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The Return of American Idol: Season Six Begins

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Ah, January. The first month of the year. A winter month. A month where millions of families in America gather in the living room to spend quality time with each other, playing board games while eating cookies.

Oh, who am I kidding? Families gather in the living room in mid-January because of one thing: the world's most popular, overblown karaoke contest.

Yes my friends, American Idol 6 is debuting this Tuesday at 8 PM.

Once again we'll see our gaggle of hopefuls as they try to sing their way to super-stardom. And of course, there's the peanut gallery: host Ryan "My Highlights are Sooo Pretty" Seacrest; and judges Randy "I Used to be in Journey, Dawg" Jackson, Paula "I Swear- the Coke Isn't Spiked" Abdul, and of course, Simon "I Make More Money Than God Because I'm a Jackass" Cowell.

Like past seasons, the first couple of weeks will feature the humiliation episodes. There'll be lots and lots of people who should never speak again, let alone sing- and Simon will naturally be there to rip their dreams to shreds and piss all over them.

We will see cute, tone deaf teens from the midwest who'll get their hearts broken because this will be the first time someone has told them that they suck. There'll be really weird people who think that they can pass a singing audition by doing everything but sing (juggle, dress in costume, rap, dance, display their inventions). We'll have to sit through all the Whitney/Mariah/Celine wannabes, and groan at the lame Stevie Wonder impersonators. Some idiot is going to flirt with/sing to Paula and will pass to the next round. Simon will call someone fat, and Randy will contribute nothing whatsoever. Good times are ahead of us my friends — good times.

Then the elimination game begins. People are sent packing, picking up the pieces of their shattered dreams. This process continues until the group is eventually whittled down to the sacred Top 12. These contestants become celebrities overnight. Fan sites are created, forums discuss every single detail of each contestant's looks, attitude, personality — and of course, performance. The Top 12 enjoys this newfound fame until they get booted off the show. Each week a contestant is systematically eliminated until there's one person left standing — the winner.

To be perfectly honest, I never watched the first season of American Idol. It didn't interest me. I'd see my parents watching this show that seemed like a televised karaoke contest and think, "Didn't they cancel Star Search years ago?"

I just thought it was odd, watching a bunch of nobodies perform old songs. Then again, I was never really a fan of reality TV. I just didn't get the point about getting excited over a bunch of people who, before entering some TV contest and agreeing to expose their lives to millions, were just like me and you.

But one fateful night my boyfriend was at my house and noticed that my parents were watching the season finale. He'd never seen the show either and wanted to at least catch the last show of the season. Since I had nothing better to do, I reluctantly plopped down on the couch next to him. That night, I was introduced to the contestants' energy and devotion to their craft, Simon's nasty remarks, and the audience's excitement. I then witnessed a Texas cocktail waitress named Kelly Clarkson totally OWN some curly-haired dork named Justin Guarini. After seeing all that, I was hooked.

By season two, I was sitting right next to my parents on the couch. I watched it right from the beginning, and I became involved with these nobodies' lives. I took sides when contestants would bicker. I booed Simon whenever he insulted someone. I rolled my eyes at Paula's nonsensical statements.

I also witnessed what quite possibly was the easiest Idol prediction in history. It was plainly obvious during the first week of the Top 12 that in the end, two men would emerge as the winner and the runner-up… only I didn't quite know which person would fill which role.

One was a large, soft-spoken young man with a silky voice similar to Luther Vandross. The other was a gangly, freckle-faced guy with the most powerful lungs I'd heard since Christina Aguilera. The country was quickly divided into two camps: The Rubenites and the (now infamous) Claymates. When Ruben Studdard defeated Clay Aiken in a very narrow victory on that fateful May evening, the contest between the two didn't end there. Although Studdard was the American Idol, it was Aiken who would eventually emerge as the true victor, in the sense that to this day he remains active in the public eye. Aiken did talk shows, magazine interviews, went on tour, did Christmas specials, and became a UNICEF National ambassador. Meanwhile, the quiet, easygoing Studdard slowly faded from sight.

