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The Security Tab

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I just got back from a little lunch side trip to the music store. I’m sitting here trying to get that danged security label (or whatever they call it) off of my new copy of Rickie Lee Jones’ it’s like this. Man, my blood pressure’s goin’ up, I accidentally shoved a little of the jewel case plastic under my fingernail, and I really want to kill the brilliant person/committee who came up with this abomination of a device.

Does it really help deter theft? C’mon, really?

It took me around five minutes to get the stupid thing off….so I started thinking, hmmmm, I own a couple thousand cd’s. I’d say about three quarters of them had the labels. Now, if I use the generous estimate of about one minute per label, that comes out to…25 hours. Oh my gawd, I’ve spent over a day just peeling sticky bits of plastic off of cd jewel cases! Not only do I hate the things, but I’ve lost a chunk of my life to ’em.

Ok, ok….relax, you may be thinking. There are bigger problems in the world: children are starving, terrorists are plotting, dividends are being overtaxed. But still, just think how nice it would be to just take your shiny new cd out of the bag and pop it right into the player.

Uh, ok…maybe not.

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  • I really love it when they put the plastic-encased metal security thingie UNDER the disc-holder part, and you not only have to take it apart to get it off, but also risk finding your disc scratched from the plastic rubbing on it before you even bought it.

  • All you need to do is pop the bottom hinge of the jewel case’s cover section off the tray part of the jewel case, and then fold it open. You can then easily peel the security label off of both sections of the case without leaving anything behind. Pop the case back together. All set.

    As for Tom’s issue, why do you care if the security thingie is UNDER the disc-holder part?

  • Dave – like I said, if the tab is under the tray, it will (WILL) scratch the disc at some point (believe me – I have had this happen to discs before I even listened to it once.) Remember, the tab pushes the plastic tray up wherever it’s attached. There’s not much room between the disc and the tray. Scratches ensue.

    What pisses me off the most are used CD stores that take that damned tab and stick it, sticky side down, to the paper on Digipaks, and removing them ruins the package! I’ve seen this done on very rare items by clueless store employees. And actually, I have found some DVDs packed like this from the retail stores. Luckily, if you very, very carefully slide a thin piece of plastic card to the edge, you can work it off very slowly without leaving any residue or ripping the DVD Digipak.