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The Return of Don Caballero?

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Math rock superstars Don Caballero are back on the warpath. They are presently touring the U.S. and are making plans to record a new album.

… and No

The well-documented contentious relationship between drummer wunderkind, Damon Che (pictured in action to the left), and the master of delay pedalry, Ian Williams (check the gorgeous American Dondownloads), apparently has overcome the original lineup of Don Caballero. Damon Che is now the only remaining member from the original lineup. Che has teamed up with a cast from Pittsburgh-based math rockers Creta Bourzia (hear more at Epitonic) to form the new incarnation of Don Caballero. Man, this is starting to sound like G’n’R…

From Pittsburgh’s Pulp magazine:

As for his relationships with the former members, Che feels no guilt. “I’m sure [Ian]’s not happy [about Don Cab going forward without him] as we’re natural-born enemies,” Che says. “We’re like a cobra and a mongoose…I’m still friends with Pat [Morris, original bassist]. I don’t hear from Mike that much, although I did call him about playing with us again.”

Ultimately, though, his comments about Williams are this: “If Ian’s upset, I’m sorry. I would congratulate anything he’s doing, I just can’t work with him.” And a bit more defensively: “He’s got a band called Battles. If you like what he does, I encourage you to go out and see them.”

The current Don Caballero is looking toward the future. “We’re probably going make the next record with Al Sutton, who we’ve worked with plenty of times before,” he says. “I’d like to get the record to reach more than 13,000 people, which was all we could reach with [former label] Touch & Go, even if I don’t make as much money. But I can’t actually say we’re not going to work with that label again.”

It is evident that Che’s, uh, magnetic personality hasn’t exactly won him friends. But all I really care about is whether his music makes my ears happy — and without Ian, I am highly skeptical. The band is rolling through Triple Rock Social Club this Sunday. Doors open at 10pm (on a Sunday, WTF?). You can read reviews of recent performances from rabid fans at the fan page forum.

For the record, I believe that Don Caballero’s American Don is one of the 10 best albums released in the last 10 years. (Pic borrowed from the fan site, Don Fanallero)

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