Season three was overall very unimpressive, especially the contestants. Half of the Top 12 was composed of underexperienced teenagers who were so nervous that their voices often faltered when they sang. And unlike the previous season, in which I was torn between Aiken and Studdard, I didn't care at all about the eventual Top 2. I didn't like either of them.

Diana DeGarmo was a cute little 16-year-old who was nearly booted from the show several times. Fantasia Barrino, a sassy 19-year-old Macy Gray soundalike, milked her sob story of being a single mother for all it was worth, helping her win the Idol crown.

Actually, the greatest thing about Idol Season 3 had nothing to do with either the winner or runner-up. In one particularly shocking results episode, crowd favorite Jennifer Hudson was booted very early, while the less talented and experienced teenage contestants remained. This departure from the show proved to be one of the greatest things to ever happen for Hudson, for as we all know, she later landed the coveted role of Effie White in a movie called Dreamgirls. Dreamgirls is a blockbuster hit, and Hudson is nominated for a Goldern Globe Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role. Not bad for an Idol loser.

It was a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll during season four. When the contestant age limit was upped to 28, this opened the door for more mature, more talented musicians. The new age limit also inadvertently introduced the rock genre to Idol. Bo Bice and Constantine Maroulis were not only the oldest of the Top 12, but they were also referred to as "The Rockers".

While Maroulis' version of rock had more of a mainstream feel to it, Bice was a southern rocker, who had a growly, powerful voice and an amazing stage presence. In a legendary Idol performance, Bice threw caution to the wind and sang without any musical accompaniment.

In the end however, Bice would wind up second place to country singer Carrie Underwood, whose looks and musical talent made up for her lack of personality onstage. Sadly, Bice has yet to really succeed in the music industry. His debut album was a failure, most likely because most of the music was more generic pop rock, a departure from what fans (like me) expected from Bice. Meanwhile, Underwood has gone on to become highly successful in country music, winning a number of awards.

Last season's American Idol was overall unmemorable. Yes, there was controversy surrounding Paula Abdul's increasingly erratic behavior during the show, and accusations of illicit affairs from past contestant Corey Clark. And yes, contestant Mandisa may have upset some members of the gay community. However, there weren't really any amazing Idol moments, or contestants who really stood out above the rest.

The most memorable moment I think is related to Chris Daughtry, a bald-headed industrial rocker. Daughtry didn't quite have the pipes, but he definitely had the energy, and awesome stage performance. The man OWNED the stage. It was electrifying to see Daughtry perform every week, and he was easily pegged as the winner. Idol fans got the wind knocked out of them when Daughtry lost, coming in at fourth place. I recall screaming at the TV in horror when I watched Ryan Seacrest announce that Daughtry was going home.

The final showdown was between a prematurely gray, 29-year old blues singer named Taylor Hicks, and a lovely, 22-year-old woman named Katharine McPhee. Hicks was very likeable. He looked just happy to be there, singing his little heart out. Every week he'd yell, "SOUL PATROL!" as a shout out to his pre-Idol, longtime fans. His silly ticks and quirky movements onstage were sometimes annoying, but mostly entertaining. McPhee on the other hand, had a beautiful and sultry voice, with a face and body to match. In the end, the odd, jerky man easily defeated the brunette beauty. We have yet to see whether or not either of them will go past their 15 minutes of fame.

What will American Idol season six be like? Who will we root for to win? Who will we want to go home? Will there be any new controversies surrounding the contestants? Whose sob story will FOX use to manipulate the audience with this year? How many of the Top 12 will disappear into obscurity within six months after the season finale? Will Simon Cowell wear a t-shirt color other than black someday? Will Randy stop saying, "Yo dawg, yo"? Will Paula finally sober the hell up? We can start finding out tommorow night, at 8 PM.

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  • Doreen

    I disagree that Bo Bice is a failure. His first album went Gold. Maybe he hasn’t done as well as Carrie, but country is country and much easier genre. Just my opinion.

