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Here is a little tidbit from an interview of John Kerry by 4 (count ‘em, 4) Boston Globe reporters that appeared in Sunday’s edition [emphasis mine].

During the same period in August, television ads by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth began appearing in key battleground markets. Kerry said his campaign had already rebutted the group twice, and thought the matter was over.

”Let’s get the record absolutely straight,” Kerry said. ”[The veterans’ group] first surfaced in the spring and we did have a press conference on the same day and they were gone. And then they came back and there was another press conference and another dealing with them and they were gone, folks. Then the Republicans got involved with them . . . and they came back in August, right around convention time, and they came back with TV.”

Kerry explained: ”I don’t remember seeing the first ad; I think I read it rather than saw it. Several friends of mine saw it immediately. My reaction the minute that I heard what they had said [was that] I was outraged and I said this has to be responded to. Within a few days, I gave a speech to the firefighters and I responded to it.”

But the first ad appeared Aug. 5. Kerry did not make his speech to the firefighters until Aug. 19. The two-week delay between the charges and the rebuttal allowed the allegations that Kerry had exaggerated his military record to take root, according to some Democratic organizers.

Heh. Those “allegations” indeed “took root”, didn’t they?

So was the Boston Globe all over this story during the period of Aug 5-19, 2004? I somehow recall reading very little about this story in the Globe – absolutely nothing to be precise – until August 18th and even then way in the back of the paper. One might think that their highly professional journalists would be all over a big story like that, with all the resources and money that unprofessional pajama-clad bloggers can only envy. I sure would have loved reading about it in the Globe at the time. Clearly I, like so many, was obsessed with the story…lapping up anything I could find in the MSM and noting it on the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, again on the 18th, 21st, 23rd , and 25th.

Do trust the Globe, though. Certainly there was no over-riding political agenda involved in their neglect of this story while it was ongoing. Their credibility is every bit as good as that of CBS.

From Squaring the Boston Globe

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