self-actualization.

    It’s easy to pretend victimhood, Especially when lot’s of people are willing to listen to it.

    Although white guys are the true victims of discrimination today, no one is listening. That’s a good thing though, you can’t keep us down.

  • Zedd


    Zedd, you’ve been reading too many press releases and too little actual news if you think those things are what Sharpton and Jackson are all about.

    I am very serious. They do far more than the poster suggested. Don’t forget, I am Black and I enjoy politics. I KNOW what Jessie Jackson is involved in. Its not even a matter to debate. Whites who are active in the Democratic party will tell you the same thing. You’ve heard of Rainbow Push haven’t you? Its been in place for several decades. It is a well known organization. The rainbow represents all colors. Among the issues named above, he is very involved in Union organizing as well. He is passionate about the rap issue. Again, I’ve seen him on a number of occasions actually weeping regarding this issue.

    You only see a small glimpse which is off course requested by journalists of him. His life’s work is very vast. I personally don’t feel comfortable with his style (and lisp). He is a bit hyper and comes off as impulsive. People like that make me uncomfortable. I suppose if he were growing up today, he’d probably be tagged as ADD. But I am very humbled by his accomplishments.

    Its nice to know that Black people are multi-dementional isn’t it. Its unfortunate that our being fully engaged in all varieties of the human experience is not sexy or news worthy. Perhaps its because that should be assumed.

  • they do far more, and far worse. Rainbow/Push is basically an extortion racket designed to line Jackson’s pockets. I actually have a bit more respect for Sharpton, but he’s also mostly in it for the money and the notoriety.

    If they actually wanted to help the African American community they wouldn’t be promoting unions which exclude young blacks from jobs or bullying companies into hiring more blacks on the basis of quotas, or hyping these ridiculous non-issues. They’d be supporting the thousands of AA parents who are crying out for school choice and starting job training programs and apprenticeship programs for teens and working to legalize drugs to take the money out of the single biggest force victimizing black youth. How are they doing on these issues?


  • The Haze

    Zedd – gonna ride this off into the sunset,aren’t you? We know your black. so what. we know your smart. who cares. we also know your blind to what is right and wrong,plain and simple. sorry…….oops, didn’t I say that loud enough? SORRY!!! it’s never enough for Zedd,Al and Jesse. all that matters is the team accepted the apology and that’s what should be talked about now. shame on everyone for ridin’ this “ho” into the ground for that is why the taste of hate lingers in the mouth of America. I have seen the enemy and it is…….

  • It’s over, Paotie. Give it up. You’re a “mark” in pro wrasslin’ terminology.

    You are truly buying what the media establishment is selling you. You’ve convinced yourself that Reverend Al Sharpton, who does NOT have ANY control of FOX, MSNBC, CBS, CNN or any other news organization somehow MAGICALLY appears on their airwaves through his force of will. That the producers of these networks have “no choice” but to interview Sharpton, because apparently, he is the ONLY person to have spoken out about this issue.

    Paotie, maybe I should clue you in on some things:

    “Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the highest-ranking black woman in government history, said the racist, sexist comments that got radio shock jock Don Imus fired were “disgusting.” …Rice declined to offer an opinion on Imus’s firing but said she was “very glad that there was, in fact, a consequence” for the remarks.”


    Bruce Gordon, former head of the NAACP and a director of CBS Corp., said Wednesday the broadcasting company needs a “zero tolerance policy” on racism and hopes talk-show host Don Imus is fired for his demeaning remarks about the mostly black Rutgers women’s basketball team.

    “He’s crossed the line, he’s violated our community,” Gordon said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. “He needs to face the consequence of that violation.”

    ESPN link “Has he lost his mind?” asked NABJ(National Association of Black Journalists) President Bryan Monroe, vice president and editorial director for Ebony and Jet magazines in Chicago. “Those comments were beyond offensive. Imus needs to be fired. Today.”

    NABJ link “Representative CHARLES RANGEL: I think it’s playing out properly and I hope that it sends a signal to other sponsors as well as TV and radio stations that they should not want to be associated with people that lack the sensitivity to be insulting to any group of people. And he’s been doing this for a number of years and I think that this reaction goes far beyond him, but should set a tone for the FCC as well.”


    “In an interview with ABC News Wednesday afternoon, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., called for the firing of talk radio host Don Imus. Obama said he would never again appear on Imus’ show, which is broadcast on CBS Radio and MSNBC television.

    “He didn’t just cross the line,” Obama said. “He fed into some of the worst stereotypes that my two young daughters are having to deal with today in America. The notions that as young African-American women — who I hope will be athletes — that that somehow makes them less beautiful or less important. It was a degrading comment. It’s one that I’m not interested in supporting.”