  • Ms Albright

    “Sadly, Bice has yet to really succeed in the music industry. His debut album was a failure, most likely because most of the music was more generic pop rock, a departure from what fans (like me) expected from Bice.”

    I think fans of Bo Bice know he has had a very successful year. Yes his CD did not sell like the winner, but remember their CD’s were two different genre. Country welcomed Carrie with open arms, where the pop world was a little cold to Bo. But when it was all over, Bo’s CD was in the top 100 for Billboard for the year and his single is still being played on the radio one year after it’s release.

    Where Bo Bice shines is in his live performances. His concerts rock. You cannot sit still and listen to him sing, his performance demands that you get on your feet. Bo’s working on his next CD, let’s see what’s ahead for him, I don’t think the jury is out yet.

  • Doreen- His album may have gone gold, but I don’t think it hit platinum. I can’t comment on country music since I’m not a fan, so I don’t know if it’s truly an “easier” genre.

    Ms. Albright- I think that the pop world was indifferent to Bo because he wasn’t meant to be a pop star. I wanted to buy his album when it first came out, but when I heard samples of the music, I decided against it because it didn’t sound like the Bo I was familiar with. It’s not his fault. Kelly Clarkson’s first album wasn’t the greatest either. I think that (like Kelly) it’s part of his contract with 19 Entertainment (which produces American Idol), to make some mainstream pop/rock CD.

    I hope that Bo’s next CD will be better. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Lisa

    Bo’s CD went gold. A gold record can by no means be called a failure. IMO, its better to start out slowly then to sell so many of your debut CD that it is going to be hard to top with your second.

  • Joyce

    I enjoyed your article and agree with most of it. The problem I’m having is calling Bo Bice a failure. He sold somewhere around 700 thousand copies of his CD. Maybe it wasn’t what alot of people expected but it was made in 45 days after having very serious surgery. If you give it a try you might really like. His first single is still getting air play after a year. I’m sorry but Bo Bice is anything but a failure in my book.

  • Doreen

    Thanks for commenting back. You may want to give Bo’s album a try. There are some really catchy songs on it. It happens to be one of my favorites.

    I too am looking forward to his 2nd CD. I’m sure it will be wonderful.

  • Cathy

    Bo Bice is no faliure in my book. His cd went gold and his single The Real Thing ended up number 32 on Amercia’s Top 40 for 2006. In my opinion that is not bad at all. His live concerts Rock. I can’t wait until his second CD comes out and he is back on tour.

  • Tanja

    Bo Bice a failure???? I think not. A gold record is not failing. You need to rethink your words.

  • Robin

    I don’t understand how you can make the statement that Bo’s CD was a failure. How can you call a gold record a failure. I think you should listen to the flip side of his dual disc which has his songs. He is an outstanding performer!


    Bo Bice got married, had a baby, had 3 serious health scares that sidelined him and still managed to get an album out tho tied to the AI machine. I was not a huge fan but lets face it –the guy can rock the house!

  • CarMay7

    I do not agree with any of your article. It is obvious that you didn’t watch AI, but you write an article about it. How funny. Bo Bice is not a failure and AI5 was not unmemorable, at least to the people that cast 63 million votes. Where were you? Both of the final two contestants were very memorable if you bother to keep up with their careers. Taylor Hicks CD has gone platinum in 1 month and there is no doubt Katherine’s will also. The final night with the two of them is very memorable. Also Taylor’s tour is selling out all over the country. Just because they don’t sing typical pop or rock doesn’t mean they are not memorable.

  • Thank you for all your comments so far. I’m glad that you all read my article, even if you don’t agree with what I say πŸ™‚

    First of all, I have watched every single episode of American Idol since season 2, so I know what I’m talking about. The last commenter was right though about one thing- I haven’t kept up with Taylor Hicks or Katharine McPhee’s careers. Both are fine singers, but we have yet to see whether they’ll make it.

