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The Revolver Method – Arms Too Short To Fight You

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The hardcore scene consists of thousands of bands in hundreds of cities across the United States. The hardcore scene is over-run. There are too many bands. With the huge amount of bands comes very little progress and innovation.

Think of it this way. If you are the only one that has to make a decision, it gets made fairly quickly. In a committee of three the decision is still made quickly, but not quite as quick; the bigger the committee the slower the decision, until no decision is ever made.

Hardcore, in its infancy, evolved and changed. Now that hardcore has matured (and grown exponentially) it has stopped evolving. The music is not fresh anymore and can be referenced back to a dozen or more similar bands. Everyone will claim that such and such band is different and new, and there are such exceptions.

The Revolver Method is not.

The Revolver Method goes in spurts. The first 45 seconds of the first track reminds me of Society’s Finest, in a good way. Other parts of the song remind me of Norma Jean and then ZAO. They give a subtle hint that they may have more to offer, but it’s really just mediocre and to quote Norma Jean. “Mediocrity is the killer.”

Some people may like this CD, but chances are they already have a few CD’s that sound almost exactly alike. Save up your money for something, or somebody, special.

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