    Though every major presidential candidate has decried the racist remarks, Obama is the first one to say Imus should lose his job for them.” – ABC News

    Paotie, I didn’t even MENTION the black and female staffers at MSNBC and NBC News who voiced THEIR opinions behind closed doors (Al Roker did it PUBLICALLY on his blog).

    I didn’t even MENTION the black and female executives in the various corporate sponsors that helped persuade their companies to pull their support for Imus.

    This is 2007, Paotie. There are TOO MANY women and minorities in powerful positions in this country for you and those who think like you to successfully make “Al Sharpton’s the boogeyman” arguments anymore.

    RD writes: “Rev. Al is 52, is it not time to encourage a younger black vision of substance to take to the fore and address what has occurred since the assinaton of Dr. Martin Luther King? I’m sorry Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson but it is high time that you men re-boot and take a good look at stepping outside of the all too comfortable political box that has been held onto for too long and now find yourselves painted into a corner of your own doing. Reading this will to some appear as a being a ‘hater’ but that is far from where I sit and many of my generation who have witnessed our societal re-emergence of the sleeping cancer of self denial some of us see swirling around us. Let us go forward and upwards.”

    RD, who are you addressing this request to? The African-Americans currently in the Bush Administration? The African-Americans in Congress? Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas? Deval L. Patrick, Governor of Mass? Any host of black authors, scholars, theologians, executives and scientists?

    I don’t know about you, but I see more prominant black leaders TODAY than I’ve ever read about in American history. Don’t let the corporate media define for YOU who you should consider a “black leader.”

    Dave Nalle: Hey buddy… who are the white politicians calling for drug legalization? I want a direct quote from a MAINSTREAM candidate for high office who is on the record for legalizing coccaine, crystal methamphetamine, heroin, etc.

    If you can’t come up with one, why would you think of bashing Sharpton and Jackson?


  • Paotie

    Cobra –

    You just want your cake and to eat it. That’s the essence of the Black experience in this country. The reason Black employees of MSNBC were angry is because they made Imus a racist. He isn’t a racist. He’s a stupid, blathering idiot, but he’s not a racist.

    Don’t worry, there’s an old saying: be careful for what you wish for.

    Oh, and by the way, buddy .. former New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson – a white man (and GOP) – was the one of the FIRST major politicans to propose drug legalization.



  • GEEZ, here is the REAL deal. Sharpton, the media, corporate means, etc. in their stance on the issue ARE HUMILIATING EVERY DECENT BLACK (and white) PERSON in this country.

    Any person (black or white or red, etc., don’t mention color!!!) who has developed their individuality and always moving forward in the world (rich or poor, but proud and productive) to have some jackass like Sharpton saying how ALL black people feel is way out of line.

    Sharpton and the likes of are really setting racism back so so so far. I mean, geez, say one (who happens to be black) is heading to the office (which has mostly white, some black, a few Hispanic and Asian workers-as is the real percentage of population base) Monday morning and having to deal with this stuff. Whitey being hypersensitive to the black workers because Sharpton (and others) are saying how they are supposed to be feeling. Any normal upstanding black person at the workplace would actually be shaking their heads at the stupidity of this whole issue.

    THAT IS TRUE RACIAL EQUALITY. And guess what. It exists pretty much everywhere. Well, the South still has some problems. Back in 1985 I was at a disco in New Orleans. I ask a black gal to dance with me for a song. She was apprehensive at first, but everything was cool. Then a fellow came up to me and said “you must not be from around here. We don’t do that around here”. Geez, I was stunned….

    Then, it was funny, I was managing the Burning Spear reggae band (oh, how racist! A white guy managing a crew of black musicians…). We had a day off in Richmond VA and we were all watching a basketball game on the TV. One team was getting beat. The team getting beat had a few white folk on the court. I comment about the losing team “geez, it is too white out there”. Everyone laughs. Our roadie said “That is what I was thinking, but didn’t say anything because you are white”. I smiled and said not to worry about that.

    About reggae and other African/Jamaican music support. That style of music is about 80% supported by white folks in this country (except for Brooklyn and Houston). Why? It is too black for the blacks.

    And one whole deal in the racism issue, black civil leaders are acting like the whole country is black. It is maybe 12% black. As long as everyone is treated like the human they are, what is the problem?

    Anyway, Sharpton and Les Moonie (CBS) are living like it is 1950 or something. Until all idiots involved figure out it is 2007 and society has evolved quite a bit, QUIT BRINGING THE BLACK PERSON DOWN!!!! YOU DON’T TREAT ABLE BODY MINDS LIKE THEY ARE CRIPPLED or incapable.