    Second, I like Bo Bice. I consider myself a fan, and really wanted him to win that year. He’s an amazing and talented performer, and I looked forward to his performance every week. When he lost to Carrie, I was disappointed like you all were, but I had hoped that he would be a successful runner-up like Clay Aiken.

    To be fair, “failure” is too strong of a word to describe Bo’s debut CD. A true failure would be Justin Guarini’s CD. I don’t have the exact numbers, but I don’t think his album even sold 100,000 copies. Bo’s CD did hit gold, but let’s get serious- it wasn’t as successful compared to Clay, Carrie, or Kelly’s CDs. Clay’s CD hit double platinum within TWO WEEKS of its release! However, this definitely doesn’t mean that this is it for Bo. Kelly’s debut CD wasn’t great either, but her second CD earned her two Grammy Awards. We have yet to see what’s in store for Bo.

  • carrie

    Selling nearly 700,000 cd’s, and having a legitimate hit single is hardly considered a failure, especially for a runner up. Bo Bice is no failure. The only true failure that AI has ever really had is runner-up Justin G. I don’t think he even sold 100,000 cd’s. And I suppose you could argue that there are no real failures coming from AI. I doubt Justin would have sold 1 record had it not been for AI.

  • The Truth

    Wow what a pack of lies, warped views and just plain crap. If you don’t like someone they are a failure, disappeared, or had to milk a sob story to win. The real failure is you for not being able to accept that others are talented, successful and worthy of having fans even if you don’t like them. Maybe some day when you grow up you’ll learn the true meaning of success.

  • “Wow what a pack of lies, warped views and just plain crap.”

    I guess the last commenter didn’t understand that the little label above that says, “Opinion” means that I’m offering my personal, subjective thoughts in this article. It’s not meant to be taken as pure fact. Of course I had my favorites and my dislikes.

    Like commenter carrie said, one can argue that just being on the show is a success for any contestant. After all, these people came from nowhere and become famous in practically the blink of an eye.

    For the record, let me emphasize that I never said that Bo himself was a failure- I was referring to his album.

  • Dan

    I can’t wait to see the new season of American Idol! I’ve been a big fan since the first season, because I love seeing all the undiscovered talent that America has to offer. There have been some really good singers that appeared on the show. Most notably Kelly Clarkson. She has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard! I’ve watched American Idol for years now, and I always love catching it. Especially the beginning episodes because they are so funny! Did you know American Idol won favorite competition/reality show for The People’s Choice Awards?! Did you guys check out the awards show? Did anyone enjoy it? You can view highlights and behind the scene footage of the show at http://www.pcavote.com . They also have message boards and blogs. I work with the People’s Choice Community, so check out the site and get the latest entertainment news!

  • Hello Kaonashi, welcome to the fierce fray that is the deal with covering American Idol. I can tell by your comeback commentaries you are an intelligent individual and ably prepared for what may come. Glad to hear you are, deep down a Bo Bice fan. He is so fine, and got so screwed.

    I’ll be reading.

  • duane

    Your all just jelos of bow brice stop dising him listen to him he is da best.

    Hi, Jewels. How was that? A little pre-emptive ‘jealousy’ comment for Kaonashi.

  • Dan- No, I didn’t catch the People’s Choice Awards, but I did watch the Golden Globes tonight.

    Jewels- Thanks for the welcome. Actually, as a veteran of an AI forum with some viciously defensive fans *cough*Claymates*cough*, I’m used to the insanity πŸ™‚

    Duane- Heheh, for a minute you had me going there! “Bow Brice” was a nice touch.

  • supernova_kitten

    Dwayne, why don’t u go on American Idol and play your geetar…someone might throw panties at choo. Maybe u can sing and dance 2.

  • Christy

    It’s nice to see you correct your use of “failure” in reference to Bo Bice. Hold on to your pen and opinion–he will be rockin the world again! Bo is so under-rated, but his true fans know who he is…and where he is going! If he never made another album…his inspiration would carry through to most of us! Bo Bice is more than a Rock Star–the world will know it someday! God Willing.

