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The Rushing of the Heart

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You, with your laser-like eyes
with your great, great surprise.
Where were you when the town’s
bell tolled loud and clear as the domed
world clinged, clanged with a summer’s
night echo, when the fixed stars
held their place, their early summer
reference: You are here.

Where was I then, in the earth-spin
moment when it All Came Down
and the geese lifted high as if to say,
Enough! Leaving this world, they took
flight to some other. How I wished
I could follow on their downy, lazy backs.
But now, nearing forty, I see it is never
so simple as the quick-start
run. That one must stay put, no matter
that the pistol goes off and the flag
comes down. Shhhh … that sound is
the rushing of your heart as you stand
as if meeting yourself for the first time ever.

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About Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti

  • i can rhyme! but these days, i’m all about rhythm … .slightly different. internal movement kind of thing, beat a steady beat to it etc etc.

    i’m really glad you like this one. i just wrote it this morning and already i liked it right away as well. was wondering if that was just me… thanks…

  • Eric Olsen

    keep on rhymin’ Simon – oh wait, this is free verse

  • wow! eric, all, thanks… you keep me writing…

  • Eric Olsen

    it really is good, not just good relative to this or that but major anthology good

  • This is a song – anyone up to providing appropriate tablature, Coldplay-style?

  • Eric Olsen

    really terrific imagery Sadi, love the geese saying “enough” – very very nice poem

  • very nice.

    and a fantastic antidote to the politics posts.