    As long as there is a label on someone, you have racism. The labels to be used are good worker, bad worker. Law abiding, criminal. Etc.

    Anyone making an issue of all this are so out of it and setting this country so far behind. People, we must ignore and get rid of these morons. IMUS is not the moron. Guess what, most any black person in the USA got Imus’s botched joke. And as many white folk as black folk got a chuckle over a botched joke. It wasn’t that funny as far as comedy structure goes, but there are lots of black folk that could have made the very same joke.

    Say Imus was black, and the Rutgers team was mostly white. Black Imus says “those greasy headed sluts played a hell of a game…” Any issue? No… Just a harmless talk show host yapping away…

  • OK, here is the reality of race issues for MOST of the USA.

    If you are cool, peaceful and productive (take the race label out of it), you are accepted. If you are not accepted, take a look at yourself. You are not allowed to use race as the acceptance thing.

    In reality, the race issue only applies to a tiny percentage of USA society.

    I mean, even in England, it isn’t so bad to be a ‘Paki’ as it was 40 years ago. The world has evolved. Why don’t you?

    OK, when I say ‘you’, I am only speaking to a tiny percentage of people. But the percentage happens to be big wigs in government and corporate and social movement arenas…..

    This country needs to clean house. Bush, Sharpton, etc. The issue of racism would sure change. Time to update….

  • Zedd

    — Paotie

    People who have worked in the offices with Imus including Olbermann say that Imus IS a racist pig.

    Now will you let it go. And please stop attacking Blacks whenever a White person goofs or you are just in a weird mood. Your posts have this theme that is rather sick.

    Is it because you feel powerless as a person with a disability?

    Stop yourself. Its getting weird.

  • Ugh! OK, one more story…

    Back to road stories with Burning Spear. First of all, we are traveling with about 15 people in the crew. The one white guy (me) is tour manager. When we are out there, there is no color. we are a group of humans in the same boat making something happen.

    Oh, anyway, this has to do with identity. Being black, white, half native american, etc. is part of one’s personal identity. It is all a good thing if you are a decent human.

    So, we are in Washington DC playing a gig at Howard Universty (very black). It is sound check time. I always carry a soccer ball with me on tour (gotta get some exercise on the road!!). The Football/Soccer field was fight next to the performance hall. Oh good. During sound check, I go out to kick the ball.

    A dorm hall sat behind the main bleachers. As I was dribbling around and taking shots on goal, a student from the top floor of the dorm kept shouting down at me (in a non-attacking voice) on the field ‘DOVE BOY’. Oh man, I love it!!! I gave the guy a thumbs up.

    since 1986 (time of the gig), I have kept that ‘dove boy’ identity in my pocket. That is way too cool! I love it. The student doing the shouting I know had no harm intended. Sure, it was a racial identification statement. It was a good thing, not bad.

    Dove Boy, for me is great for breaking the ice in certain social situations for me. So, hell, I’m sticking with it.

    Is the student who shouted ‘dove boy’ at me 21 years ago out there? I love it dude! I give thanks! It is hip….

    Dove Boy

  • Paotie

    Zedd ..

    You’re the one bitchin’ about how hard it is to be Black, so you must feel powerless.

    Unlike you, my disability has never prevented me from seeing the other side of the coin. And, just admit it – you’re jealous because a deaf boy like me can look at you and laugh at your victimization because you know deep down, you’ve got it waaaaaaaay better than 99% of deaf people. You’re also jealous because a disabled man can look you in the eye and tell you that you’re bitchin’ way too much.

    I wonder how it feels to be used to being the ONLY group to complain about life’s difficulties. But, it must really give you a slow burn to see that another minority can point out your flaws and remind you that life is all about how YOU make it.

    You want to be a victim. That’s fine.

    I don’t. Try to remember the difference.


  • Paotie, Gary Johnson? The admitted marijuana and cocaine user, Gary Johnson? I guess people WOULD want to make their vices “legal”, huh? But Gary Johnson RETIRED. He isn’t a candidate for anything, so my point REMAINS.

    Paotie writes: “You just want your cake and to eat it. That’s the essence of the Black experience in this country. The reason Black employees of MSNBC were angry is because they made Imus a racist. He isn’t a racist. He’s a stupid, blathering idiot, but he’s not a racist.”

    Unless you’re Don Imus, you really don’t KNOW what’s in his heart and mind. The Rutgers incident wasn’t Imus’ first racial incident. Ask Gwen Ifill and Clarence Page. Ask Al Roker, a constant target of Imus’ barbs. Second, there are WOMEN who were outraged over the remarks, not to mention THOUSANDS of Rutgers Alumni throughout the business world.