    Don’t take my word for it…visit bobice.com or see his “myspace page”. If you don’t…you are missing the boat folks! πŸ˜‰

  • BikerChick

    Thank you for mostly kind words about Bo Bice. However, the comment about Bo Bice’s CD being a failure is way too harsh. There are so many artists out there right now who would give their right arm for a gold record and the exposure and opportunities that Mr. Bice has had in the past two years. Just ask has fans about all of his accomplishments during that time which are too numerous to mention. His fans are anxiously awaiting CD #2 as it is only going to get better!

  • shelley

    I strongly disagree with the word “failure” associated with Bo Bice. Considering all he has gone through health wise, I think gold is okay. He had to stop touring to promote himself and his cd because of necessary, complicated surgery. Gee, give the guy a break! Now that he’s recovering, he will soon be back out rocking our world once again…

  • Kathy

    If you watched the CMT with Bo you’ll know TRT was not what he wanted to do. Please go out and buy the cd. There is some real good songs on the cd. Bo’s not a failure. The music world for some reason just will not give this guy a chance. There is no doubt the man can sing. Giving the right songs he’s going to sing the hell out of them. And, if you ever get a chance to see him live run don’t walk. He puts on one hell of a show. Failure not by a long shot.

  • Rebecca

    I can see that you’ve retracted the statement that Bo’s album was a failure (obviously a bit of an overstatement at 700,000 copies sold), so hopefully people won’t keep going on and on about it.

    I agree that Bo should have done far better however; if the record company had made an album that actually sounded like Bo, I have no doubt that he would have. I don’t think Jewel’s description of the whole affair that he was “screwed” is stating it too strongly. I really hope the company can demonstrate the ability and creativity to make the Bo album most of his fans were really hoping for next time around.

    I don’t think his health problems were the major issue – though that might have affected his ability to fight for more appropriate material. I think the main problem lies with the label.

  • Donna

    Bo could sing anything and make it sound great. RCA had the final say on what they wanted his album to sound like. IMO he kicked ass on his cd and I’m looking forward to cd#2.

  • fred

    i cant wait until american idol comes on tonight…i wonder who be rejected

  • BoLisa

    Bo’s cd was not authentic Bo, but it was a good cd. I think that nobody can argue the fact that the boy can sing. And his performances are off the scale! I’m hoping and praying that his second cd will be more successful for him. He deserves it.

  • Shemrah

    Dear author,

    You are totally right on the money here…

    “Bice was a southern rocker, who had a growly, powerful voice and an amazing stage presence. In a legendary Idol performance, Bice threw caution to the wind and sang without any musical accompaniment.”

    This is what separates the good from the great…Bo doesn’t sing ‘at’ the audience, but ‘to’ the audience and if you’ve ever been to one of his concerts, you definitely feel the connection, bigtime. This is amazing stage presence! I doubt American Idol will ever see full package talent, such as the likes of Bo, again.

    He is a true success story.

    Only a very mere 164 votes put Carrie over the top to become American Idol 4.

    If you want to learn more about the Petition to RCA supporting Bo’s bid to become an original recording artist on his next CD, here is the site to visit,

    It’s all good.

  • Thanks again for the comments everyone.

    Many of you recommended that I see Bo in concert. Sadly, I can’t see anyone in concert due to lack of funds. As my little blurb says at the end of this article, I’m a grad student. The last concert I went to was for American Idol Season 2, and I paid through the nose for that ticket!

    I did see a short performance with Bo -and Constantine!- on YouTube. They were at the House of Blues. It was pretty cool, and nice to see the two of them performing together.

  • denise

    The petition has nothing to do with how cd#2 is going to sound like. I really wish you people would let that petition go. It’s really a waste of time and a bit crazy. Give up already! Do you honestly think Olive gives a damn about a petition Bo’s fans are signing? It’s just crazy and frankly I wish you people would just go away!!!

