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The Results Are In

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For those of you who read up on what’s going on in my little world of underground rock and roll, you may be interested in previewing some scans from the prints of our photo shoot. I wish the scanner did justice to these photos, because the real deal looks so phenominal. You get the idea anyway.


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  • gilbert grape

    Top 100 all time guitar heroes? Slash, Brian Setzer,Link Ray,Howie Hubberman,Yngvie Malmsteen,Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards. They All have vastly different styles. And so the survey goes. Gilbert



  • 59burst

    How do I contact the documentary :Beauty of the Burst: ? I’m in the UK,I recognize the names in the text,but I’m unable to reach anyone, I own 5 Les Pauls, 3 1959’s 1 1960 1 1958, My favorite I purchased in 1982 from Howie Hubberman,a name I recognize in this documentary. Please Help. 59burst

  • Paul Decker (Buffalo)

    I saw the takes for 1959 burst on You Tube,Howie Hubberman is a Folklore Legend in Upstate NY, Howie sold me a nice 59 Les paul in 1975 for $3,200.00. he actually talked me into it !!Thank you Howie, I will never forget you gave me the best advise of my life !

  • Charvel Collector # 1

    Amazing ! I love the Les Paul Sunburst documentary,Howie Hubberman was the vintage expert I trusted most in the 80″s. I bought over 30 guitars from Howie and Albert..from Les Pauls ,to Charvel/Jacksons..Howie never steered me wrong..Glad to see he’s still the King.. CC#1

  • the

    I read the comments about Howie Hubberman in BC Music.. They actually comparred his guitar playing ability to some of the greats,, ie Slash, Brian Setzer,Link Ray,,Yngvie Malmsteen,Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards.I never knew Howie Played.. Well now I’m dumbfounded,Howie was at a guitar shop in the valley,and he was playing an old vintage telecaster through an old Marshall combo.He actually is a great player.Very unique.Loud, quick ,and effortlessly he played some original licks that blew me away.. live ‘n learn ! “KID”

  • Undertaker

    Hey Kid Ramos ! Howie Hubberman is an arrogant guitar player,He knows how good he is.Howie never plays out,He never jams,that makes his talent a waste ! I worked with him at a studio in Las Vegas,He did’t like the tracks so he came back the next day he laid all new tracks inc. Drums..The young band was mortified…Undertaker

  • G Rex

    Howie Hubberman was my first manager,Howie was a great manager. He knew Guitars ,Cars, Sound, And Howie was an Incredible Guitar player ! Who Knew !! G Rex

  • Robert C.

    I’ll never forget the time Howie Hubberman played the old Orange Monkey in Rochester NY.. He was Amazing ! And he wasn’t even playing guitar.. He was singing Victoria , by The Kinks.. 1975 RC

  • Drake

    Qn July 12 2010 Howie Hubberman purchased American Industries worldwide rights including distribution sub group Vandalay Industries..

  • Sharon

    Howie Hubberman, is nothing more then a common thief!!! He abused his landlord privileges, the pervert that he is, and stole all my belongings, later to be sold o. e-bay, or at the pawn shop that he WORKS at, not owns, as he lies to everyone….The very thought of him, and his greedy soul makes me sick to death… Remember, you’ve been warned…Ultimate Bad News!!! S x

  • Paul Anders

    Howie Hubberman would astound us with the amount of vintage guitars he would pack in to the Sunset Store, Sometimes to get in the store half his inventory would be on the street, Howie was an amazing Player and Vintage collector. P A

  • Tommy Thayer (KISS)

    Howie Hubberman of Guitars R Us Sold me my Favorite Gibson Les Paul, I paid around $400 Howie sold it to me cheap because of his friend Julian Raymond. It’s good to know the KING !!

  • The Dutch

    Remember Seeing Howie Hubberman in New York,probably around 1976. It was in a Rock Club called “The Orange Monkey” Howie was on stage with a bunch off local musicians. He really shined on guitar but what was incredible was his version of Kinks song You Really Got Me,, Later Van Halen playrd and recorded almost the exact version Howie did. Pretty co incidental. Dutch

  • Sharon

    11 – Sharon
    Apr 08, 2011 at 10:22 pm
    Sorry. I retract what I said. S x

  • L . Schultz

    Dutch, That was no coincident . They Ripped Howie off. Howie Hubberman created “Pointing And Shouting” the band that Howie Hubberman sang with. His version of that Kinks song was directly ripped by Van Halen, I was Howie’s Drummer !!

  • Ethan Porter

    I agree, Howie Hubberman also wrote a dozen songs for bands he managed in the 80’s. Afew of them charted. Howie was a lot more musical than he is credited for.And he is a hell of a guitarist !!

  • Rich D

    Howie is a smart guy who knows about music.

  • M. Free

    Saw Howie Hubberman at NAMM Last week. Howie doesn’t Jam . But Can that Jew Boy play ! Noticed his chord inversions are all backwards. When I asked about it He told me his one and only Guitar lesson was from a lefty. Now it all makes sense . Hmmm I think. M. Free

  • Michael Blalock

    Howie Hubberman managed Lita Ford and Jim Gillette when they formed a new band with her new husband called Rumble Culture with Jim singing and his mates Rodger Carter and Angelo Barbero with Lita on guitar. There were demos recorded while they stayed at Howie’s House in Sherman Oaks Ca. but as yet still unreleased. Same goes for demos Lita did with Nile Rodgers in 1998/99 which he produced and co write songs with her.


    Anyone know the address of the specific pawn shop that Howie is now at? And where is Albert now as well?