    You have to right to free speech. You don’t have the right to corporate sponsored speech on corporate broadcasts on federally regulated airwaves.

    Douglas writes: “Sharpton and the likes of are really setting racism back so so so far.”

    Freudian slip? LOL.

    You’re a “mark” too, Douglas. You want me to sign you up for that wrestling pay per view?


  • Cobra, re: #22. “Obama said he would never again appear on Imus’ show”.

    Hhhmmm….problem. I dunno, maybe it is just me, but if I were Obama, I would jump at the chance to go on Imus’ show. Face to face, sock it to ’em.

    Plus it is a chance to really deal with the issue instead of responding to the loose, scattered chatter of it all.

    Obama, that would have been a great opportunity to really make an American statement. At least you guys bagged the ‘FOX debate’. Now that Imus has been fired, you lost the opportunity to iron out a hell of an issue and put your stamp on your beliefs for the USA.

    Could you imagine how huge the coverage would have been????? Lots of votes for no cost. If you handled the situation well, oh man, you would have sure boosted yourself closer to the White House. Uh, Black House? OK, I just had to throw that in.

    Anyway, if I were your campaign manager…

  • Oh, Cobra, re:#30. You got me!!! Setting racism back???? Oooopppssss… I meant race relations.

    O god, what an idiot. I better have some coffee.

    Dude, you got me. LOL.

    who ever I am right now…

  • Paotie

    Cobra ..

    You made a very good point! We don’t KNOW what’s in Imus’ mind. THAT is the very essence of the controversy surrounding Imus’ stupid blathering. Thank you very much for validating both my articles.

    Blacks say he was racist; Whites don’t understand why Blacks took exception to Imus, considering the context and Imus’ profession. And, given the double standard in America, the outrage over Imus has clearly drawn blurred lines over what’s contextually racist or not.

    YAY! I love when you prove my points!

    One more thing: suppose Imus wasn’t fired despite Sharpton’s consumer protests. Suppose Sharpton continued to label any American who purchased a PetCo bag of dog food to be a racist. Gee. Wait. He already did that, although he didn’t say it in as many words.

    So, here’s what will happen now: we’ll have racially-motivated consumer wars.

    What a lovely idea! If you buy Coke, you are a racist! If you buy Pepsi, you are a homophobic! If you buy 7-UP, you’re a Muslim!

    Citizen advocacy through consumerism is the first step in the road to anarchy.


  • I finally read through most of the comments on this thing and I think I need to go puke….

    My last two cents on it and I’m done for good…

    Imus said it…deal with HIM, not everyone else..

    Jackson & Sharpton both have past that many question…they also have helped many through their careers..their motives may be questionable but the fact remains..Imus said it, he apologized and had to deal with the corporate repercussions.

    And finally, it wasn’t a nice thing to say on public radio…he wants his show, he should go to satellite like his good friend Stern.

    Focus on Imus. Jackson and Sharpton will give you all a reason to hate them later on, I’m sure some of you will be waiting for that moment.

    btw, some of the comments left on this thread are scary as hell. One of the things I dislike the most about BC, people’s true colors (pun intended) comes out big time! Spread a little love people!

  • ez

    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should be applauded for the good that have done,and hopefully continue to do for themselves and those who may(eg. Albner Louima,Amadou Diallo’s Family, Gavin Cato’s Family Lt Goodman, toyoto auto workers etc. and on the flipside Politicians on the left and the right) benefit from the styles of activism that they use

  • FACE

    The subsequent actions of MSNBC & CBS in severing their ties with Imus must be placed in proper perspective; the loss of corporate sponsorship was the deciding factor in both cases. Those that discredit Sharpton & Jackson/S&J for their own in discretions now give them clout they don’t even have with much of the Black community who did not appoint either to their perceived roles of “Black Leaders” again, the same media that sensationalized their involvement and gave them a podium before others is the same media diverting attention from the real issues at hand to S&J. In regard to Hip Hop culture, consider too that 80% of rap music is purchased by White suburban kids and the ones making the real profits are mostly the corporate distributors of what today passes for Hip Hop music. Most rappers are in debt with no health insurance. The ones that “make it” usually sacrifice their own integrity, and the welfare of both their communities and their people to “blow up”. Said critics of Hip Hop or Black culture are usually the same that discredit it as a fad except when it serves their purpose as a scapegoat; Ban Scarface, The Sopranos, Gangs of New York and a lot more before attacking rap music. They don’t call prostitution the oldest profession for nothing; it certainly didn’t start with rap music. New York is an “at will” state, meaning your employment may be terminated “at will” for violation of any “zero tolerance” policy or at your employer’s discretion. In the end it was worth more; to MSNBC &CBS, to exercise this option. Imus will remain a hero to those who support his ideology and/or current circumstance. Make no mistake though, this is not the end of Don Imus, the buck does not stop with finger pointing at S&J or the media. It certainly does not rest at the doorstep of the Black community. This is an American crisis that is also the catalyst for the emergence of true American heroes with the heart to engage in constructive dialogue addressing the sins of our fathers and the future of our children. Much respect to Don Imus for taking one for the team (Team America) and to the Black community for taking a firm stance for equality. Imus will live on as did Howard Stern, Star (Star & Bucwild) and even a bumbling presidential candidate who suffered from the same case of foot in mouth disease.

