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The Rock Boat to Set Sail Again

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While this is no Jam Cruise 3, you could do worse than to lounge about a Caribbean cruise ship and listen to tunes next fall:

    The Rock Boat, the country’s original music festival at sea, is proud to announce its fifth annual excursion, which will feature more than 30 artists, including; Sister Hazel, Cowboy Mouth, O.A.R. Gavin DeGraw and Marc Broussard. The four-day cruise will debark on September 29, 2005, from New Orleans, and will travel to a Caribbean destination before returning to port on October 3rd. Tickets will be available to the general public beginning today Monday, November 1. Fans are advised to act quickly as half of the boat’s available spaces have already been sold to this year’s Rock Boat return attendees.

    Founded in 2000, The Rock Boat was created by Florida natives and musicians, Sister Hazel and their Atlanta-based management team, Sixthman. Recognizing the need for a more personal “fan experience,” the team developed the concept for what is now regarded as one of the most successful fan-based events in the country.

    “What started as an end of tour ‘Thank You’ event for fans has now become an annual vacation that many folks plan their year around,” states Drew Copeland of Sister Hazel.

    “Being on the Rock Boat was like being back in a small town playing for a close group of people who love getting together playing music and listening to it and that’s hard to find,” adds Rock Boat artist, Gavin DeGraw.

    With headliners including Sister Hazel, Cowboy Mouth, Tonic and more, the lineup for The Rock Boat 2004 proved to be a huge hit. Exhilarating performances and impromptu jams by both bands and singer/songwriters provided cruise goers a variety of opportunities to hear quality music around the ship. “It’s nearly 24 hours of music everywhere… from the open-air pool decks and comfortable lounges to the larger live performance rooms, The Rock Boat is a fantasy land for fans,” adds Sister Hazel’s Ken Block.

    Other on board activities include band meet-and-greets and VIP parties where fans can spend quality time chatting, taking photos and receiving autographs from their favorite performing artists as well as fan inspired door decorating contests, charity auctions, toga parties and so much more!

    Fans of The Rock Boat will also love the second annual The Rock Slope experience in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Featuring performances by Sister Hazel, Better Than Ezra and Edwin McCain, the unique experience will take place during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday, Thursday, March 17th through Sunday, March 20th, 2005

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  • Eric Olsen

    has anyone gone on one of these?

  • Christy

    I’ve gone the past two years and I can honestly say that every time it has been the best 4 days of my life (5 if you include the official pre-party). A testament to this is that less than three weeks after we returned from this year’s cruise, the entire ship was sold out for next year – without even a final lineup announced!

    I can honestly say that I will book every year regardless of the bands booked b/c the concept and the delivery is flawless. A ship full of music dorks like me and bands open and willing to jam at all hours with all kinds of other musicians.


  • Eric Olsen

    super, Christy, thanks so much, very glad to hear it – have fun!

  • davef

    This was my third TRB, thats three of many many more to come. Sixthman does a great job of putting together a wonderful line up of talented and “cool ” musicans, who seem to like to put up with us fans. The best part of the experience are the frends we have made,that have become friends for life. Can’t wait for the Slope,and NOLA
    next year.


  • Mike

    I have not been (yet!) though I have myself all booked up for next year 🙂 – if you want to hear more about it from others that have been before, head over to the offical forum – for TRB 05, and here for TRB 04 (last year’s).

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks guys, very nice to hear from you

  • Katie

    This cruise was by far the best vacation of my life. I met so many amazing people (musicians and fans). The atmosphere was always upbeat and everyone was there for the same reason. We all LOVE music. It was like a family reunion of sorts! The music was constant and amazing, and I became fans of so many new artists that I never would have had the chance to learn about. I also made a lot of new really good friends! Sixthman and all involved in the planning did a absolute flawless job! I will be on this cruise as long as it keeps running!

  • Eric Olsen

    wow, you guys are making me jealous

  • The Rock Boat is my mecca. Period.

    There’s no better way to explain it.

    If you love music it is the place to be. It is an amazing four days where you get no sleep and are on a total music high…it’s everywhere you turn! You discover new music to adore and fall back in love with music that you’ve loved for years.

    Where else can you see Sister Hazel perform an entire set of Van Halen songs? Edwin McCain singing in a bar with some unknown name at 3:30 in the morning? An 8-hour jam (no I’m not kidding!) where seven or eight major bands get together and form new bands on the spot to play their favorite songs?

    The Rock Boat reminds you what music is SUPPOSED to be about in a world of Brittanys, Ashlees and Backstreet Boys…

    Sixthman puts together an awesome, awesome event…and we love ’em for it.

    I’ll go until they refuse to let me on the ship because I’m an age liability.

  • Diane

    The Rock Boat experience is one that every music fan should have an opportunity to live. The artists booked on this amazing cruise provide non-stop musical magic. Very well-organized and friendly staff; from booking to departure and return, with exciting and intimate concerts non-stop, well organized meet-and-greets and remaining perma-grins to last a lifetime…I’ve been very fortunate to ‘sail away’ with The Rock Boat for the past 3 years and already booked for 2005.

  • Rhonda


    As so many of my friends have already said, you will not find a better musical experience anyplace, anywhere.

    Fans & artists alike have a great time. It’s so cool to see the musicians performing & roaming about and knowing without a doubt that they are enjoying themselves just as much as you are.

    As long as the Rock Boat exists, I will be on it.

  • KCJenny

    I have been on all four Rock Boats and it’s been great to see how it has blossomed! 2001 we had 350 people and two bands on a cruise with other people….2005 sold out in 23 days! YEAH! It’s my vacation every year for the rest of my life.

  • TRB is a must do vacation, but if you ever go once be prepared to do it year after year after year…
    Blue Skies

  • Lei~Ole’

    I have also been on all four Rock Boats and I’m ready for #5… BRING IT!

    Seriously, it is much more than a cruise, much more than a vacation, much more than a few concerts. It is truly a music festival at sea where the action and fun is non~stop.

    Something I find unique about this product is that no one is superior to anyone else on this trip. Everyone is on the same level and it truly is an incredible time, with incredible people, and some really incredible musicians who are out & about having just as much fun as the fans do.

    This is something we really do look forward to every year ~ not only for the music, but for the lasting friendships we have made in an atmosphere that allows us to invade a cruise ship from all directions of the US and beyond to enjoy the best of times together.

  • Eric Olsen

    I’m not sure TRB could pay for better testimonials: you guys should demand free trips for your marketing help

  • CTM

    I am a three-time TRB attendee and it is, as Ken Block says, “Spring Break For People With Jobs.” It is also one of the most unique music experiences you will ever have. Load up on the Red Bull and brace yourself – sleep is not an option!

    I am also a Rock Slope Pioneer from its first year last year and would highly recommend the Steamboat trip as well. It was an incredible trip.

    My secretary knows the dates of these two events and knows very well she better not set any trials, depositions or meetings anywhere NEAR these two trips!

  • Eric Olsen

    I’m curious how you all found out about it in the first place: were you fans of one or more of the bands first, or did you become fans through the event itself?

  • yclipse

    Eddie from Ohio, a Virginia-based folk band, runs a fan cruise every couple of years.