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The Secret Love Affair: Fiber and Water

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We seem to always overlook the simple little tricks to a healthier body while searching for the ultimate solution to weight loss. Easy ones we hear to much about but always omit are drinking more water and getting in more fiber. So, let’s talk a little bit about water and fiber.

We can’t discuss fiber without discussing water because the two work as a team in our body. Water as well as fiber work to keep our body clean and fresh, flushing out toxins in our intestines, from our bloodstream and even from our skin. Toxins can interfere with everything our bodies do. Elimination of toxins from the body will not only help to prevent disease and illness but may relieve the body from some ongoing ailments as well. From acne to cancer, toxins are believed to be the cause of the offset function and balance in our bodies.

Build-up of toxins interferes with the complete system our body really is. If you add any ingredients to a machine that do not belong, a decrease of performance can and will be seen. Adding more and more toxins without relief can eventually cause this machine to cease running at all. Great example, add some water to your gas tank a few drops at a time. Over time if you add enough you will not have a running car.

Improper function of the intestines allows the toxins to sit and wait, only to be reabsorbed by the blood stream and deposited throughout the body. This is why fiber is important. Fiber helps keep your digestive tract working by cleaning your intestines as they work through your body. I know it is gross, but consider fiber the director of the dirty jobs' body style. Water works with the fiber to help fill you up faster and keep things running smoothly for you. This cleansing action can affect all of your body. If your nutritional food has no interference with absorption you will reap the benefit of a healthier diet. Your body will get out what it needs and get rid of, rather than hanging onto what it doesn’t need.

Now, the kidneys expel toxins from the liver. When the kidneys fail to work properly, there is again an overload of toxins free-floating in the bloodstream. Fluids build up and cause problems with the whole function of the body as well. Wow, that sounds terrible, doesn’t it? You can just picture the whole mess inside of you! What could be the answer to the perilous situation? Will there be a rescue to our impending doom? Oh, OK sorry — drink some water. Water keeps the filter functioning. Water makes the world go round! (Literally, but that is another topic)

Talking a little bit more about the water and fiber love connection. A form of fiber which
works best with water to fill you up is called soluble fiber. Soluble fiber forms a gel-like
substance that is not absorbed in the body at all. It binds with fatty acids to reduce
fat absorption. It slows the food digestion in the stomach itself which allows for a more

even blood sugar impact (no crash and burn effect from carbohydrates). It has been
documented to help reduce blood cholesterol levels as well. This fiber works with water
so you need to drink your water to help this fiber work. Otherwise you’re a car with a full gas tank but no keys to make you go! Oats, bran, apples, oranges, carrots — oh my! Those all are a good source of soluble fiber and are readily available to you!

Insoluble fiber does not absorb water and works more as the Joe-the-Muscles in the fiber family. It helps move foods along, helps balance the PH of the intestines (which helps prevent colon cancer — word!). Let’s face it, it keeps you regular.

If you are reading this article, you are interested in improving your appearance and your health and you know the importance of this, so stop giggling and looking around to see who is watching you read about fiber. Water works here to help keep things moving along as well. Water is the Yin to fiber's Yang. Good readily available insoluble fiber sources can be as wonderful as fruit skins, green leafy vegetables, green beans, broccoli, and cauliflower — think garden here. As a side note, isn’t it funny how these food sources are also loaded with water? Fantastic how nature works for us like that.

Make sure to get the minimum of five servings of fruits and veggies a day, your four to six servings of whole grains a day and eight to ten glasses of water a day. Avoid processed foods like Fruit Roll-Ups and stick with real apples instead. Steer clear of white bread and opt for whole wheat (not enriched flour either; read the labels it is why they are there!).

So there you have it. One of the most overlooked but vitally important and incredibly
easy ways to feel fuller and healthier. Now, you can close this article and run to the
store for an apple and some water. Go ahead, we will be here when you get back.

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  • on-fiber

    fiber is sooo good and water is its best friend.

    i especially like & recommend the true “fiber plates/crackers” (not the cheap thin processed ones), but the real-heavy-duty chewy ones, “Oh my”, they are so good and all day calming, while performance sustaining.