  • Kas

    “The white folks did not go to Africa and kidnap tribes people. They were marketed and SOLD OFF by tribal leaders!”

    DM, you have lost your mind… Not all slaves were sold… Get your facts right! True, some were sold off… But not all… Whoa… And for you to even try and go there with the whole:

    “After all, alot of whiteys came here as indentured servants. I guess we are a nation of slaves.”

    You have no idea… Your whole post was a bunch of “mighty white” things to say… Let’s just act like racism in no longer here and we are all equal… If it makes you white folks feel better about what your families did to us, go ahead…

    And “Nappy headed hoes” is not a term of endearment to black folks nowhere in the US… That dumb-ass statement just proves you have no idea what you are talking about!



  • Kas, I don’t know what is up your butt. I don’t think you know either.

    First of all, what race am I? Look at my last name. Pretty black, eh? I was born in the South End of Chicago.

    I have some really heavy duty experience in management of Reggae and African pop artists. To further my source of knowledge on the subject, my old man was in sales at Boeing, ironically his territory was Africa. I learned alot from his experience hanging and dealing with leaders of countries on a top level, all for sake of selling an airplane to a national airlines. WOW, serious informtion on that level.

    Anyway, that is my source of information on the subject. From Africa, not so much here.

    Further more, my family has been in the country since the late 1600s. Roots of my family in the USA played a role in the underground passage to freedom to the North for slaves.

    You say, “some were sold off…but not all”. True, but some were. Bottom line. My facts are accurate. You backed me up on it.

    Mighty whitey? Oh yeah, like I bow to Hitler or Manson, or any other white piece of s***. I’m not from the South where I have seen actual racism (f***, I was stunned and felt like punching some white a-holes).

    Oh yeah, “if it makes you white folks feel better what your families did to us”. Interesting, what have I done to you? Oh, thats right, you are being a racist and speaking in non-applicable blanket statements.

    “nappy headed hoes” as a term of endearment. I was just reiterating what someone claimed in an article on BC. To take it further back, I saw an established black comedian make statements about use of seemingly racist terminology in modern vernacular, clarifying such usage. “Term of endearment” is a quote. Hhhmm…, he was black and modern. Can’t remember his name, on Comedy Central. Obviously he didn’t speak for you.

    Anyway, piss on it. Sure, I am white. My last name which is very popular in the black community. Fine, somewhere in my lineage is a slave owner. What does that have to do with me as an individual today? Nothing. Say you have a rapist somewhere in your family history, does that make you a rapist?

    In my bloodline I have Pollack in me. dee dee dee. Do I take offense? Hell no. If I let some dumb ass statement take down my individual self, then I am some unevolved dumbs***. But I am not.

    If you think you are the voice of black people in this country, who the hell do you think you are? Wacky Blacky? Any together person (white, black, red, yellow) knows what I am saying. You would be quite surprised at how many individual blacks resent statements like yours as THE voice of the black American community.


  • Hey look, it all comes down to this: don’t shoot the messanger.

    Imus got the term from rap/hip-hop artists. All these guys know about is the bad conditions and life as it is from the poor ghetto (be it urban or rural) conditions. Lack of education is part of it. Backwards sexist fighting for life conditions. Hey people, that is the way it is.

    Imus, rappers etc. are not the problem. They are speaking of the problem. If Imus got fired, major labels should drop the contracts of the artists also.

    Unfortunately, the state of the music industry currently, artists do not provide answers in the music. In days of old, you could count on your great artists to provide answers and not just point things out.

    Imus, good job. You got people off their asses to look deeper at the real problem just by using hip hop vernacular and putting it in the mainstream to the people that can actually do something about the deplorable lifestyle existing in the USA when your poor and uneducated have no idea what to do, so they just wallow in their waste.

    You know, Imus is actually a hero, if the morons of the political, corporate, civil service world (who actually have a big part in creating conditions that rap/hip-hop toast about) would actually do something in creating better equality for the humans of this country.

