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Wow. This unimaginably intense movie is a sit on your couch and grab the arm of your significant other, teeth clenching, special effects masterpiece.

Everything in this movie is engrossing. From the characters, to the plot, this film is captivating and enticing.

The part about “The Ring” that is the best, without giving away the ending, is the way the characters wind down to the end of the film, like their is going to be a happy ending and then…WHAM…the rug is pulled out from underneath you and you are left wondering what the heck happened.

As far as a summary of the plot, here in brief is what “The Ring” is about.

The film start in the bedroom of a teenage girl at a sleepover of sorts, and the two girls are discussing an urban legend about a video that, if watched, will be followed by a phone call with the voice of a little girl telling you, “Seven days. You have seven days to live.” One of the girls face’s turns white as a sheet…she had seen the movie seven days prior, and had gotten the call. Terror ensues and the girl…big shocker…ends up in her bedroom, dead.

Well enter the main characters of the film. A mother, a journalist at a local paper, her estranged boyfriend and, her son…who happens to be the cousin of the girl who died in her bedroom…that’s right…the one who saw the film.

Well the dead girls mom to find out what happened enlists the mother. She finds the motel where the video was watched, watches the video, and gets the call from the little girl, telling her of her demise in one short week. The mother sinks her journalistic teeth into the video and finds out strange and sickening details about the people contained therein.

The mom ends up at the house portrayed in the video, and eventually finds out about a little girl who was murdered by her parents and thrown down a well…except she wasn’t dead…and she lived for seven days in the bottom of the dank putrid hole.

Fans of “The Sixth Sense” and “The Others” will love this movie. It is easily the best horror movie to come out of the 21st century thus far.

By Jeff Petermann
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  • R.W

    If I get a sim download of her that will put me in the game cause I look like her

  • I saw this yesterday and it gave me a major case of the heebie jeebies… then later that night the power went out. Many hours of darkness with nothing much to do except try to not picture that little girl slithering out of the well!

    For people that enjoyed this movie (or even the ones that didn’t) I would highly recommend seeing Frailty if you haven’t already.

  • You’ve got one on the way, Eric.

  • Eric Olsen

    Robert, please send me an email – thanks! EO

  • Jeff Petermann

    Hey, thanks for the info. That is a greaat link, tons of good stuff. I just saw a preview of Ringu on the DVD…nice!

  • More importantly, Dreamworks has also released the even better Ringu, the original Japanese version. If you liked The Ring, you must watch Ringu. It is, IMHO, a much better horro film — and I mean in no way to denigrate The Ring, which I also loved, by saying that. More on all of the Ring works can be found here.