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The Secret Side of Dianne Feinstein

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Back in the day, when I considered myself to be a Centrist Democrat, I admired people like Bob Kerry and Dianne Feinstein.  That was then and this is now.

Peter Byrne’s excellent profile proves once again that the Progressive Party represents the most ethically challenged among us.

Senator Warbucks confirms that the Boxer/Pelosi/Schwarzenegger insanity is homegrown and widespread. Perhaps Jerry Brown sprinkles moon dust into the water.

Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, also turns up in all the wrong places. Blum, the law firm DLA Piper, Bill & Melinda Gates, to name a few, can be found under four rocks out of five. Blum even serves on the new Mary Robinson Foundation-Climate Justice. Funded, of course, by the Rockefellers, Jeff Skoll, and others.

What is Climate Justice? Will Judge Judy decide?

Columbia University’s brand new Climate Center offers a Masters Program in Carbon Management:

The new low-carbon economy desperately needs an army of professionals, whether they will be engineers, people who monitor forest growth or atmospheric carbon levels, economists, lawyers or financial experts.have determined for America that CAIR passes their cool test. HAMAS is so…exotic. Terrorist Designations, to the cocktail party set, seem pedestrian.

Cool is cool for Progressives. As long as you’re not talking climate.

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  • Irvin F Cohen

    Dear Patti,

    I like your stuff – go get ’em girl.

    I am particularly intrigued by your intimation of a spiritual connection between liberal-progressives and other assorted leftists, with Islamic Jihadists and Moslem terrorists. I also like your rather apt descriptions of the liberal-lefties contained in your article.

    I treated this subject at some length in a recent article I had published on Blogcritics and received nothing but vitriolic and vicious bile as well as a heavy dose of febrile spleen and hysterical ad hominem attack. So gird up thy loins and prepare for battle.

    And oh, by the way girl, give ’em hell.

  • Irvin F Cohen


    As for the California liberal-progressive-leftist, usual suspects: I truly loathe, detest and despise them all, but I especially reserve most of my venom for Barbara Boxer and Nancy the “pea brain” Pelosi; both of whom I consider to be rather loathsome, subterranean reptiles, where the one is truly mindless and the other is truly brainless. I”ll let you decide for yourself -but, by the way, both is an option.

    Now as for Arnold “the barbarian from Santa Barbara” (actually Santa Monica which I suppose would actually make him “the Santa Monican barbarian” but Arnold “the Santa Barbarian” sounds better) Schwarzenegger – what a phony “masquerader” liberal sheep in wolf’s clothing! And as for Governor Moon Beam, ‘ol Senator Dole had it right when he referred to him as a “beep from outer space.” And you might add alien “flake” from outer space too.

    But your thesis that all liberal-progressive-lefty-pinkos are ethically and morally challenged is right-on, right-on. In fact I would add that they are all a bunch of ethically and morally challenged reptilian scumbag, vile slime-dogs to boot.

    But what do I know? And surely I could be too severe and harsh in my criticism, surely I could possibly be completely wrong. Naaaaahhhh! Not likely, not even remotely so on that one.

  • Doug Hunter

    Why are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt listed as article tags?

  • Well, Doug, the whole article (such as it is) amounts to little more than a fatuous assemblage of innuendo. The author points fingers at just about every other household name in California, so we might as well include Brad and Angie too.

  • PS. PS. After having had perused your blog, I was of the mind that you might want to look at my article entitled “Why Liberals Just Adore and Defend Moslem Terrorists – to Death: OR, The Torrid Love Affair Between Two of the Oddest, Strangest, Ideological Bedfellows Imaginable.” (Published on 21 Nov. 2010 on Blogcritics.) I think it fits your philosophic and ideological mindset quite well. So please feel free to view and comment upon it at your leisure. Hope to hear from you soon.