    CBS fires Imus. WOW, major corporate denial. So the corporation shoots the biggest messanger of all. The one who inadvertently made the biggest move of them all.

    Others may say “everyone knows P. Diddy or Eminem or whoever”. That is so stupid. Guess what. The president of Proctor and Gamble (name your corporation) has no idea who any of those guys are or what they are saying. A way larger % of the USA knows who Don Imus is compared to any rap artist.

    CBS/MSNBC and everyone jumping on Imus’ case is missing the true social change reality of it. Firing Imus is actually brushing a major problem under the rug and trying to say something is being done about racism. Imus just pointed it out to a much larger audience than any rap star could ever reach.

    I praise Imus’ guts. Good job dude, sock it to them. He did more for race relations than anyone has done this century.

    Now the trick is to get everyone off their effete high horses using the tiny micro self absorbed ass sucking view of racism/sexism and get down to the real cause of it all.

    It ain’t Imus. It is you… figure it out.

  • P.S.- FACE, comment #35, good statement. I’m down with it.

    Rock on,

  • Les Slater

    There is no doubt that Imus is a racist. It is not just this latest episode either. And it is not just Imus. AM radio has a lot of plain rude shit on it. I listen to it once and a while and most of it seems to appeal on a juvenile level. Juvenile humor can be good sometimes. It does not have to be mean, racist, sexist or insulting.

    The most interesting thing I read in the news is that the firing of Imus is likely to have a negative effect on CBS’s profit. A big corporation needs to cater to racists to maximize its profit.

    It’s a sick system that needs racism to mask its own crisis situation. Remember the Jews in Germany were primarily blamed for the economic crisis.

  • Clavos

    The most interesting thing I read in the news is that the firing of Imus is likely to have a negative effect on CBS’s profit. A big corporation needs to cater to racists to maximize its profit.

    Those two statements, taken together, assume that everyone who listened to the Imus show was a racist. I don’t think that’s the case.

  • Les Slater


    Did you make it a habit to listen to Imus? Racism runs very deep in this country. I see it quite prominantly in this thread. It’s not always on the surface. People like Imus help bring it out, make it a little bit more acceptable.


  • Les, there’s racism and then there’s REAL racism.

    Lots of people on this thread and around the nation, including Don Imus have soms stereotypical ideas about race and make the occasional racial joke that they might think better of later. Defining them as real racists is painting with way too broad a brush. They’re just normal people who have the stray insensitive thought. They aren’t going to actively persecute anyone based on race.

    It’s a huge step from there to the realm of REAL racism, where you consider one race to be inherently and universally inferior and seek to act on that belief by actively persecuting members of that race.

    Even Imus, despite his stupid comment, falls into the former category, not the later. I think Richard Brodie is currently banned from the site, but if he were still around we could show you what a real racist is like, and the difference is unmistakable.


  • Les Slater


    The Richard Brodies and similar straight-up racists do not have a mass appeal at this time. Imus, however was not subtle. He played a game as to how much he could get away with. Dangerous game and he missjudged. He took it a long way for a long time though.


  • Clavos

    Les asks:


    Did you make it a habit to listen to Imus?”

    Actually, I never listened to him. I think people like him and Howard Stern (both of them) are scum and low class. I refuse to encourage people like that. But, I doubt that everyone who listened to Imus is a racist. Maybe I’m wrong…

  • Les Slater

    I was in Detroit for a couple of days. I stayed at a hotel. I watched one movie and a short part of another that had white people using the term nigger. One was Ghost Dog that the terms being used help portray a few of the characters as being racist. That was the one I watched to the end. I thought it was a good movie. The other one started with a white guy trying to get laid in a seedy part of town. He got robbed once and there was a second attempt. At that point the guy had a combo knife/brass-knuckle and gave the would-be assailent a brutal beating calling him a nigger several times. He then went into a bar and pronounced he felt better than he ever felt about being alive. I switched channels.

  • I wonder if the Taliban knows that bombs are not needed to cause a war in this country. All they need is to drop a bunch of littled white pieces of paper on American soil with racial slurs written on them. Give Al Sharpton 10 minutes and poof. We will annialate ourselves.
    We are a nation of ex slaves. We were exiled from England. we sold ourselves into slavery to escspe a famin. One of my family member came to this country with 3 dollars in his pocket. He ran away from his family and stowed away on a boat. You say it isn’t true?
    I know it doesn’t seem like my great great grandfather went to war to free the slaves. That is because some of them took advantage of his sacrifice. Then there are the people that refuse to be free.
    Freedom has to be fought for. My great great grandfather fought for your great great grandfathers freedom, but your slavery is self imposed.
    I have my great great grandfathers blood stained sword in my attic that prooves he did his job. Now, the rest is up to you.
    The only people who can insult you, are the people you pay attention too. If Imus has insulted you, it can only be possible if you were listening!

