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The Return of Gabrielle

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Ever since she released “Dreams” I have been in love with Gabrielle. She’s the perfect blend of pop and soul, which America just doesn’t seem to get. Her worldwide hits “Rise” and “Out of Touch” never did anything on the US charts which is a shame. She’s back with her first album in three years (only her fourth album in 11 years), Play To Win.

While the CD doesn’t break a whole lot of ground in terms of musical growth, her songwriting has improved immensely. My favorite tracks on the CD “Picking Up the Pieces” (classic Gabrielle), “Tumbling Down,” “Fallen Angel” (very much like “Out of Touch”), “Ten Years Time” (this is a classic pop song), and “Latchkey Kid” (a touching little song).

Lead single “Stay the Same” will not unfortunately win over any new fans. While it’s a fine song, there isn’t quite the hook that is needed for another Gabrielle smash. She also does an interesting stab at country music with “You Used To Love Me.” The problem is that it’s just plain boring.

Overall, the album is a pleasure to listen to, and I’m happy the girl is back. Look for her to still remain a one-hit-wonder in the United States.

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