  • Thanks for the blog. No need for people to get upset about the TRT comments. Bo’s happy as a sandboy and it’s all good.

    Sorry you haven’t seen Bo live. He’s something else. Check out this Youtube video if you get chance. One of Bo’s friends is a filmmaker and he shot this wonderful footage:

  • Babooshka

    Someone up thread said Hicks had gone platinum. I read he barely made gold. Anyone know which is true. I do know that some concern has been expressed that he didn’t sell as well as was expected. Perhaps because he’s not very good really.

  • I really have to disagree about your comment about Bo Bice’s CD, The Real Thing! I really think it showcased Bo’s versitality as a recording artist. Pop music today is dominated by rap artists. The fact that Bo was able to successfully put out a CD so uniquely different from what people expected of him, makes me excited to find out what he has up his sleeve for the next one..

  • tss

    You know why Claymates are so incredibly loyal to Clay?? We KNOW what happened that night that Ruben was ‘handed’ the ‘title. If Clay received the title he so deserved, I don’t think we would be so defensive regarding anything negative towards Clay. We would still be incredibly loyal to Clay, of course, but not so defensive because the idiots who continue to say ‘But Ruben won; why isn’t HE more successful’ wouldn’t be saying that. Ruben was never, ever as good as the judges tried to make him out to be. He played it safe and had a hard time breathing while singing. Clay has proven ‘A Thousand Different Ways’ that he was and is the true Idol. He was/is exactly what the producers and/or judges were/are looking for in an IDOL. Ruben’s last cd has sold less than 160,000 in the 2+ months since it’s release. Not very good at all for a so-called ‘winner’. If the two of them were given 3 voting lines and 4-6 hours for the fans to vote-Clay’s multiple millions MORE votes than Ruben’s would of been tallied officially. If Ruben’s mother got in 200 votes and Clay’s only 2 – that tells you something, doesn’t it??????
    Shemrah how do YOU know Carrie recieved only X-amount of votes more than Bo??? No numbers were ever given out. The ones that Ryan tried to give out for Clay vs. Ruben were just made-up numbers. 13,000; 130,000; 1,300???? Clay really won by millions over Ruben. Ryan’s voice choked up when he saw Ruben’s name on the card due to being in shock!!! Also, Ryan admitted on his radio show- he no longer has the winner’s name on the card, since Season 3-it is BLANK!!!!

  • Lulu 1001- thank you for the YouTube link. Great video πŸ™‚

    Babooshka- good question. I tried to find information about Hicks’ album going platinum, but with no luck. A Wikipedia article on Taylor says that his album went gold, but that’s it. Not even his official blog, graycharles.com mentions his album going platinum. I’ll look around the Billboard website to see if I can find some answers.

    tss- thanks for stopping by. I’ve been waiting for a Claymate to offer her two cents.

  • Lulu1001

    Taylor Hick’s CD has so far sold 559,000 copies – I know platinum is based on shipped, not sold at retail, but with sales like that, retailers may be planning to return a lot after Christmas so the album won’t be certified platinum just yet.

    Ever since its release, Taylor’s sales pattern has been almost exactly Bo’s – although he was a ittle higher in the first 2 weeks and a little lower since then. Retailers will know this and if they DID order big, my guess is they’ve already applied for returns authorizations.

    Bottom line, I don’t think Taylor’s CD will be certified platinum any time soon. If a single or a tour helps sales, then it might happen.

  • u2vixen

    Bo rocks. Here’s an extended version of his original Whiskey, Women and Time.


    And an acoustic number in Atlanta:

    The Real Thing makes it to No. 1 on TRL:


  • “The only true failure that AI has ever really had is runner-up Justin G”
    Justin, unlike any other contestant, was forced to wait 9 months after the show ended to release his album ~ after 9 months the Season 1 hype was over and Season 2 was underway. If Kellie P., Katharine, or Bo had been in the same situation, I doubt their numbers would have been much better than Justin’s ~ he did sell over 100K, btw. To label Justin a failure is unfair and harsh. His career continues and he is making a living doing what he loves to do ~ I’d call that successful ~ wouldn’t you?