  • Well said Mar’s!

  • MCH

    I did agree with Imus on at least one thing, when he called GW Bush and Paul Wolfowitz “war criminals.”

  • Les Slater

    I am always suspicious when I hear Bush and Wolfowitz connected with anything to do with the Middle East. What is usually behind this is the claim that Israel has taken over U.S. foreign policy with respect to the Middle East. This not true but has the objective effect of blaming the Jews. This is just as pernicious as anti-Black racism.

  • Dave, #43. Very good point. REAL RACISM. The true definition vs. stupid pop chatter being construed as racism.

    Imus or the guy from another country who thinks ‘ho’ is a compliment because they see it used in USA pop culture so much IS NOT the same as being active in oppressing minority communities (KKK, employer not hiring strictly because of color, etc.).

    Anyway, people of the USA, we have to just get our house in order. Let us not be hypersensitive to the point of micromanaged idiocy. With this whole issue, we are all saying the same thing, just each taking different trails to the mountain top.

    Let us get on the same trail.


  • (To Rev. Al Sharpton) This is an Open Memorandum.

    First thing I want to say is that I am African American. As a matter of fact, we met in Chicago.

    The second thing I want to say is that it is good that you do speak out on issues of people of color. I also want to say that I was very happy that you spoke out on slavery in Sudan. You went there to confirm the reports for yourself. Nat Hentoff of the Village Voice said of you: “Perhaps now the Rev. Al Sharpton’s first-person accounts of slavery in Sudan will awaken the media.” You said: “I am outraged that more of us, particularly of the African American leadership, have not talked about the slave trade that I witnessed with my own eyes in the Sudan.”

    However, Rev. Sharpton, let’s put this Tawana Brawley thing to rest. (Yes, that again.) She did not tell the truth. To keep on defending her despite the clear facts that she was not raped bites viciously at your credibility. Here are excerpts from the facts from the Court TV website:

    “S/A (FBI Special Agent) Malone has examined evidence in approximately fifteen hundred rape cases. Several hundred of those rapes were alleged to have taken place in the woods. In his opinion, it would be impossible for a person to spend any length of time in the woods without picking up a great deal of plant materials on the person or clothing. He stated you would expect to find things like needles, leaves, pieces of wood, twigs and grass fragments. He noted that most rapes take place on the ground. He testified, ‘Normally you’re going to find it all over the clothes, many times in the hair of the individual, pubic combings, all over the body, just everywhere.’ S/A Malone found ‘absolutely no plant material.’

    “This Grand Jury also considered the other medical and scientific evidence that is detailed more fully in other sections of this report. Despite weather that dipped to the freezing mark several times during the four-day period, Ms. Brawley exhibited no signs of exposure. She was not dehydrated or malnourished; her breath did not have a bad odor. There were no bruises or scuff marks on her body consistent with having been on the ground. The Grand Jury found no evidence consistent with a person having been sexually assaulted in a wooded area and no evidence that Ms. Brawley spent four days or any significant part thereof in a wooded area….

    “As noted earlier, FBI Special Agent Michael Malone, an expert in hair and fiber analysis, examined Ms. Brawley’s pubic hair combings, fingernail scrapings and clippings, debris removed from her body and hair samples, all of which were recovered during her examination at St. Francis Hospital. He also examined the clothing she was wearing and the items found at the scene. As noted above, he did not find plant materials on Ms. Brawley’s body or clothing, which would have been present if she had spent any length of time in the woods. However, he did find hair and fibers that indicated Ms. Brawley’s presence in Apt. 19A….

    “Her teeth were clean, and her mouth did not have a bad odor. In her testimony, the emergency room physician noted that a typical person who came into the emergency room having been out in the environment would not have brushed her teeth or have good hygiene of the mouth. This would result in a bad odor, even if the person was out only overnight. Ms. Brawley’s good dental hygiene was inconsistent with not having brushed her teeth in three or four days. No evidence of urine was found in Ms. Brawley’s mouth….

    “The rape kit involved several procedures: 1) wipings and cultures were taken from Ms. Brawley’s vaginal area and checked for sperm motility (i.e., sperm that may have been present and moving); this was microscopically examined immediately and no motile sperm was detected, although a white discharge of trichamonas was present.” Court TV

    “[Dr. Justin Uku] would expect to find evidence of exposure, malnutrition and dehydration. He would expect to find evidence of the assault such as physical injury, scrapes, abrasions, bruises on her arms and legs, a black eye, bruises in the mouth if she was slapped, and bruises and scratches in the pelvic area. He would expect to find seminal fluid in the body cavities and on the clothes. He would also expect to find leaves and soil on her body and clothing.

    “Dr. Uku examined the medical records, the relevant physical evidence and much of the testimony presented to this Grand Jury. He stated that he found no evidence consistent with an allegation that Ms. Brawley had been repeatedly sexually assaulted over a period of four days by at least three men in a wooded area. It was his expert opinion that the lack of any evidence of physical injury, of sexual contact, of trace evidence of hairs, fibers and plant materials, was inconsistent with an allegation of sexual assault by multiple assailants in a wooded area over a period of four days.”Court TV

    It has been reported that you said: “We stated openly that Steven Pagones did it. If we’re lying, sue us, so we can go into court with you and prove you did it. Sue us — sue us right now.” Did you prove that Pagones raped Tawana Brawley? Did you prove that Pagones was lying? You and the other defendants could not prove he raped her or prove he was lying. A man, who committed no crime, and his family have been disrupted.

    The Pagones v. Maddox et al.decision said: “On October 6, 1988, the Abrams Grand Jury released its extensive and thorough 170 page report concluding that Tawana Brawley (“Brawley”) had not been abducted, assaulted, raped and sodomized as had been claimed by Brawley and her advisors. The report further concluded that the “unsworn public allegations against Dutchess County Assistant District Attorney Steven Pagones” were false and had no basis in fact. To issue the report, the Grand Jury heard from 180 witnesses, saw 250 exhibits and recorded over 6,000 pages of testimony…

    “Meaningful medical evidence that Brawley was raped and as Mason claimed, sodomized in two ways, was totally lacking. It is inconceivable, even to lay persons without medical expertise such as those serving on the jury, that Brawley, a fifteen year old, could have been repeatedly raped and sodomized in two ways by six men over a four day period without significant physical evidence to support her allegations. The extensive cross-examination of those who treated and those who observed Brawley after she was discovered produced nothing of substance to sustain these allegations….

    “The Grand Jury’s report indicated a thorough analysis was done of the former Brawley apartment and of Brawley’s clothes and that the tests revealed that she was in the apartment and could have written the racial slurs herself. Materials found in the apartment matched materials found on her person. Since there was no forensic evidence of rape, the Grand Jury found “nothing in regard to Tawana Brawley’s appearance on November 28 that is inconsistent with this condition having been self-inflicted” (Grand Jury report page 168)….

    “…No other expert witnesses were called by Mason or Maddox to contradict the analyses of the various experts presented to the Grand Jury. Among these were psychological opinions, including one by Dr. Park Elliott Dietz, a forensic psychiatrist and professor of behavioral medicine and psychiatry at the University of Virginia. In the report at page 115, it is stated that “Dr. Dietz concluded that Tawana Brawley’s physical appearance when she was found is consistent with self-infliction and a false allegation.” NY Courts

    There are many other facts that anyone can lookup on the Internet. Rev. Sharpton, even God cannot change the truth.

    Just because the damages were paid by your supporters does not mean the real damage has gone away. The wounds are still festering.

    Now all charges were dropped against the three Duke University lacrosse team members. The facts were clear there also they committed no crime. But you accused them of rape with a rush to judgment.

    Rev. Sharpton, you once said: “Everybody grows. And I think everybody has certain turning points.” You want people to know you as someone who is committed to truth and justice and you are committed to improving race relations. Here is a turning point for you. I will say publicly that you are a leader who has a commitment to truth and justice and you are committed to improving race relations on these conditions:

    • That you publicly admit that the Tawana Brawley story was a hoax. The facts are very clear she fabricated her story. You thought she was telling the truth, but in retrospect you made an error in judgment.

    • That you publicly apologize to those you accused of that incident, including Stephen Pagones

    • And, if you have not done it already, that you publicly apologize to the members of the Duke University lacrosse team that you accused of rape. White, Black, Blue, Yellow or Green, they were all innocent.

    It is a matter of integrity. It is a matter of closure for many people. Even with all your vast, nationally known accomplishments, there are many people, Black, White, and others, who do not see you as a credible leader because of your stands with Brawley and Duke University Lacrosse Team cases. If you want to lead a credible movement of truth and justice, let it start with yourself.

    You said: “We’re not willing to give black leaders second chances because, in most cases, we’re not willing to give them first chances.” Here is your chance to show your integrity publicly.

  • Anonmus

    Al Sharpton has gone as far as to say stuff such as “White people can’t call women bitches because it’s not part of their culture, but blacks can.” I don’t call anyone a bith, but what Al Sharpton said is just bullshit. Culture my ass.