  • StaffWriter- the music industry IS unfair and harsh. Countless musicians have spent their whole lives trying to break in the industry, but you or I will never hear about them. That’s life.

    Like it was mentioned earlier, I think we can all agree that everyone who has been on the show is successful in their own right. However, considering that his album didn’t even make gold, not to mention that the public has not really heard from him since, I’d say that Justin was not nearly as successful compared with some of the others from the show.

  • Amy

    Ah, unfortunately I too was expecting a “Claymate” to comment THAT way. Usually I just let it go. I’m a fan of Clay and his voice; I even go to multiple concerts around the country. I buy his music because his voice moves me and I’ve made great friends because he’s become an enjoyable facet of my life. But I never shared the furor over his ‘loss’ on AI2. I often think it was better that he came in second. He’s a very, very smart man with an incredible gift—his voice, of course, but also his sense of purpose. His concerts are unforgettable and I’m just hope he’ll continue to share his talent with us.

  • Ann

    Kaonashi, I really enjoyed your article! As a big fan of Spirited Away, I love your name, too. πŸ™‚

    I am a huge fan of Clay’s. There is something about him and his voice that can’t be explained really. He has a great voice and personality and major personal magnetism!

    I am not so upset about his loss on AI. That was a good thing. He’s worked all the harder and has become very famous for being successful in spite of not winning and getting the backing that the
    AI winners received.

    What I am really upset about is the name calling by some talk show hosts and some writers. They can’t seem to leave him alone. Conan O’Brien is obsessed with him!
    It is a good thing he has amazing inner strength and fortitude. Many lesser people have folded under that kind of pressure.
    Talk about some people not being fair! Some of the media should be treated the way they treat Clay. That is the harshest thing I could wish on them!

    I am a fan of Bo Bice’s too, as well as so many other Idol’s. They had to have great talent just to get to the top 12, or in Justin’s case the top 10.

    I am concerned about Bo’s health. His problem could have taken his life, it is major!

    Keep up the good work. Not all Claymates are wacko. We are just so tired of Clay’s being mistreated in the media. (Not by you)


  • Amy- I think you and I can agree that Clay coming in second didn’t hurt him at all. I mean, Jennifer Hudson came in sixth place, and I think she’s doing just fine πŸ™‚

    Ann- Thank you for calling me a member of the media! Oh, and just remember- about comedians and other people in the media calling Clay names and poking fun of him…it’s when they stop mentioning him at all is when you should start worrying. What’s that old saying? Even bad publicity is good publicity. Think of poor Justin Guarini.

  • Jeff Denton

    Get the absolute best recaps online at author Linda Sharp’s Don’t Get Me Started blog! They are hilarious, always spot-on and INSTANTLY ADDICTIVE!!!

  • Mia

    This is such a well-put article. Kudos to you for all these accounts. I agree that season 3 was so-so. Although, I must admit that season 3 was the very first AI season that I was able to watch, and at that time, I was content with the contenders’ talent. What made me stick to the show was the rants of Simon Cowell.

    Season 4 had good singers in the top 12. But nothing can beat the American Idol-worthy top 10 of season 5. Kat McPhee was my favorite.

    This season 6, no matter who wins, this is definitely a Sanjaya season. For the novelty that he is, I think he’ll stay longer in tinseltown more than any other Idol finalist…. But then again, i could be wrong:-)

  • Mia- Thank you for the kind words. Yes, Simon has a way of keeping people tuned in to what he’s going to say next. That’s why he gets paid the big bucks πŸ™‚

    I can’t begin to predict Sanjaya’s ultimate fate. No doubt he’ll stick around for a short while. I forsee him gracing teen magazine covers and perhaps starring in a tween friendly sitcom on the Disney Channel.